Chapter 12

Letting out a sigh of relief when the senior Wolfes finally left the kitchen kissing, Ivy wasn't used to all this public display of affection. Somehow she just felt weird seeing Maria kissing chief Wolfe after she had learned about Maria's shady history. Shaking the mental image of her father and Mrs Wolfe doing the horizontal tango, Ivy turned to her soon to be sister and look at her curiously. Scanning for any signs of trauma or burns, Ivy was relieved to see there wasn't any. Happiness began to bubble up in her, can it be true? Had celeste really been down with something as harmless as the flu? The guilt that has been building up for days finally began to slip away. Clearing her throat awkwardly, Ivy racked her brains for things to say to ease up the tension she felt.

"I'm glad you're feeling better now. I was a little worried when you didn't make it for dinner yesterday."

Without looking up from her bowl of cereal Celeste nonchalantly said "Save it. You no longer have to pretend to like me to get on Jace's good graces."

Bewildered by Celeste's statement, Ivy had absolutely no idea what Celeste was talking about. If Ivy hadn't seen Celeste lips moving she would have thought she imagined Celeste saying such a thing. Did Celeste locking herself up run deeper than just the basic common flu? Pushing her hair behind her hair nervously, Ivy wondered what happened in the time span of a few days that made Celeste act this coldly towards her.

"I'm sorry I must have heard wrongly, what do you mean when you said I no longer had to pretend to like you?" Ivy decided to ask.

"You can drop the innocent fa├žade when you're around me now. Jason already loves you and worships the ground you walk on. To him you can do no wrong even with the proof glaring so bluntly at him. So why don't you do both of us a favor and leave me alone." Celeste said bitterly.

Well that certainly didn't clear things up it only pointed out that her sister to be somehow hated her guts. Was Celeste like everyone else from back home? Ivy thought that Celeste had genuinely liked her. Was she just acting the day they met to keep pretenses? Feeling insecure all over again, Ivy wished that for once why she couldn't be like Kelsey, everyone seemed to love her ever lovely sister.

'Except Jason' a small voice piped up in her mind. A small loop sided grin appeared on her face when she thought about it. "What you grinning about? If I had to guess I'd say you were thinking about how great I was last night."

Hearing her mate's smooth sexy voice, Ivy looked up and saw Jason sauntering in the room. His hair sticking out in a few different places, the white shirt he was wearing clung to his broad chest showing off his sexy body. Ivy's heart started fluttering as when he came closer and planted a soft lingering kiss on her lips.

Deepening the kiss, Ivy was definitely enjoying Jason's passionate show of affection until Ivy heard someone clear their throat. "Now, isn't this nice. The first morning I actually feel well enough to come down for breakfast and you people make me feel sick all over again. First, the parents now I've got to see you too exchange spit. Get a room!" Celeste said while walking out the kitchen, with her bowl of cereal in one hand and her cup of coffee in the other.

Wondering what had happened to Celeste that made her suddenly turn cold. "Your sister doesn't really like me now does she?"

"What makes you think that?" Jason said pulling her closer to his body while nuzzling her neck.

"Stop that Jason, and answer me. You are not distracting me this time." Ivy said sternly still in his comfortable embrace.

"She's just grumpy in the morning." Jason said dismissing the topic. Something in Ivy's gut told her that was highly unlikely but she decided to let it slide, she didn't to press it further... well at least not until later.

"I guess you're right. She's your sister after all. So what's on the agenda today my sexy mate."

"As much as I want to stay in our room the whole day, we've got guests coming from all over staying here at the main house for tomorrow's conference and we've got to prepare."

"Oh, well I thought we could spend the day today. I didn't really get to see all that much." Ivy said trying very hard not to pout. She knew that she couldn't possibly spend every waking moment with Jason but ever since she got here, Jason has been busy most days running around preparing for the conference that was going to be held at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning.

Trying to hide his smile, Jason just couldn't help it if he found his mate's horribly attempt from pouting very endearing. Tilting her chin up, Jason bent his head closer to her and whispered to her. "How about this, we go for a picnic. I'm sure no one will be arriving this early anyway, we have awesome whether and I know just the spot."

"Really? I mean if it's too much maybe we should just stay here and help out." Ivy said reluctance clearly in her voice.

"We could use some time together, I haven't seen you these few days and I missed you." Jason said nuzzling her neck. Taking in her lavender soap mixed with her own sexy scent.

"Great. I'll pack the food and we'll be good to go." Ivy said reaching for the loaf of bread sitting on the counter.

"Why don't I pack the food? I'm guessing you'd want to change out of your jammies when we go on our picnic." Looking down at her clothes Ivy realized she really was wearing her pajamas. Giving her mate a small smile she kissed him on the cheek and dashed for their room.

Feeling his smile turn into a frown as soon as he heard someone shuffle in the hall way, Jason knew there could only be one person spying on them. "I know you're there celeste. Have a little faith sister, Ivy isn't going to kill me. And you know you could have been a little nicer to her."

Letting out a soft snort, Celeste walked into the room with her empty bowl and mug. "I've never been wrong before brother. You can't blame me for not trusting her."

"Everyone makes mistake Celeste, I'm sure you're not exempted from that, great as your powers may seem." Jason said as he took out a few slices of bread and started spreading peanut butter on them.

Crossing her arms Celeste just stared at her brother for some time before saying "suit yourself dear brother but when she kills us all, I'll be standing at St. Patrick's gates saying I told you so." With that statement Celeste then proceeded to walk out the kitchen with as much arrogance as a male peacock.

Jason let out a frustrated sigh, he knew she was hard to turn around but he strongly refused to acknowledge the fact that his mate was a cold hearted murderer. Raking his fingers through his hair, Jason shook his head to clear the morbid image of his sister with a hole in her skull as she lay in a pool of blood at his mate's feet.

