One: In which the Queen becomes single.

Fate has a twisted sense of humour. Just ask Ronald Reagan. When John Hinckley tried to assassinate him, all his shots initially missed. Sadly for old Ronald, one of the bullets ricocheted off the bullet-proof Presidential limousine and hit him right in the vehicle that was supposed to protect him ended up causing him to be hit!

Or William Bullock, killed by is own invention – a rotary printing press. Of course, they aren't around anymore, but you can find all too many people willing to attest to the fact that fate indeed does have a perverse sense of humour.

It is for this very reason that Amanda Palmeri woke up with her hair bearing a distinct resemblance to a bird's nest. You see, the previous night, Amanda had tried to clear away, and for a good forty five minutes at that, the nest of some misguided bird who had chosen a spot outside her window to build its home.

She had tried every possible method to get rid of the creature. She had shooed at it, yelled at it, and finally, feeling a little desperate, requested it as nicely as she could to vacate the premises.

Which, if you knew Amanda, would probably go along the lines of 'For Prada's sake, please go away'.

The bird had just looked her in the eye, as if daring her to forcibly remove it from the area. Annoyed, she had cursed the bird with the fate of living in an ugly nest forever. She briefly contemplated pushing off the nest with a broom, but decided against it.

Amanda might dislike all things nature, but she was not what one would call cruel. Briefly wondering which of the Fashion Gods she had offended, she had resigned herself to the bird's presence, at least until she could find away to get rid of it.

She left for the party she had been getting ready for before the bird's chirping had distracted her. She knew that she was late, but it didn't really matter. That was the good thing about parties. If you were late, it was fashionable. If you were early you were self assured. And if you didn't show up at all, you were making a statement. There was no way to lose.

Her boyfriend had said that he couldn't show up, but otherwise there had been nothing remarkable about this particular party. Cheap drinks, loud booming music and scantily dressed students. Just another frat bash.

Calloway University forbade all fraternities and sororities in the campus on the grounds that they weren't about to sponsor, or in any way encourage, their students getting wasted every day, and turning up for class with hangovers. Of course, this had only promoted a wave of 'underground' fraternities and sororities.

All the sororities and most of the fraternities had eventually faded away, because people didn't see the point of paying to be part of a Greek letter institution, and not getting to enjoy the experience. For all their bravado, most students did in fact fear getting caught and subsequently expelled. That was a risk they just weren't willing to take.

Of course, there will always be those people who think that rules were made to be broken. The members of the few remaining frats were mainly rich kids who wanted to be instantly popular, and more importantly, laid. They figured the easiest way to do this was to hold massive parties, slip a little something in the drinks and take advantage of anything with a skirt.

Amanda however was too smart to drink anything that wasn't opened right in front of her.

When she had been younger, and more naïve, she had been to a party that turned out to be a rave. After waking up with no clothes and a dozen hickeys, possibly inflicted by more than one person, she avoided all punch bowls like the plague.

When she returned to her room that night, she was too tipsy to smell a rat when she found her phone on the wrong compartment in her bag. She drowsily set the alarm earlier than normal, because one of the professors wanted to take an early class the next day.

Normally she would have just laughed at the prospect of waking up early and skipped the class, but the teacher in question was Professor Walsh. Professor Walsh was the head of department of Fashion Technology. She offered a dream internship to one student every year, which would put them on the map, and could potentially make or break their career.

Amanda knew just how much that opportunity was worth. It would bring her dream of becoming a top designer that much closer.

It was therefore important to stay in her good books and there was nothing the professor hated more than students cutting her class. Her class probably had the highest attendance ration in the University. Unless lunch could be counted as a class.

So, Amanda Palmeri woke up with her hair resembling a bird's nest. Though this was quite disastrous on its own, (it meant she had forgotten her leave on conditioner. How could she have been so careless?), it was outright catastrophic combined with the fact that she had gotten up an hour late.

Professor Walsh's class would start in five minutes. Actually the professor did hate something even more than bunkers. She hated late comers.

Amanda contemplated calling in sick, but she knew that she would be called out on her lie by one of the brown nosing bitches in her class, who had undoubtedly seen her at yesterday's party. Who said that popularity had no price?

She realised that the alarm had indeed rung, but someone had changed the ringtone to something so obscure that drooping a pin would have had a better chance of waking her up. On closer inspection, she realised the sound the phone was, for lack of a more eloquent word, farting.

