Chapter 2

"Lily! Get up! If you don't, then I'll be leaving without you!" shouted my 16 year old brother. I groaned and unwillingly got up while turning my head toward the door, where I spotted my brother. Standing at 6'2, Ethan has messy, dark brown hair and autumn brown eyes that can melt a girl's heart. He's in the regular department and the captain of the soccer team at our school, Ocean High. I bet you're wondering what I mean by the regular department. You see, Ocean High contains of two departments; one is the regular department and the other is the elites department, made for people who are uprising designer and stars, already stars, models or author/reporter, ect. I started out at the regular department in freshman year until I started acting classes at KJ4 with Melanie, an uprising actor and by close friend. At that time, I transferred to the elites department in the middle of freshman year. So basically, I'm in the elites department.

I quickly threw on a pair of skinny jeans and a brown halter top accompanied with a soft white jacket, clipped on a purple butterfly hairclip, and ran down stairs. I grabbed a piece of bread and headed out to the garage, where Ethan was impatiently waiting for me. I put on a pair of plaid converse and hurried into Ethan's blue mustang.

"So, are you ready to start the school year with a secret identity?" Ethan smiled sweetly, knowing he brought up the one topic that I didn't want to think about. It's not that I don't like being J-Jay but the part about keeping secrets really bugged me; it made me feel guilty, but I'm not a blabber-mouth … if that's what they call them.

Annoyed and wanting to gain control of the conversation, I remarked,

"What about you? Prepared for the googly eyes and shrieks from your lovely fan club or should I say practically the whole population girls at school?" I smirked, knowing that he doesn't like the high pitched shrieking sounds. I smiled with satisfaction when he grimaced, knowing that I had won this round.

"Anyways," he says, changing the topic, "you have to remember that you don't go crawling around with boys and never listen to them when you don't want to. And don't …" he rambles.

Ethan is your typical protective big brother. I don't even bother listening to him since I know most of the speech by memory. It always went on the lines of him saying that I'm attracting too much attention no matter where I went. Then I would complain say that I don't attract any attention what so ever because of my ordinary looks, and then he would go on about how I was wrong by adding bits and pieces of proof. I would butt in and fill the parts of information on where he missed, making the argument back in my favor. Now, for the tally… (drum roll please) Lilyanna wins with 2-0.

Finally, after a long 10 minutes drive, we finally arrived at Ocean High.

As soon as I stepped out of the car, I spotted the all too familiar Creston McKay and his friends by his Ferrari California. Creston, being in the elite department, is a famous pop star that's becoming more popular every minute; Creston, with his sandy blond hair and blue gray eyes, is like my brother. He's one of the popular people in the school, worshipped by girls, partly because he is the captain of the football team. But, I just don't see what everyone else sees in him. Ethan answered as though he knew exactly what I was thinking.

"You know, Lily, Creston is a cool person. I don't see why you dislike him so much."

"Well, you of all people would like him because you're best friends with him and Dylan."

"Don't forget that you were also once friends with him. You two practically did everything together! I still remember you guys playing with super hero action figures and Barbie dolls when you were 4. There was also the time when you …"

"Okay! I got it so please no more stories!" I cried, cutting him off.

"Plus, that was way before he decided that I wasn't worth his time when he started his pop star career in grade 6. Anyways, I didn't do everything with him. I also played with Summer and Kayla," I commented.

"You could have played with you best friends even when Creston was over, but instead you mainly hanged out with him." Ethan added smiling, knowing that the tally score just changed to 1-2, with him catching up.

"Well it's not my fault he's our neighbor," I added stubbornly with nothing else to say. Then, I heard 2 familiar voices calling out my name in unison. I turned toward the sound as I recognized it as Summer and Kayla voice calling out to me.

"So, the queen has finally decided to show up, hum Lil, or should I say Queen Lilyanna. We've been waiting," said Summer. Ethan exclaimed while jumping up and down and pointing at me,

"Ha! See, I was right!" I looked at him in a questioning manner.

"Right about what?"

