Cliff's Edge

It's a strange feeling you get,

When you stare down—

From the edge of a cliff,

At the beckoning waters below.

It is strange to know that one step,

Will send you falling—

Falling into a nothingness,

That would consume all pain.

The waters below are simple,

And their destiny remains unchanged.

They swirl and turn, splash and churn,

And so they will 'till eternity's end.

My destiny is not the same.

It is uncertain—

Moving everywhere and nowhere,

'Till all I can do is run.

And it is to here that I have run.

Here on the cliff's edge—

Here where I now look down,

Thinking of how strange is the feeling is.

Would I be a coward to take that step;

'Tis only a step like any other,

Yet still it is more.

I have run and run and I can run no longer.

Whether it's nobler to face my life,

My destiny that I have run from—

Or to fall now into sweet oblivion,

My mind cannot tell me.

I stand here alone on the cliff edge,

And below me the living waters call—

For me to jump and be free,

And yet I hesitate still.

Inside I know I could never step,

And could never jump from this mighty rock,

But my mind is weary,

And my thoughts are unclear.

I take a step—

A single step slowly,

Away from the rocky edge.

I turn and I leave, like I knew I would.

Yet still, 'twas not the first time,

That I've found myself at the cliff,

And too I doubt it shall be the last.

I know it shall not.

For it is the only place to run,

When I can run no longer.

And 'tis the only place to be,

When life has worn me down.

Whether 'tis nobler to step forward,

Or face the life I've escaped,

I truly know not.

Yet when life has broken me I find my healing,

Only at the cliff's edge.

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