It must have been one of those stupid freshmen. They thought everything was so damn funny. Freaking hilarious. She wished she knew who it was. She would send Kevin to pound them if she ever found out. Teach the little losers to pay their elders a little respect.

She was sure that her batch had not been that stupid three years ago. She could swear they were getting dumber each year. Later that day when she saw that someone had programmed a number under the name 'I'mhawtcallme', her suspicions were only confirmed.

She pulled on the first matching set of clothes she saw, tied up her hair to disguise what a mess it was and ran out of her room, grabbing her purse on the way out. For the first time in a long time, she was going au naturel.

A small part of her was still scandalized that she was wearing no makeup (after all, hadn't it been she who had said 'if natural means looking like a zombie, than bring on the Malibu Barbie look'?), but the greater part of her brain was focussed on getting to class as quickly as possible.

A few people laughed at the unusually flustered Palmeri (nice look Palmeri. Are you trying out as the Bride of Frankenstein in a play or something), and it took everything she had to resist the urge to give them the bird.

When she finally reached the building, she ran up the stairs, and tried to slip into class unnoticed. Unfortunately Professor Walsh not only noticed her, but looked at her pointedly before saying "Lovely of you to finally join us, Ms Palmeri. We're all thrilled that you've finally graced us with your presence. May I begin now that you've arrived?"

A few girls at the back of the class sniggered. Amanda Palmeri was getting shown up. About time too. That bitch needed to be pulled down a peg or two. The shade of scarlet the bitch in question blushed would have done any cosmetic shame. She quietly took her seat, determined not to bring any more unwarranted attention her way. However the professor wasn't going to let her of so easily.

Amanda was targeted throughout class, but luckily she knew all the answers. This was one of the few classes she paid attention in. The class ended with submission of their assignments. She heaved a sigh of relief.

The class has dragged torturously on, and had she not checked her watch every fifteen seconds, she would have found it hard to believe that the class went on only for an hour. She had been positive that she would die of old age in class.

When a girl named Vicky asked a question, it seemed to the professor that the natural course of discussion would be towards Victorian Fashion. And once she started on that it was hard to shut her up. There was only so much one could take about the life history of about Charles Frederick Worth, even if they were a fashion technology major. Luckily, Professor Walsh's punctuality extended to leaving on time in addition to coming on time, so the class was, to quote a cliché, saved by the bell.

The first thing Amanda did was to rush to the girls' room, and fix herself up. She pulled out the band from her hair, and looked in the mirror. She winced at the girl staring back. Her hair could have been the envy of Medusa, and her face was pale and washed out without makeup.

Her daily extensive skin care regime had ensured the absence of acne, but that was hardly any consolation. Soon enough she would become one of them. One of those girls who said that looks didn't matter, and beauty was only skin deep. As if!

The only thing preventing her from bursting into tears was the reassurance that her clothes were still designer, her shoes were still fabulous and yes, of course. Her handbag was still pretty damn amazing. She wasn't going to be losing her status as the trendsetter in Calloway University anytime soon.

She had enough makeup in her bag to run a salon, and she wasted no time in using it. Soon, her eye lashes were curled, her skin was evened out, and her lips coloured and glossed. Her hair received a heavy dosage of mousse, something she normally looked at with disdain, and used sparingly. Desperate times called for desperate measures.

She heard a faint rumble, and traced the source of the sound to her stomach. She could either walk all the way back to her dorm to get her car and drive to one of the salad bars near the university or she could eat at the food poisoning centre the university liked to call a cafeteria. The sheer fatigue she felt forced her to choose the latter although she knew he stomach would never forgive her for the toxic waste she was about to consume.

Most people had just begun arriving at school, and the majority of the crowd was heading towards the cafeteria. She pushed her was through the multitude of human bodies. There were couples slobbering all over each other, and she resisted the urge to gag.

While she wasn't averse to a quick kiss in public, she minded having to watch scenes that a censor board would probably have to rate X. Horny guys feeling up their girlfriends, and the girls complying only too willingly. She almost lost her appetite. There were people all over one another even in the cafeteria. This to Amanda was the absolute height of pathetic. Maybe it was just her, but their cafeteria hardly screamed romantic.

She tapped her foot impatiently, as the couple in front of her was too busy sucking face to keep the line moving. When they didn't respond, she swore, and tapped the guy on the shoulder, as nicely as she could. Which, Amanda being Amanda, involved the insertion of her nail into his shoulder. The guy winced, clearly annoyed at the interruption.