"About you attracting people. See, see, see, I was right! "

"First of all, be quiet. You sound like a 3 year old, and you're attracting a lot of attention. Secondly, Summer said that I was a queen, nothing about me attracting people. Lastly, I'm not the queen," I defended. Kayla corrected,

"Actually, you may not see it, but you basically have all the guys' attention. I mean. Look at you. You're beautiful!" I stared at her in silence, waiting for the part where she says that she was joking so we could all laugh it out, but when I found out she really meant what she said, I snorted and disagreed,

"Ya right. Way to try and boast my ego. It's not going to work." Summer, Kayla and Ethan sighs.

"I need to get going and meet up with Creston," Ethan says, earning himself a glare from me.

" 'Kay. Anyways, we need to go find the others. I'm pretty sure that Melanie said that we were meeting at Cecilia and Shane's locker." We started heading towards the twin's locker.

I thought back to what Ethan, Summer, and Kayla said. I still stay firm on my opinion of like the queen. Truthfully, I think that Summer and Kayla are by far more gorgeous then me. Summer, standing at 5'7, has wavy strawberry blond hair and baby blue eyes. She's not only on the school's basketball and swim team, but also a great cartoonist. Kayla, with curly light brown hair, turquoise green eyes that can enchant anyone and a height of 5'4, is an apprentice' designer. Summer and Kayla are both in the elite department.

I looked up at our school. It was enormous compared to other schools, partly because of the 2 departments that it's at least double the size of a normal high school. Also, the school has a lot of money since the people from the elite division donate a larger some of money, not to mention a ton of rich people. It's practically a miniature Stanford University that is less complicated.

I walked into the school with my friends, not paying any attention to what they were talking knowing that it was either about the most recent fashion or gossip. I was stuck in my own thought thinking about all that's happened over the summer. Not realizing I'd already arrived at the meeting place, I heard my name being called.

" Hey! Earth to Lilyanna, you still haven't said a single thing to me so far? Have you forgotten about us already?"

I looked up and spotted two similar figures starring at me with amused expressions. The girl and the boy both had golden blond hair and beautiful ocean blue eyes. The girl was standing at 5'8 with a body that most girls would die for while the boy was at 6'2 and had muscular athletic body. You could tell straight away that they were both models and into sports. I smiled at them and replied in a sleepy tone, hoping that it would convince them into thinking that I was still in sleep mode,

"Sorry, Cecilia, Shane. I'm not used to getting up early." I gave the twins an innocent smile while mentally crying,

'God! I hate lying to them, but acting class has definitely made it a little easier. Still, I can't help but feel guilty!'

"So, how was your summer?" Shane questioned. I was just about to reply when I noticed a few figures walking our way.

"Oh god," I groaned, "Why did they have to appear with those fakeys." Cecilia joined in,

"Yes. But you can kind of predict that Kaitlin and her friends plus the Creston fan club will be surrounding Mr. I'm so cool and you know it, Dylan, and the rest of his friends." Sounds of agreement erupted amongst us.

So, as you know, Creston is the 'King' of this school. His best friend, Dylan, is also the bass guitarist in Creston's band. Dylan, with brown hair and soft, honey brown eyes, tends to attracting a ton of girl, which is kind of expected. Kaitlin is your stereotypical head cheerleader and Miss. I'm above every one, born with honey blond hair and icy blue eyes that can pierce anyone she wants. I try to avoid getting into any trouble with her, along with my friends, but sometimes, you can't avoid such events.

"Morning guys! Sorry for being late!" I turned towards that voice and spotted Melanie, Kevin, Brendan, Melisa and Derek coming towards us. Melanie is an actor who's starting to climb she way up to the popularity ladder in acting. She is one of the most talented actors I've ever met. I wouldn't be surprised it she became so well known that she wouldn't be able to even get inside her house because of the reports, paparazzi and fans in no time. Kevin is like my second brother. With his great guitar skills and jets black hair and emerald green eyes, he was automatically declared part of Creston's band Black Jack with Dylan and Keith as the drummer. Melisa, Brendan and Derek are a different because they're in the regular section. The boys have been friends of mine ever since we had a debate over who was the best super hero in elementary. Melisa transferred to Ocean High in the middle of freshman year, and we just clicked automatically.

