Body created,

Exported and finished,

You've got the perfect shape

That you've always wanted

Time to give it a spin



Hunt down all the freebies,

Then realize you're poor,

As you go into the first shop door,

Now here's the first sign,

Of your total 'SL' addiction.



Go to clubs and meet the hoes,

It seems only losers wear clothes,

Some shoved into small bikinis,

That dance round skinny poles,

Sorry, that could've been a small girl.



Pixels and 'prims' dominate the screen,

Amazing how much sex there is on this scene,

Waddle about with your virtual body,

Age isn't a factor; it's all a game,

Just win as many hearts as you can.



You can go slim and trim,

Or large as your car,

Doesn't matter who you are,

You're just a figure on a virtual space,

Created out of boredom.



Make room for the paedophiles!

I bet you knew already

That this was going to be dodgy,

Some are cute and furry,

While others just hard to see