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I woke up and found myself in the warm embrace of Caleb's arms.

When I first looked up at him my vision was still slightly bury, so I blinked and everything was clear.

Caleb was crying. It's rare for him to cry.

I lifted my hand -which felt extremely heavy - and rested my hand on his wet cheek.

He gasped with relief and smiled momentarily,

"Az, you're okay!" he choked out through tears.

I tried to speak, but still couldn't.

I wiped the tears from his face and tried my hardest to smile.

"I-is he gone…?" I finally managed to choke out.

Caleb looked at me with a look of confusion.

"He? He who?"

"T-the man - t-that seduced me." I cringed, as memories of last night flooded my mind.

Tears started falling down my face, as I kept remembering.

Caleb wiped the tears and gently stroked my face, trying to calm me.


"Caleb, w-what I-if …I-I'm…." I stuttered, trying to keep calm.

I was now laying on Caleb's huge couch with my head resting on his lap, him still softly stroking my face, or gently running his fingers through my hair.

"I truly don't know, Az. I just.. don't know. I guess we'll just have to wait and see…" he sighed, worry in his voice.

"Y'know it'd be helpful if he was here…" he mumbled under his breath, barely audible- though I could understand him fine.

What Caleb meant when saying 'he' was Levi.

My boyfriend, whom Caleb had hated since he started dating me.

You see, a long time ago all three of us used to be best friends, but when we were little we didn't really care about love - Just having fun with each other.

When I was eight Levi moved away because his dad's job moved to California.

That left me depressed for a good month after he left, then Caleb finally got up the courage to ask me out.

We dated for almost two years, and I had almost forgotten Levi. That was until Levi came back to visit with his mom.

It was my eleventh birthday, and he was my surprise birthday present.

I had told him how much I missed him and playing with him, and that Caleb finally asked me out.

His only response was a nod and a slight smile.

He stayed for a couple days, then had to go back because of school.

Caleb and I dated for three more years until we were fourteen, then we broke up because he had fallen for a girl we'd met the first day of middle school.

I didn't mind much, I knew it'd happen someday.

Then the day before my fifteenth birthday, I was in my room laying on my bed reading my favorite book -Evermore-

Caleb was on a date with Selena, so I was stuck home.

I just got to the part of the book where Ever found out that Damen was an Immortal, Then I heard -Tap, Tap, Tap- like the sound of a little stone hitting a glass window, so I set my book down and walked to my window, only to find Levi standing one story down, smiling up at me.

"Can I come up?" he whispered, so I nodded. And before I could tell him to come through the front door since my parents weren't home he was climbing up the tree next to my window.

"You've really gotta stop doing that." I laughed as he hopped through the window, stumbling and landing on me, so we both fell gently to my floor.

"Yeah, but it's more fun that way." he chuckled, smiling down at me.

His voice was a lot deeper then it was last time I'd seen him, his normally short-cut brown hair that I remembered with was replaced with somewhat short spiked dark brown hair with a bunch of bangs falling over his eyes.

"Wow, Az. You look beautiful." he smiled, standing up and grabbing a hold of my hand and pulling me up.

He was a good five or six inches taller then me now.

I blushed, "Nah. But you look quite handsome yourself."

We both sat on my couch and talked for hours upon hours, about everything we could think of.

He told me all about living in California, and how he missed me and whished I was there with him.

"Kristy had a little girl last summer and named her Azaria. So every time someone called her name my mind always changed it to 'Azaila' which made me miss you more" he smiled, playing with my hand.

"Aw, I missed you too, Levi. So much."

"Hey, you and Caleb still, y'know.. together?" he asked, scratching his scruffy dark brown hair.

"No, we broke up last year.." I sighed, shaking my head.

"I always warned you about that."

"I know, but Levi, I've got to experience things and make my own mistakes"

"Yeah, I know but I can't stand the thought of you getting hurt."

"Levi, it wasn't that bad. I was expecting it, when we first met Selena in middle school I'd seen the way he looked at her and knew he loved her the second he looked at her. And you know, I never really loved, loved him I loved him more like a brother, but I never had the guts to break up with him because I didn't want to hurt him."

"Ah, I understand that…"

"And, I always loved you.. more.." I blushed.

He smiled, like he'd been waiting his whole life to hear that.

