Screaming the tears won't come.

A fake smile at school,

Some fake happiness here and there.

Cold cruel hate bottled up inside,

Emotions waiting to burst out.

Thoughts of death and silence loom.

All this adding towards his heavy gloom.

The nights once so peaceful,

Turn into living nightmares.

His depression to great to fight.

He wishes he could end this horrible night.

Tears won't come

He wishes they could.

His parents don't understand,

If only they could accept him.

He smiles or shows no emotion.

Even in the face of terror.

These lonely nights,

Happy once.

Not now.

The nights become lonely.

He's depression grows,

Taking him under.

He wants someone to love him.

His only comfort comes in books,

Stories to loose himself.

He wishes he could end his misery.

His life is great,

Minus the depression.

One good times he kicks,

And tucks it.

Hiding it in a little box.

Not tonight.

Tonight it grows out of him.

Tears won't come,

Yet he smiles.

Thinking Hope.