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Children running around everywhere. Homeless, family-less, innocent children of all ages.

How I got to be in the situation I'm in now?

It's a very long story, that I'm willing to tell.

It all started one fall day two years ago when my family was getting ready for the trip they'd been planning for months.

I had decided I didn't and couldn't go, because of certain things.

So, they let me stay.

I hugged my mother, father, brother and sister goodbye and watched them walk out the door.

I was amazed they let me stay home by myself for almost four months while they were gone, I was only sixteen at the time.

The only thing they wanted me to do while they were gone was check up on the Orphanage every once in a while, see my family owns an orphanage just a couple miles from here.

So weeks went by, and I still hadn't hurt from them.

They had promised to call as soon as they landed in Germany, but that call never came.

One day I sat down and turned on my TV, only to hear,

"The plane crash of Flight one-fifteen to Germany two weeks ago. Still we have yet to find any survivors— oh, wait I'm now being told they found a little girl that looks to be ten or eleven, and a teenage boy. They are both quite beaten up and have quite a few scars, but are able to walk. If you know these children, and are related to them please call this number and we'll do the best we can to get them home."

I sat there with my mouth hanging to the ground, I rewound the channel until it did a close up of the two that survived, and there was no mistaking–those two kids were my brother and sister.

I quickly scrambled to the phone and dialed the number that was on the screen.

"New's channel thirty-four, may I help you?" asked a sweet sounding woman on the other line.

"Yes, I just turned on your channel and saw the two survivors from the plane crash, those two kids are my brother and sister! Have they found anyone else? You see my mom and dad were on that plane too.."

"Well, that's great! And, no dear I'm sorry they haven't found any other survivors. Now just give me your telephone number and address and we'll have your brother and sister on the next flight home."

So I gave the woman my address and number like she asked then hung up and flopped back onto the couch with a huge sigh.

I just sat there for five minutes thinking of what my parents had told me last year.

"Now dear, remember if anything happens to us, our will is..."

And that's all I could remember.

So for the next hour and a half I wracked my brain until I remembered.

"Is... buried deep under our bed in a lock box, now remember the charm bracelet we gave you for your fifth birthday? There's a key on it, that is the key to the box."

At that I bounded off the couch and bolted up stairs, dug under their bed until I found the box, then I took my bracelet off and unlocked the box.

There was a few things in it besides the paper.

There was a picture of them, then a picture of the family, and a little piece of torn off paper.

I grabbed the folded up paper and sat on the bed, then I slowly opened it up and started reading.

"My dearest children, if you're reading this we miss you very much, and are sorry we had do leave earth, but we'll always be watching over you, and we'll always love you.

My dear beautiful Ever Wind, you're such an amazing girl almost seventeen. We're so proud of you darling, and we hope since you're the oldest you will take care of your brother and sister, we know you'll make the right choices, but sometimes make mistakes but don't worry making mistakes is a part of life.

Damien Sky, my handsome boy, you and your sister must take care of Elaine Jewel.

We know you can do it, and if you ever need help your aunt is just a phone call away.

Now remember Damien, don't break too many hearts. We love you son.

Elaine Jewel, my darling little girl, you're growing up so fast!

You're going to be such a beautiful girl, just like your older sister.

Just remember dear, not all boys are as sweet as they seem, we don't want your heart being broken too many times. We love you, my darling Elaine Jewel.

Ever since you're most likely the one reading this and or reading it out loud to your brother and sister, we've left everything in your capable hands, in the box you'll find a slightly ripped piece of paper, it has a number on it. That number is the number to our bank account, and all three of your accounts, use it wisely.

My darling children, always remember that even though we're gone, it does not mean we're not always with you, we'll always be in your hearts, and watching over you.

Never forget, we love you so very much.

Oh and, we're passing you kids the orphanage Kimberly will help you with it, but we do wish you could go, almost every day and check up on things and possibly play with the children, we know it's a load on your shoulders, but we know you can handle it.

- Mommy and Daddy."

As I read it over and over, tears fell down my face, staining the paper.

I folded up the paper and put it back in the box, then took the box and put it under my bed.


The next day, I got woken up to a knock on the front door, so I trudged down the stairs sleepily and opened the door, the second I opened it there were warm strong arms wrapped around me.

"Ever! I'm so glad you're okay!" Luka or as he had everyone call him 'Luke' my boyfriend said.

"Of course I'm okay, why wouldn't I be?"

"Because I thought you were on that plane when it crashed!"

"Luke, didn't I tell you they let me stay home?"


"Sorry, love.."

"The news about gave me a heartattack."

"Me too.. But my brother and sister survived!.."

"But..your parents didn't..I'm so sorry babygirl." he said softly, hugging me tighter as I sobbed into his chest.

"Oh! That reminds me, the news lady said Damien and Elaine's plane is suppose to get here today...at noon." I said, then looking at the clock which said it was eleven-forty two AM.

"Crap, I've gotta go pick them up!" I added, sprinting upstairs and getting dressed.

"How about I go with you and drive, since you're still half asleep?" Luke chuckled as I raced out the door and hopped into his car.

"Sounds fine to me!" I laugh as he runs and hops in the drivers seat and takes off towards the airport.


It's been two years since the plane crash, Damien and I worked extremely hard and finished school early, but every morning we had to take Elaine to school and watch as everyone stared at us the 'orphan' children.

But we weren't orphans, we had family all over the world, just none that lived in the states.

We managed just fine on our own, the first year was rough, but with help from friends we did just fine.

On my birthday this year, Luke surprised me by proposing, so I'm now engaged, even though I'm nineteen, hey it's not like I'm fifteen or something, I'm a legal adult.

Damien turned seventeen last week, and got himself a girlfriend named Dawn.

Elaine turned thirteen this week, and also found herself a boyfriend named Matt.

We were all happy, just living our life's like the plane crash never happened.

But in the end we were always thinking about it silently.

I now work half-time as a photographer for famous people, and the other half of the time I'm at our orphanage, watching over things, and playing with the kids, giving them home that they'll have a family someday.

"Remember kids, you're all family, and don't worry, if no one adopts you I will." Is what I always told them.

I'm Ever Wind, and that's my story.