"What the fuck is your problem?" he said, turning back.

He would have followed that with another snappy remark, but he caught sight of the offending person first. He blinked, hoping he had imagined it, but unfortunately for him, Amanda did not disappear like a bad dream. When it was clear that she was not going to say anything, he felt the need to break the silence

"Ma…Ma…Mandy? W…What are you doing here? I thought that you had a free morning today."

Amanda had been, for once in her life, at a complete loss of words. She had stood there, staring dispassionately. Hearing him speak however caused a rush of emotion, and the angry words just spewed out.

"I had a class this morning. And I'm so glad I came. If I had stayed in my room, I wouldn't have been able to watch this wonderful scene and that would really have been a shame wouldn't it? I wouldn't have missed this for the world."

The words were spoken quietly and evenly, but had a steely note to them. Kevin almost wished she would yell at him and make a scene, because this cold sarcastic Amanda scared him.

"Mandy… Baby, I… This…this is so not what it looks like."

He didn't know why he said that. Maybe it was just to provoke some reaction. If that indeed was his intention, he succeeded. She slapped him across his face, and bystanders could have sworn they heard a loud theatrical smack. It helped that the cafeteria lady chose just that moment to drop her ladle on the floor, resulting in a shrill clang.

"You eating her face was not what it looked like? It looked like you were fucking cheating on me, so don't give me any of that bullshit. I don't care if this was the first, or the hundredth time you cheated on me. Fact is, you did. So do yourself a favour, and shut up. You're sounding real stupid right now."

A few people stared at the scene curiously while most were just annoyed at the hold up in the line. They'd rather die from the bad food than from starvation. Unlike the kids in the jungle called high school, college students did not particularly enjoy seeing a couple fighting. Especially when they were hungry.

One of the guys in line gently shoved her out of the line saying "Why don't you take this outside, huh? There are a lot of hungry people here."

"I have nothing more to say to you", she spat at Kevin. "I better not see you face ever again, you got that? You're pathetic."

She walked away from him, looking absolutely furious. Or at least she would have walked away, had a bony hand on her shoulder not held her back. She spun around angrily, ready to give whoever it was that dared to stop her a piece of her mind. To make it worse, that person was the girl Kevin had just been kissing. She tried to shrug her hand off, but for a scrawny thing, the girl was surprisingly strong.

"How dare you?" the girl began. "You had no right to talk to him that way. You can't really blame a guy for cheating on a cold hearted bitch like you. He didn't even really like you; he was just too scared to dump you. He deserves so much better."

"Shut up Bridge", hissed Kevin, but she ignored him. Amanda looked at the girl incredulously, not sure whether to laugh or ignore her.

She couldn't bear to just let her get away with a comment like that, and although she knew the smart thing to do was to walk away, she , "He deserves better? And I suppose you think that you're better? Here's a tip. For future reference. Having a few quickies with someone else's guy doesn't make you better than them, honey. Especially when said guy is willing to screw just about anything."

Bridget turned a comical shade of scarlet and tried to come up with a witty retort. Unfortunately for her, the best she could do was "Oh yeah? You think you're a queen or something don't you? Amanda Palmeri! The freaking princess of Calloway! Well, I think you're just a slut." Her voice grew louder when more people began staring at them. A few were amused at the girl's spunk, but most were just afraid for her.

Amanda just looked on in disbelief. No one spoke to Amanda Palmeri that way. She was about to let it go, and ignore the disillusioned creature when the girl went on, and ruined it for herself. "Don't think I haven't heard about that night with you and all the guys on the football team. If I remember right, the coach was there too. Everybody knows that's how you really got popular."

That did it.

Bridget Fields was the second person Amanda slapped that day.

While the students of Calloway did not really care to see a couple fight, when someone like Amanda was single, everyone knew about it. She may have acted like the break up didn't really affect her, but she had dated Kevin for over four months. Which was the longest she had dated anyone in college.

Maybe she hadn't been in love with him, but he had meant something to her, and though she would never admit it, seeing him all over some else had really hurt her.

Her entire college life had consisted of building up walls around herself; she had been careful not to let anyone come too close. As a freshman and a sophomore, she had virtually been with a new guy every week. And then Kevin had come along, and he had acted like he was into her for who she was, and he wasn't just looking for a lay. She hadn't even kissed him until their third date, which had got to be some sort of record for her.

