I'm so sexually charged right now it's not even funny, and of course we have to be going over to friends of my parents house with a fucking hot son who is just a couple of years older than me.

So help me god if I jump him I'm going to plead temporary insanity.

We walked up to the door and Claire, his mother, let us in chatting happily with my parents about something. I don't even bother trying to listen because I would rather think about the best way to fuck him without it being obvious to everyone.

For a virgin I can't believe I'm even thinking this but man I just want to rap my legs around his naked body while he thrusts into my hot core.

Yup it's totally insanity, I swear.


Oh shit I can't believe I'm just missed what Claire said to me just because I'm thinking about screwing her son. I bushed scarlet "pardon?"

"Oh I just said could you go down that hall and get Mark out here for tea soon? Just turn left and his room is the last on the right."

Damn they really are trying to kill me I swear.

When I get down the hall I adjusted my shirt to have more cleavage and knocked. (Hey if you got it I say fucking flaunt it)

And no answer, so what the hell I'll just open the door.

His room is totally empty of anything living, so just to be a snoop (and to make sure he's not in here) I'll get a closer look at his bed.

With a sigh I turn around and sit on his bed. I wonder where he would be if not in here where Claire said he was.

Speak of the devil and he shall appear, well or think in this case.

Oh and in a towel no less. I think the gods are trying to tempt me, so who am I to mess with the gods I say hehehe.

He walked passed me and over to his set of drawers and rifled through them.

When he came up with a pair of boxers I figured I would cough and make myself known to save him the embarrassment.

He flew around so fast I thought his towel would fall off, and that I wouldn't mind.

"uhm sorry for being in your room, your mom sent me to get you for supper..." wow usually I would have stammered and ran out of the room, maybe I was abducted by aliens and they changed my personality.

I don't think I've ever eye fucked anyone before but damn I'm very sure that's what I'm definitely doing now.

He kind of made a strangled coughing sound and then proceeded by saying "uhm do you think I could uh get dress then?"

Oooh boy I don't think he should of said that.

I just looked him up and down and an evilly smile came onto my face. There was about a metre and a half between him and I, so I decided the distance needed to be lessened. As I slowly got up from his bed I watched his adams apple bob up and down.

"I don't know I kind of like just the towel". There's the bobbing happening again.

By this time I was only like a foot away from him so I just reached out and lightly ran my fingers up his wash board abs and rested my hand on his chest.

"Uh um Kath, Katherine what are you going...?"

Yup that's a question I kind of would like the answer to myself actually, and since I didn't know I just shrugged and made the space between us even less with both hands on his chest.

"K, Katherine..."

"I'm leaving the day after tomorrow..." I moved one of my hands up from his chest to the back of his neck and played with the little hairs there. "And I don't fucking care anymore about being shy... I just want to kiss you..." with that I just looked up to his face. His eyes shot down to my lips and then back up to my eyes. I inched my face a little closer to his but this was as far as this weird alien courage would take me leaving everything else up to him.

He then let go of the towel that was now held between us and slid his hands up my hips to rest on the small of my back. The next thing I know I feel his lips pressed against mine and my eyes close on their own accord. We kept kissing until we both had to breathe.

"We should go out there soon or they will wonder why you're taking so long to get me..."

I didn't want to yet so I just push myself closer to him and pulled his head down for a more heated kiss. This one didn't last as long but I think if it had been any longer then I wouldn't have been able to stop.

Once we pulled apart this time I moved to take a step back but Mark held me there. I just gave him a questioning look until he blush and gestured to his towel that only my hips pressed to his stopped it from falling to the floor. He was afraid that if he let go of me I would move before he could grab the towel to stop from exposing himself. I just had to smirk. "I promise I won't move before you grab the towel, I didn't kiss you to then run away with your towel if that's what you're thinking."

He just blushed again and then in a husky voice said "I didn't think you would but still you did just about try and rape me so I couldn't be so sure..."

"Oh please you liked it!" with that I put one hand on his towel edge and move away slightly to draw pattern s done his chest and abs. With my courage wearing off I let him remove his hands my waist so he could hold onto his towel which I finally started to blush.

"Uhm well I'll let you get dressed now then... uh see you in the living room" and with that I dashed my way out of his room and tried to compose myself.

Well I didn't sedate the hunger but I at least got a little bit of action.

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