A.N.: Another random poem. I hope you enjoy.

There exist in many households,

A personal sized black hole,

Many people oblivious to their existence,

Though their use is constant.

I myself know of their existence,

Hiding in rooms,

Clear as a crystal,

Yet so commonly missed.

Addicted I am,

To jumping through these black holes,

Frequenting the other side,

With my love by my side.

Only two things are needed,

To traverse in these dark portals,

A piece of carved plastic,

And a remote to control your movement.

The black hole comes and goes,

Some may even elude it,

But once you stare into it's emptiness,

You're sure to be pulled into it.

You may be sitting,

Staring at the place it's sure to be,

Or you may be standing,

Awaiting patiently its arrival.

Soon, the pitch black hole arrives,

With remote in hand you embrace the transfer,

Awakening into another world,

Where you can escape from reality.

The worlds are different each time,

The carved plastic piece the key to the worlds,

Controlling the adventures you'll soon be sucked into,

As the world around you fades into this fantasy world.

Soon you tire of the world,

Your yearn from the norm finally satiated,

You press the remote down,

And the hole throws you back into your world.

Sometimes you'll be gone for hours,

Sometimes minutes,

Perhaps even days,
If you're free from restrictions reality has placed on you.

Though their existence is hidden from many,

The black hole emerges,

From the box sitting in their own home,

Commonly used by those unaware,

As do I,

A black hole addict.

A.N: I got the idea for this poem after playing Forza and getting "sucked" into the realistic scenery. I hope you all enjoyed. Thanks for reading.