You cast me so deep in the shadow

In asphyxiating darkness, so I can't even breathe

You kick the door shut and force me to stay

I feel trapped, what else can I do

But surrender and obey?

And so I let the iron mask

You put over my face

Weigh so much it hurts

I let it strangle me

Because I have scars, and scars must be covered

So no stranger can see

Not even she who loves me

Or she who can worry, care

And claw her hand over my shoulders

Saying I did it again

And I ask what did I do

For her to blame me

Because late at night I come

And cry my pain over a blade

And stain my blood with tears

Pain is my only friend

Who can blame me for feeling?

What you've not dulled me to?

My scars can tell the stories

You want no one to hear

I can't hide it much longer

Whisper to the moon

She's cold and numb and restless

In her eternal trip

And I wonder if I will ever

Be able to sleep

So that no one can wake me

So that no one sees

My lips want to drop their secret

The secret I must keep.

And then I feel the slumber

I went too deep this time

I feel the cold embrace me

The coming of the night

Now I will not awake

Out of my tender dream

Now I will rest forever

You will not care, it seems.