It's one thing to be an idol in a different country form where you live, but what you would you do if you had to keep it a secret? I mean, it's a good thing that I'm going to a school that supports these things. And what does Creston have to do with all this?

Chapter 1

"Okay, J-Jay. You're up in 2 minutes!"

My hairdresser did a few final touches on my now curled chocolate brown hair, which had natural black streaks. I stood up from my seat, quickly straighten my outfit, and sent out my ok sign. My heart pounded as I stepped onto the dark stage. The sound of millions of people shouting out my name in different unisons was blurred by my nervousness. Suddenly, I felt a string of excitement that suppressed all my nervous feelings away. As the lights went on, I reached for the microphone in front of me, took a deep breath, and said,

"Hey everyone, are you ready to have some fun!?"

I walked of the stage, breathing heavily, after an hour of performance, and from behind me I heard a male voice calling my name.

"J-Jay! You did great for your first, live concert! I thought you'd have frozen on the stage. So I had them prepare a recording of your music to play."

"That's not likely to happen, Jin!" I exclaimed at my manager/bodyguard. I am Lilyanna, stage name, J-Jay, and currently 14 years old. I have an ok height, standing at 5'6. I'm part Chinese and part English, which explains my hair and the hazel eyes. I was born in China, but moved to Los Angles at the age of 5. Ever since, I've been going to school in L.A and coming back to China during the summer, winter, spring breaks or whenever I can. And as you might've guessed, I'm and Idol, at least in China. While most people become an idol partly because they have links because of their parents, I'm a whole different story; I was actually scouted by Jin during I during my summer break stay in China for vacation.

*Flashback *

I sat down on a bench sing to myself while waiting for my friends at the park. They were always late, but I didn't mind the wait. I was always nice and peaceful… 'kay not always, anyways… I'm sitting and enjoying the fresh air, lovely flowers, and the sunshine. I was so mesmerized in my own world that I didn't realize that I was singing out loud. It was at that time, I realized that a middle- aged man had walked up to me. He was wearing a businessman suit that matched his dark brown hair. His light brown eyes shined as if he struck a new gold mine. I was beginning to wonder if he was crazy, and then, he said,

"Hi, may I ask what you're name is?"

"Why do you want to know?"

"It has to do with the question I'll be aking." I gave him my poker face while saying to myself,

'Now that doesn't do me any good. How do I know if you're not a mass murderer?' I decided to give it a shot and see what happens.

"Lilyanna Taylor." As soon as I told the man my name, he flashed me a smile and straightforwardly said,

"Lilyanna Taylor, what would you say if I asked you to become an idol?" I starred at him as if he was lunatic. I looked behind me thinking that he was talking to someone else, but all that was behind me was flowers, flowers, and … more flowers. I asked,

"Are you talking to me?" He laughs,

"Yes, you." I questioned,

"Why are you asking me? I mean I don't see anything bad about it since I'm already in acting, but I don't see why it's me that got 'chosen' "

"Well, first of all, you have a beautiful voice that can draw a person's attention. You have every good look and will attract people with the rare style of hair and eyes"

'They're naturally like that!' I said in my mind.

" … And I think you'll out shine all the other stars out there," he pulls out a card and hands it to me after noticing my puzzled look."

"Well, here's my name card. And I can meet tomorrow for more information at 9am. We can meet at Crystal you would like."

"Crystal, you mean the place where all that stars from there end up being the top? " He chuckles at my question before answering.

"Yes that Crystal. Well I hope that you'll come. I wouldn't want to lose a precious gem like you. Oh, just call if you want to reschedule."

"Umm, I don't live in China," I started, "I'm only here for another month and a half." The man, Jin as written on the name card, replied without any hesitation,

"We can always work this out tomorrow."

*End of Flash*

Well, as you can tell, I ended up taking up the offer, and before I knew it, I was standing on stage singing and having a blast. Yes, it does seem weird and too storyish. Suddenly, Jin interrupted my thoughts,

"Are you finished changing yet? There's still a plane waiting for you at the airport." I quickly brushed my straight, milk chocolate hair away from my hazel brown eyes, put on my wavy, light brown wig to stay out of the presses view, and walked out of the change room. Jin asked,

"When is the next time you'll be able to come back for your next performance?"

"Ummm. Most likely in the winter break, but my parents told the school principle about this whole star thing once they heard about it. I mean, they basically handed the phone to my brother just so they could tell the principle. But, anyways, the principle is now debating on whether or not there should be a fieldtrip to China with my history class. If it is going to happen, the fieldtrip will most likely be during the end of October and the beginning of November," I explained.

"Awesome. I'll prepare to make some arrangement for you. Just let me know for certain."

"O.K, and also, do you mind it I keep all my personal info, like where I go to school, ect. kept in secret?"

"No. You can count on me for keeping your secret. Though, we really need to get going now, or your really will miss your flight to Los Angles." Jin said as he rushed me into the car.