Six-Months Later

I woke up to the sound of the birds chirping, the light of the sun, and the warm breeze of the day…

I peeked open an eye and found Jacob lying next to me… His peaceful sleeping face as his hair was falling over his eyes.

I smiled to myself as I fixed his hair and cuddled up to him. I could feel his warmth and smooth skin against my own. Jacob slowly opened his eyes and he smiled down at me. His arms moved and found their way around my body and he pulled me close. We were both wrapped up in sheets and a blanket.

I smiled as I nuzzled my face into his chest as he caressed my cheek and patted down my hair.

"I love you…" he said as he put his chin on top of my head and held me close.

"Me, too…" I said as I put my arm over his torso.