Getting out the picnic basket from the cabinets, Jason started packing the sandwiches and a few other things, he then double checked that he had indeed pocketed the small velvet box before he came downstairs.

He had planned to propose once a few years ago, hopefully this time it would have gone smoother than the last time. Though he could back out now, Ivy didn't know he wanted to propose today maybe he should just propose another time after all he only knew her for two weeks.

"I'm ready" looking up to see his beautiful mate in her cute little yellow sundress as she walked towards him, all doubts about waiting longer to propose vanished in a blink of an eye when Jason saw Ivy smiling at him.

Feeling his heart skip a beat, Jason clutched the velvet box a little tighter in his grasps to calm his nerves. "Let's be on our way then."

Unfortunately, as soon as they were out the door Jason picked up a very strong and unappealing scent. He prayed to god that he was just imagining things and it wasn't Ivy's siblings in the red convertible parked in his drive way. Turning his head a fraction of an inch, Jason couldn't help but feel annoyed when he confirmed his own suspicion when he saw the Deluna girl getting out of the car.

Feeling Jason suddenly stiffened, Ivy looked up at him and she could see a look of distaste in his eyes. Turning to find the source her mate's sudden change in mood, Ivy felt her mood worsen too when she saw her sister walking up towards her with stilettoes and a really skimpy dress.

Behind her, Ivy could see her brother taking four heavy suitcases out of the trunk of the car with a carry on slung over his back. Judging from the bright neon pink color of the suitcases Ivy knew for a fact that all four of those suitcases belonged to Kelsey.

Pushing the big sunglasses up into her hair, Ivy could see her sister's lips form a fake smile. "Oh my goodness, I've missed you so much my baby sister." Kelsey squealed as she rushed up to Ivy and gave her a hug. Trying very hard not to gag at the scent of Kelsey's perfume, Ivy concentrated all her strength on remaining calm to prevent herself from ripping her sister's head out as she returned the hug.

Ivy thought after all the two faced things she had done over the years she couldn't possibly get any lower, turns out there isn't a limit to how petty her sister could be. Just a few weeks ago, Kelsey was screaming obscenities at her, it really amazed her how fake her sister can be, composing her face to not show any signs of irritation Ivy looked to her favorite sibling.

"It's nice to see you Cole but what in the world is our sister dearest doing here?" Ivy said directly to her brother while refusing to acknowledge her sister.

Cole simply shrugged." Dad made me take her." Ah... That explains it all. Dad.

"Oh, don't be a drag Cole. You're just annoyed that I made you stop a few times on the way here. You know dad wouldn't have made you take me along if I really hadn't been missing Ivy so much."

Kelsey then turned towards Ivy and said. "Oh I know just the thing; we could go shopping together Ivy. It feels like it's been ages since we've really bonded and had some quality girl time."

As much as she wanted to tell Kelsey to go sell her bullshit somewhere else, Ivy just couldn't do it without risking looking like the snobby bitch of a sister who turns her nose up at her family once she was mated to someone as powerful as Jason.

Forcing the muscles on her face to form a smile, Ivy simply nodded and said she would love to. Turning regrettably at her mate she kissed his cheek. "How bout we take a rain check on that picnic. I'm sure we'll be able to go on a picnic some other day. You probably should be preparing for the conference tomorrow anyway."

Jason wanted so badly to scream at his mate's pesky siblings but even he knew that there was nothing they could do that would not make them seem rude and ill mannered. Letting his right hand drift towards his front pocket, Jason was contemplating on whether he should just get it over with and propose to Ivy right then and there but decided against it at the last moment.

Ivy deserved better, with all the horrible things she had to put up with growing up she definitely deserved a romantic proposal instead of more crap. She was his now it's not like she was going to run off and abandon him anytime soon.

Planting a kiss on her forehead, Jason walked towards the house to inform his father that the Deluna's had arrived. As soon as both Jason and Cole were out of hearing distance Ivy felt her sisters perfectly manicured nails sink into her skin. "This isn't over thing. I'm going to be the next Mrs. Wolfe so you can just go on and forget your dumb dreams of being worth of anything around here." Kelsey hissed into Ivy's ears.

Ivy saw Kelsey's glossed lip break into a smirk as Ivy felt her sister's nail sink in further into her skin just for good measure. Ivy was seeing red; she was trying very hard not to beat Kelsey into a bloody pulp when Ivy heard Kelsey let out a shriek and let go of her arm. "You stupid little thing, what did you do?"

Shocked that her body had reacted to being assaulted by Kelsey, Ivy had to double check that her sister wasn't making stuff up .Seeing the red marks on Kelsey's palm definitely was proof. "Stop being immature Kelsey and get your ass in here." Cole called out and Kelsey reluctantly complied while stomping her feet in the most childish manner Ivy had ever seen Seeing the red marks on Kelsey's palm definitely was proof. Well that's strange, she had gone through way much worse form of punishment from her dad but never once had her body reacted the way it did.

Just as she was lost in her own thoughts, Ivy felt a prickling feeling at the back of her neck like as though she was being watched. Turning around one last time before she walked into the house after her sister Ivy scanned the area just in case. After a few minutes and no moment Ivy decided to dismiss it and walked into the house.

Little did Ivy know that her sense were spot on. Hiding up in the shadows, invisible to everyone else stood two dark figures. They were both wearing sunglasses and were almost similar in size only that one of them was slightly taller.

"She has gotten more powerful now that Cole hadn't been feeding her the special antidote. We've got to move in fast before they realize" one man said to the other.

"I guess we'll just have to continue to plant images in the seer's head to help with the plan." A wicked smile played on the taller man's face, for once it would be him that would be carrying the good new to the master instead of that annoying Deluna boy who thinks he runs the show.

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