The wind blew my hair into my face as I waited, letting the car take my weight as I leaned against it. It was beginning to get dark and the hands on my watch had just ticked over 6 o' clock. It was starting to get hauntingly dark. He should be coming out soon. I had no idea what I was going to say to him but I knew it would probably come to me once I saw him. Then just as I took out my Ipod to change the song, there he was, walking out with his books tucked neatly under his arm. I could feel myself going red just thinking about the last time I contacted him. The vulgar and dirty texts we were sending each other all night…we were both drunk but still. It wasn't even the fact that he was my teacher because he wasn't anymore. He had even told me to call him Gerry which made him seem more human to me. The friendship we once shared may have been totally tarnished by that one drunken night. I had taken his number without him knowing, which I think got to him the most. When he sent me a text the next day telling me to never contact him again, I got very upset and turned to my friend. She seemed to think he was more angry at himself than he was at me, because he was the adult in all of this and should have known to stop it. But he didn't. In fact, it was actually him that started it…but that doesn't matter anymore, what matters is what is about to happen. I can't change the past so I have to concentrate on our future or perhaps lack thereof.

I really wanted to know what went through his mind the morning after he woke up to find all those texts on his phone. Well I guess I was about to find out. He hadn't spotted me yet, he was to engrossed in his phone which probably housed my number and those texts, if he couldn't bring himself to delete them. I know I couldn't. I was becoming more and more scared as he approached me and hadn't seen me yet. Then just as I pulled the buds from my ears, he looked up. He stopped dead in his tracks, dropping his books and fumbled with his phone shoving it into his pocket. His face literally dropped. I spotted some students looking at him with confused looks on their faces. My heart started to race thinking they would see me and put the two together.

C'mon Gerry pull it together before you attract unwanted attention… I said to myself. I didn't want him to give those students any reason to hang around. They all looked at each other and started making their way towards him. He seemed to catch on to what I had said to myself. He was sharp like that.

"No it's fine…" he said. He must have been responding to one of them. "I just dropped my books, it's grand I can pick them up. See you all tomorrow." he said waving cheerfully at them all. He bent down and started picking up the books, as the students slowly exited the school grounds. I could tell they wanted to know what was up with him, but they realised they were not about to figure it out now, so they went home. Thank god for that, the last thing I needed was a crowd around me when I was doing this. It was embarrassing enough as it was. Once he had retrieved his books, he cleared his throat and made his way towards me, quite awkwardly I might add. I was standing against the drivers door because I knew he wouldn't touch me or try to move me in any way, well that's what I thought.

"What the hell do you want?" he scowled gruffly.

"Hello to you too."

"Sorcha…get out of my way."

"No, we need to talk about this."

"I don't know what you're talking about." he said running his hand through his hair awkwardly.

"You fucking do! Don't lie!"

He looked around to see if there was any people around before pushing me viciously out of the way.

"No Gerry! You are not getting away with this!" I roared running around to the passenger seat and clambering in as he struggled to start the car before I could get in. I jumped into the driver seat sitting across him, blocking him from starting the car and driving away.

"Sorcha!" he screamed obviously getting an extremely awkward feeling.

"Gerry face it! We are going to talk about this! I care about you so much and you do not realise how emotionally attached I am to you and you can't just sever that and expect me to be ok…" I said settling myself into his lap, avoiding sitting on the bulge that was getting bigger as I moved around on his lap.

He clenched his eyes shut, for what reason I don't know. Perhaps he was trying to calm himself down. I settled into him and looked into his eyes.

"Gerry…" I started. "I am so sorry for my behaviour. I realise that it was totally inappropriate for me to take your number and I am sorry."

"Yes that was supposed to be private and confidential…"

"I know! You already told me that!" I growled.

"Well it's fucking true!"

"Just hear me out!" I said slapping his chest lightly.

"But those texts, although drunk, really meant something to me and don't deny it Gerry, I know they meant something to you too."

He looked deep into my eyes and let out a growl from deep within his chest. "I feel nothing for you."

His words cut throw me like a dirty razor. But I wasn't about to let him off the hook. I suppose a part of me really wanted to believe he was lying and that he did feel something for me.

"Gerry…you wouldn't have lead me on like that if I didn't mean something to you…" he shook his head and closed his eyes almost in pain. I knew I was getting somewhere with him. "…c'mon Gerry, I know you felt something when you were sending me those texts…" I said placing my hand on his chest.

He grabbed my wrist violently and sneered into my face. "Do not touch me."

"Gerry…please you're hurting me." I lied trying to distract him…but he knew me too well.

"I'm not. I wouldn't do that, you know that." he said in a very odd voice, one that I had never heard before.