You tell me to stop focusing on the bad,
to see the good around me.
but I cant
I truly cant…

when everywhere I look
drips hurt, betrayal, lies and is unreliable,
how can I see good?

Please help me see it.

Twist things and help me find the good you speak of
because I've slipped so far past hope that it hurts to see good
and I find myself now where I never wanted to be.

Down here beyond hope
past there being options
and far beyond my ability to help myself.

I'm where every words someone utters
stings with the future hurt
and no one keeps their promises.

Where no one can be relied on
and there's no place to call "home" in four months.

I want to see the good,
someone please show it to me.
I can't do it on my own
because its something I've never really known.

I'm always told to see the good... but no one has ever sat down and showed me how to do that. Good has never really been very prominant in my life and so i've never really leanred how to see it. i'd be willing to learn if someone would just take the time to show me.