It was after three months that she realised how long they had been together, and she tried to push him away, but the boy was persistent. She was just beginning to trust him, when he went and did something like this. He had said he was in love with her, and though she had never quite been able to return those three words, he had understood. At least she thought he had understood when she said that it would take some time to fall in love again.

All this time he had probably been laughing behind her back. Someone finally got to the Ice Princess. And not just him. She was sure that pretty much everyone else knew too. She wouldn't be surprised if she heard that bets had been placed on how long it would take for her to find out.

She tried to prevent any emotion from showing as she walked. She had stormed out of the cafeteria, and wanted to get to her room as soon as possible. Breaking down in front of the whole school was something she did not need. She would be skipping Photography, but she didn't really care.

She could afford to miss that class; it was only a minor. Besides, her photography professor would probably be to busy 'admiring the paradise that is nature' to even notice that she was missing.

But with her luck that day, he just might end up taking attendance. She didn't know what she had done wrong, but Karma was pissed at her. And Karma could be one cruel bitch.

She cursed the high heeled shoes she was wearing for almost causing her to trip. She cursed her tight skirt for preventing her from walking any faster. She cursed the world in general, and Kevin and that girl in particular. It took every ounce of will power she possessed to retain what was left of her poise and not start screeching right that instant.

Her cell phone was constantly buzzing, but she chose to ignore it. Taunting messages from the girls who disliked her or pick up lines from random guys would really not help her mood. She just needed to be in her room, have a good cry, and get over it.

She passed a bunch of freshmen and one of them whistled at her. He had hair past his shoulders, diamond studs in his ears. He was one of those guys with a look he just couldn't pull off. The resulting look could have been described as feminine which was quite the opposite of what he was going for.

"Hey baby! Heard you ditched Deane. I think you'll find me much more satisfying. Coach doesn't say I have the best endurance in the swim team for nothing."

He bit his lip in a way she assumed was supposed to be sexy, and winked. His friends stared at him warily. Amanda was not someone to mess with, even they knew that. Not all freshmen were stupid.

She raised her eyebrows, in a way that screamed 'are you freaking kidding me', but he decided that he was in fact turning her on and pulled her towards him for a sloppy open mouthed kiss. Knowing that he was too strong to push away, she ran her hands down his hair and yanked it. When he recoiled in pain, she smirked.

"I'm sorry darling," she drawled. "Just because I'm single, doesn't mean I'm a lesbian. You'll have better luck with Tara. She's more open to experimenting."

She was gone before he realized what she meant. She got more satisfaction than she should have when she heard his friends hoot with laughter. Maybe Luck had deserted her, but it was good to know Sarcasm was firmly by her side.

In the safety of her room, Amanda let loose the waterworks. She cried for just about three minutes, and then felt a lot better. Her therapist was right. Crying was a better solution than breaking things. And apparently tears were a wonderful moisturizer. Losing Kevin wasn't really that big of a deal. She was that into Kevin as a person anyway; it was more like she was into the concept of Kevin.

He was perhaps not unfortunate looking, but she had seen goldfish with more personality. She could find a million guys like him. It was how she lost him that really stung. She had led herself to believe that she was finally capable of having a real relationship again, after what had happened four years ago.

He had cheated on her. She hadn't fully wrapped her head around the fact that someone got bored of her, before she tired of them. She was the one who did the dumping. She was the one who was supposed to be in control damn it! Was she getting that uninteresting? A few months ago she would have confidently said that all the boys at Calloway (or at least the straight ones) would have given up an arm to sleep with her. Now she wasn't so sure anymore.

She knew that she was reading more into it that she should have, and that some men were just born cheating scum. Neither she nor anyone else could do anything about such guys. Still, she never thought she'd be the girl with bleary eyes and a blotched up face, moping about a guy she should have known was up to no good. Hadn't she ridiculed those girls who were surprised when they caught their boyfriends in bed with someone else?

She had thought she was too smart to end up like one of them. And yet, there she was. In their (totally out of fashion) shoes.

All her high school insecurities came rushing back. That was one of the reasons she chose Calloway; it was far away from home, from her old friends, from him. She had run away, and not looked back. When she visited home in the holidays, she wore her carefully prepared mark of nonchalance.

Everyone marvelled at how easily she had gotten over the incident. They didn't know it was killing her inside. She could pretend to be alright a few days in the year, but if she had gone to a university near home, she knew she never would have survived. Everything came back to him, no matter how had she tried to move on.

She had never been good enough for him.

