Chapter One

Staring mindlessly at the crack on the wall of her cell, Ivy let out a bored yawn. Her brother would have been here minutes after he had gotten a call from the police department. She wondered what was keeping him away today. She supposed there always a first for everything. Forming a little energy ball in her hands she was about to bounce it against the wall when she heard the iron bars of her cell beginning to shift open.

Looking up from her hands Ivy saw officer Breman. She supposed her brother got here after all. Giving Hank Breman a salute, she sauntered out of the cell. Seeing piercing violet eyes stare back at him as he let her out, Hank couldn't help the smile that formed on his face. If he had a dime for every time he saw her locked up in here he would be rolling in dough right about now. "Well if it isn't our resident jail bird here again. What are you in for this time?"

"That's for me to know and for you to find out." She winked at him before sliding past him and into his office. Hank didn't know what to say to that. For someone who looked quite angelic she sure was the rebellious type.

"We finally managed to get through to your brother. Cole said he'll be here momentarily. While we're waiting, mind telling me how you walked out of that little accident without anything but a scratch?" he sat himself a chair as he waited for her answer. Hank has never been able to figure how she always does that. No matter what dumb stunt she tried to pull she has never once has gotten herself hurt.

"No one else got hurt, why should I be the exception?" Ivy asked innocently as she sat herself down on the other end of Hank's table.

"That's because no one else fell off a cliff while racing their bikes illegally on the freeway." He raised an eyebrow waiting for her reply.

"I didn't fall off a cliff, I'm sure they were just exaggerating just a little bit when they saw my bike crash. I fell off my bike before it skidded of that hill." Hank didn't believe her one bit, but before he got a chance to question her further he heard a knock on his door.

They both looked up and saw Cole standing there looking apologetic. "Thank you for taking care of her again Hank. I'd be sure to let deputy commissioner Gonzales know how great you were in handling the situation. Now if you would excuse us, we'd really have to be heading back home." Cole said trying to sound calm as he thanked the officer, but only Ivy could tell that he was fuming inside.

"What were you thinking Ivy, you could have gotten seriously hurt." Ivy snorted at his lame attempt to sound worried for her safety. It looks like his acting skills still needed much improvement.

Getting up from her seat Ivy said her goodbyes before following her brother out the building and towards his BMW Z4. Sliding into the passenger seat Ivy wondered what held Cole up. But before she was able to ask him, Cole let out a frustrated sigh.

"I think you would have outgrown this habit of drawing attention to yourself for no apparent reason, I feel like we've had this conversation a million times and yet there you are out there every other month pulling something new." Shifting into drive, Cole slowly drove themselves away from the police station.

"We're supposed to keep a low profile blend in with the people around us and not..."

"What exactly are we keeping a low profile on? The fact that we basically own half the town is kinda hard to keep a low profile." Ivy retorted, refusing to discuss the elephant in the room.

Knowing full well Ivy understood what he said Cole decided that it was best that he left her well off alone especially when it is becoming apparent that she was in one of her moods. She may not shift on a full moon but she sure as hell have the same level ferociousness as any other Lycan he knew.

As the rain began to hit against the windshield of Cole's car, Ivy crossed her arms and counted the days till her eighteenth birthday where she would just pack up her things and just leave. If only she wasn't tainted with Lycan blood, she would have left this place a long time ago.

When she was younger she tried very hard to be liked by her sister and the other children from the pack. She scoffed at the memory of her childhood, they-including her sister Kelsey had avoided her like the plague. Whenever they saw her they would call her names and make fun of her, from the strands of her dark ashy hair right down to her toes all because she was 'different'.

It became much worse when they all found out that Ivy wasn't just different, she was really her father's mistress's accidental child. The day her 'mother' walked out of their lives had sealed her fate as the outcast of their pack and not a day goes by where Ivy wished her father let her walk out instead.

She didn't know what made her father use his alpha command to forbid her from leaving the day her mother walked out of their lives. On most days her father simply tolerated her presence, there was no obvious sign of affection towards her. Whatever the reason was for her father commanding her to stay, Ivy was pretty sure it was not borne out of affection towards her.

As their house started to come into view, Ivy noticed that their drive way was lined with cars from out of state. Something big must be happening tonight for so many people to be showing up at their house like this. "Do I want to know what's happening tonight?" Ivy said as Cole parked his car in the garage.

"Just stay in your room tonight, dad's hoping for an alliance between our pack and some other more powerful families. The ceremony started half an hour ago, I won't tell dad you got into trouble again if you promise me you'll stay low until at least Christmas" Cole said sternly.

"You do realize that it's only April right?" Ivy retorted.

"You're killing me V, how about until my birthday? As an early birthday present?"

Grabbing her bag from Cole's car, she let out a smile "Fine, but only because you're my favourite brother."

"I'm your only brother". Cole said as he gave her a hug.

"Precisely. Anyways don't want to keep the others waiting for your presence in whatever ritual that's going on. I'm going to head to my room now. See ya." Ivy said as she headed up the stairs towards her bedroom.

As soon as she was sure Cole was out of sight she made a dash towards the woods, she needed to get to her hideout where she was sure no one could find her. She was pretty sure that she didn't want to be anywhere near the house when the festivities ended what with all the new scents and people milling about the house.