Do you know about it?
I betcha you don't.
And when it comes you're not going to realize it,
Not at all.
And when I see you again it's just gonna be like any other day.

These things are so common
Common enough that their posted everywhere,
On sites and pages,
But others have different ways of showing it.
It's just when it comes to me,
When I post it,
When I spread it,
It's not as important.

Do you know about it?
About what's coming?

Did you know I've waited for this day for so long?
Did you know I've waited weeks on end for this one day to occur again?
And don't tell me you haven't thought of your own day as well?
That should be clue one.

Now I seem selfish,
Having people solve this simple riddle
Just to see if you really know.
Now I seem selfish,
But in truth,
When it happens to you,
Aren't you too?

Now I'm not saying that everyone's a saint,
But when you're close enough to someone,
Shouldn't you know?
Wouldn't you know of the day?

Now, this day that's coming,
It's looming over my head,
But blowing over yours.
Like a wispy cloud over head going by,
Seen but not acknowledged,
Because you're blind and ignorant to how big this cloud really is.

But this cloud is over head everyday,
In different towns, cities, states, countries;
In different heads and thoughts, in different minds and bodies.
This, this cloud is made of different colors.
Reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, purples, rainbows-

This cloud may be directly over you and so huge and dark that you can't wait for its big juicy drops to fall.

But of course to you,
This cloud is going to be one of those that you wish would go away so you can… tan.

Now your just being ignorant to others wishes.
So now you're the one being selfish,
And wishing away others happiness.

You see this sourness you're emanating,
It's contagious.
So your sourness is like a plague.
Ruining others happiness, others wishes.

Another clue to what I'm talking about
Yet you're still confused aren't you?
And why is that?