She started crying again, and this time the tears were in full flow. The old hurt came rushing back and, contradictory to what people said, time hadn't helped heal the wound at all. The pain was still raw; it pierced right through her, and she felt like she was losing herself.

She just sat and let the misery have her, crying not for what Kevin had done, but for what he had done. Why could she never escape him? He sure as hell wasn't thinking of her right now, and it just wasn't natural for someone to wield that kind of power over her. She hadn't seen his face since she first left for college, but that didn't help her forget him.

"This isn't high school. This isn't about him. This is your life now. You're completely overreacting".

She chanted the words to herself like a mantra, and eventually managed to calm down. She just stared into space for god knows how long, until a knock at the door shook her out of her reverie. She cautiously peered out of the peep hole. Thankfully it was only Devisha and Hannah. She would have died of mortification had anyone else seen her this way. She opened the door just wide enough for them to squeeze in and the slammed it shut again.

"Sorry we couldn't come sooner. We were eating breakfast at the sandwich place when Dev and I heard the news. We came here as soon as we could."

"We could have been here sooner if someone hadn't insisted on paying," said Devisha, earning her a glare from Hannah.

"You can't just walk out without paying," she began, but Devisha continued speaking, as if she had been uninterrupted.

"Anyway Ada, we got you some low fat ice cream. Just because you've had a bad day, that doesn't give you the right to pile on those pounds, hon. It's chocolate! Your favourite!" The last two sentences were said in a sing song voice, accompanied with waggling eyebrows.

Amanda fake glared at her before laughing. "You guys are the best. Where would I be without you?"

"Forty pounds fatter, that's for sure," giggled Hannah. This would have been the appropriate time for a group hug under normal circumstances, but Amanda wasn't exactly what you'd call normal. She had an aversion towards invasion of personal space, and disliked hugs. Hannah and Devisha had given up on her a long time ago.

The last time they tried to hug her, she had squirmed her way out, and looked at them like they were trying to kill her. Sometimes Devisha would nudge her hand when it was least expected just to see her jump up in alarm. Hannah never failed to burst into laughter, but somehow Amanda didn't find it all that amusing.

She started digging into the ice cream, taking greedy spoonfuls because the drama at the cafeteria ensured that she hadn't eaten yet. Before long she had finished the whole tub. She sighed happily. At least ice cream would never betray her.

"I don't get it Ada. Why you so upset? I know you didn't really like Deane all that much. He was such a loser anyway."

Someone missed printing the word subtlety in Devisha's dictionary. Hannah glared at her, and Devisha gave her usual 'why are you looking at me like that' expression. Hannah, on the other hand, was the sensitive one, the one who'd put her friends' interests first, and the one who'd lie to make you feel better, or at least break the truth gently.

Amanda was grateful however that she was talking to her like she was a normal human being. However well intentioned the 'oh, I'm so sorry for you' looks were, they only made things worse.

"I know Dev. But, I mean, I liked the idea of having a steady boyfriend for a while, you know? I know I'm not in love with him or anything, but I finally began to trust someone again. And maybe love isn't supposed to be this big explosion you know? Maybe it's supposed to slowly set in, and you won't be able to tell when it was exactly that you fell in love.

But if I can't even have a four month relationship with someone, I'm a lost case. I mean the guys aren't all that into me any more. I'm losing my oomph factor. Next thing you know, I'm going to be like the creepy aunt who hits on their niece's boyfriends…" She croaked the last few words, before bursting into tears yet again.

Devisha looked at Hannah warily. She wasn't used to handling outbursts like this one, especially not from Amanda. She bit her tongue to stop herself from asking Amanda what she had been smoking. Paedophilic aunt? Seriously? Hannah however was very comfortable comforting someone else.

"Don't you worry your head, sweetie. The guys still love ya," she said, her southern accent peaking.

A lifetime of being the oldest child in the family had trained her to be able to handle pretty much anything. She was the one who had comforted her sister when her date had stood her up, and she was the one who gave that Joan girl (who had laughed at her brother when he told her he liked her) a good talking to. Hannah thrived on the happiness of others, and it disturbed her to see her best friend so sad.

"He probably wasn't thinking straight. I mean, where's he gonna get a second chance with a girl like you?"

"I don't even know how he got a first chance" muttered Devisha. Hannah looked at her bemusedly, and Amanda just shook her head.

Her phone beeped for what was possibly the millionth time that day, and she looked at it unenthusiastically. She quickly skimmed through her messages; three from Mr. I'mhawtcallme, a few from unknown numbers, and one from Hannah saying that they were on their way. And five from Kevin. Before she could stop herself, she read the messages.