"I always loved you too.."

"Oh! So that's why four years ago when I told you the two of us were dating, you didn't really respond…"

He nodded, then out of no where leaned forward and kissed me gently.

His lips were so soft and gentle, it felt as if out lips fit together perfectly.

I kissed back and smiled.

"I've been wanting to do that for years."

"I'm glad you finally did."

After a couple minutes of awkward silence, he scratched the back of his head,

"So, Azalia would you like to be my girlfriend?" he asked, taking my hand in his.

"I'd love to." I smile, leaning over and kissing him briefly.

We kissed for a minute or so, then I broke free to ask a question that had been bugging me since he got here.

"So…how long are you here for?"

"I'm here for good." he smiled proudly. "I'm living with my grandmother since she's getting older and needs help."

"Aw, that's so sweet" I smiled, then soon after yawned.


"Mhm, kinda.." I mumble, yawning again.

"Here," he smiled, standing up, slipping a arm under my legs and my back and carrying me over to my huge bed.

He sat me down, then sat next to me and laid up against a bunch of pillows and let me lay my head on his chest. Soon after I ended up falling asleep.

In the morning, I woke up and looked up at him- he was already awake.

"Morning gorgeous." he smiled and kissed my forehead.

"Mm, morning." I smile, leaning up and kissing him, then remembering that Caleb was suppose to be waking me up in the morning I bolted up-right.

"What's wrong, love?" he asked, a puzzled look on his face.

"Caleb's suppose to be coming over and waking me up today so I won't sleep all day.. If he finds you here.." I trailed off.

"He'll be furious.."

"Yeah.." I sigh, pausing " I just don't know what's up with him, ever since you moved away he's been mad at you.."

"Because when I moved, it made you sad.. and he's like me- he doesn't like to see you sad or hurt."

"Right.." I pause, listening to the outside where I hear his car. "Oh, crap he's here.. Uh go hide in the closet until I come get you."

At that he smiled, nodded and kissed me gently then hopped off my bed and bounded into the closet gracefully.

I quickly shuffled around to make it look like I'd been asleep and not woken up.

Moment's later Caleb bounded into my room.

"AZALIA! Waaaaakkkkeeee UPP!" he laughed, bounding on my bed and landing on top of me.

"Hey, hey gentle with the half asleep person" I mumble, giggling, then rolling over so I was facing him.

He leaned down and kissed my cheek.

"Morning Sunshine." he grinned.

I sat up and ran my fingers through my hair to untangle it.

"Well, I did my job. Selena's waiting in the car, we're going to spend the week with her parents at their beach house. You sure you don't want to come?"

"Yeah, I'm positive. Hug her for me, and have fun." I smile kissing his cheek, then shooing him off and waiting until I hear his car leave my driveway to get up and walk over to the closet.

"It's safe." I smile, opening the door to be surprised by a kiss the second it opens.

He wrapped his arms around my waist, as I wrapped mine around his neck, and we just stood there, our foreheads together, staring into each other's eyes.

Then he whisked me up and we both collapsed onto my bed laughing.

"You know, we'll have to tell him eventually."

"I know.." I sigh, "I'll text him.. I couldn't tell him face to face, I'd be to scared of his reaction.."

At that I leaned over him to reach for my phone, once I got it I flopped back down beside him and started typing.

: Caleb, Levi came home last night and said he moved back-he asked me out.. I said yes.. I really do love him.. You knew that, so try not to be to angry and be happy for me. Be happy that I'm happy? - love you. Az. : SEND.

I threw my phone over to my couch then looked over at the clock.

Nine-forty-two A.M.

"Oh! I almost forgot, Happy Birthday, my darling." Levi smiled, wrapping his arms around my waist and flipping me over so he was on top of me.

Just when he was about to lean down and kiss me, my phone rang. I sighed then got up and grabbed it.

It was Caleb texting back.

: …ugh, we'll talk when I get home… but I'm glad your happy. -love you too. Caleb. :

Then I went and laid back down and read it aloud.

"He'll get used to it." Levi smiled, starting off where we were before.


My parents were on a two month vacation anniversary thing, so we had the whole house to ourselves.

After a while, we went downstairs and he made me breakfast, then we curled up on the huge couch in the living room and watched movies all day.