From the loud greeting of theirs that broke the annoying air that floated around a while back, quite a few stares where directed toward us, including Kaitlin and Creston, who was among the group.

"So, I see that you and your friends have gathered at the same spot," said Kaitlin while giving me a look, clearly showing that I wasn't worth much of her time. She continues,

"I guess some people just never change in many ways," looking at my cloths and comparing it to her designers brand clothing. Oh, did I mention, Kaitlin's father is a produce in the music industry so Kaitlin has practically everything she wants.

"Well then," I said crossing my arms across my chest. "How should I change? Hum. Let me think. I definitely don't want to change into someone like you."

I notices out of the corner of my eye that a crowd had started to begin, and I really dislikes being in the centre of gossip and attention partly why I hesitated to becoming an idol.

"At least I have fame," Kaitlin snaps back.

"So, you're admitting that you didn't change of the good?" I continued when I saw her fluming.

"Plus, I don't care if I have fame or not. And if I do have it, then I would be using my own power to get it and not rely on others like … my parents." I smiled as I saw Kaitlin speechless. It was always a fun sight; I mean it isn't something you see everyday.

"YOU …" Kaitlin started before getting cut off.

"Whoow there," said a new voice. "That's my baby sister you're talking to." Ethan turns toward the crowd.

"Sorry for breaking up the entertainment but give the girls some space before they get too hot." He wipes his forehead as though sweat was dripping down. Just like that, the tension in the air broke, and the crowd started to chuckle at Ethan's actions while leaving to go to their classes.

"We're only done talking because of your brother," Kaitlin say's before walking away.

"Congratulations!" applauded Kevin. "I see you can take on the witch by yourself now." I laughed at the nickname.

"When have I ever not been able to?" I said before turning to my brother.

"Thanks for cutting in there. I don't know what could have happened if you didn't come in."

"It looked like a 'scratch' from the cat's claw's to me," said Kayla, earning a laugh from everyone.

"No problem Lily. Anyways I should get going the others are waiting for me," noted Ethan before walking toward his friends. I met a pair of amused blue gray orbs while watching Ethan walk back. As soon as I realized who they belonged to, I broke the eye contact.

"So, what courses do you have?" piped in Summer. I looked at the sheet of paper that came into our mail a day after my arrival back from China. I had first block Math 9, second block Socials 10 (I know; that's how good I am), third block Science 9, forth block Lunch, fifth block free block since I already took the Chinese Challenge exam, sixth block English 10, and seventh block homeroom where assemblies normally took place or you were aloud to practice or work on whatever that was needed when in the elite section.

We compared our timetable before heading off to out first block. We have most of the same classes together since people in the Elite department have all the same courses and not as much classes like P.E, cooking, art, etc. I have Math, Science, and homeroom with all of my friend in the Elites except of Shane and Cecilia who's in grade 10. For Socials 10, I have it with Shane, Cecilia, Kayla, Kevin and Summer. And finally English which I have with Shane, Cecilia, and Melanie.

I arrived my Math class the rest of my friends. We took at seat at the middle left of the classroom, by the windows. Not much later, the math teacher came in.

" 'Kay class. I'm your math teacher. I'm pretty sure you know that much. Since most of you know each other from last year, we'll just spend part of this class doing introductions. And then –" Mr. Kersey's sentence was cut off by the sound of the door opening. There before our eyes was the one and only Kaitlin. I was trying so hard thinking that I wouldn't have to deal with her in half of my classes, but I guess it just didn't work.

"Sorry I'm late Mr. Kersey. I had an urgent call I had to make."

"Plush," snorted Kayla. "Must have been about a new dress she just had to order." Summer and I giggled at her remark.

"Well, Miss. Kaitlin. Please take a seat." Mr. Kersey continues, "As I was saying, the rest of the class will be used to discuss the school supplies. Now get into a circle and we'll start the introduction."

The rest of the class went fairly quick. It was all mainly the same as last year. I already knew everyone in the class from last year. The supplies were the same, and the rules were the same too, like notify the school if you're going to be away due to any work or medical conflicts. Before I knew it, first block had ended. Now, it was time for second block Socials 10.


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