Hell Fire

Take the breath from my lungs or
The vision from my eyes. Perhaps the
Ringing in my ears or tingling in my
Fingers. Take it all away to the
Blisterous desert, to the hell
You made my home. Home to
Where vultures seek and the
Rain flees, the desert of an
Unrequited heart.

Have my breath, my seeing eyes,
And knowing mind, but not
My source of being. Have it
All, deceitful one. Faithless and
Cowardly you are to run, run to
The mountains where hearts lie,
Beauty of death exposed to mind's eye.

Being of sorrow and despair, take with
You what makes me one and whole.
Have my life and sense of self,
Take it to your paradise. Seek me
Once and last until the Earth breaks
And Hell's Fire skins your heart.

© Copyright 2010 by Taylor Sikes