I'm so sorry babe.

Take me back.

I love you.

I was just messing around. It didn't mean a thing. You know how much you mean to me, don't you babe. I swear, Bridge is nothing to me.

I really am sorry. It won't happen again. Please call me babe. Or at least take my calls.

Pathetic. Just pathetic. That boy had no dignity. If her opinion on him had been two on a scale from one to ten, it had now officially sunk to a negative twenty. She didn't know how he'd bagged that girl. Granted, she was a bitch, but at least she had a backbone. That wasn't something Kevin could claim to posses.

She started laughing. Hannah looked worried; alternating between laughter and crying wasn't a good sign of mental health, but Devisha just grabbed her phone to see what was so funny. She just raised her eyebrows in a 'what were you thinking, dating him' kind of way.

Amanda stopped laughing suddenly. "Oh my gosh! That's where he was yesterday when he said he couldn't come to the party. Geography assignment my ass. Unless he was assigned to fucking explore that girl's body. Have I seriously become that boring? I don't know guys. I just don't know what to think anymore. I need a major ego boost right now."

It was like the words meant something to Hannah and Devisha, because they looked at each other and grinned widely. Amanda looked at them wearily. This was not good. Especially since Devisha had that look in her eyes.

"You're in luck, darling. As it happens, we've got just the thing for you."

"You want to do what now?" asked Amanda, with an incredulous expression. She wasn't sure of she had heard Devisha right the first time round. Hannah had made sure the door was shut as tightly as possible before they began talking.

"This is for your ears only" she had whispered conspiratorially. Amanda had half expected them to reveal they were secret agents, and that she was the daughter of the king of Cambodia or something. Maybe as the princess she could order Kevin's execution.

Or feed him to lions. And she would use him as an example for all men. Don't cheat! Instead Devisha had said something very anti climatic which cut short her day dreaming.

"Give you our Ultimate Self Esteem Therapy" repeated Devisha, looking completely serious. "It's not that hard Ada. All you have to do is follow our instructions. I can personally guarantee that you will feel pretty damn amazing in the next forty eight hours. Maybe even less."

"It's true" said Hannah, nodding wisely at Amanda's disbelieving expression. "Dev and I used it all through high school. We would have never made it out without this. Today we give you a lethal weapon."

Amanda snorted. "Oh please! You guys sound like one of those stupid Guthy Renker commercials. I can't believe you would put me through all that suspense. Spare me the drama, and just tell me what it is."

Hannah started to say something, but Devisha clapped her hand over her mouth. "Shut up Hannah. Don't say a word. No bones Ada. We won't tell you unless you agree not to back out. The Ultimate Therapy is not to be disrespected. Once you know it, you have to use it. Or, we could not tell you, and you can continue to sit here and mope."

"You guys are being very stupid right now. And totally immature" Amanda shook her head at how annoying her friends were being, but she was dealing with Devisha here. And Devisha never backed down.

Once, Devisha and another girl had chanced upon the same pair of jeans. The other girl managed to grab them from Devisha, but with Dev it was never that easy. She had thrown her shoes at the girl's ankles, casing her to trip, and ran all the way to the cash counter, before escaping with her bounty.

Another time Dev and some other guy were fighting over the last remaining chocolate mousse. She had spat in it, and looked at him triumphantly. Not one to back down, he had spat in it too. Now neither of them could have it. The shop girl had minced no words in telling them to leave immediately and to come back under no circumstances.

The boy had later asked Dev out, and the two were going steady for almost two years. Anyway, the point was, Devisha was by no means a push over.

"Call us what you like babe, but just say that you won't back out." Hannah started giggling at Amanda's frustrated expression

"And besides, why haven't I heard of this Ultimate Therapy thing before?" she demanded, looking at the two other girls suspiciously.

"Because you never needed it until today. And anyway, you didn't go to our high school. But we're getting distracted here. Now what do you say? In, or out? I'm running out of patience here."

"Alright! Fine. I'm in. Happy?" At Devisha's raised eyebrows she hastily added "I won't back out. I promise". She knew that she wasn't going to get anywhere otherwise. "Now lay it on me, girls. Let's hear what you've got. "

Amanda knew that she had made a mistake when she saw the two exchange yet another devious look. She was in for trouble.

Big trouble.

She should have never gotten on the wrong side of that bird.

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