There's a sweet simplicity
In the effortless poetry of
Bare skin on skin.

A natural grace in the release
Of cloth tethers
That carries us up into orbit
Around the soft glow of your sunny skin,
Only to find the strength of your gravitational pull
Causes two heavenly bodies to collide.

The stars in our eyes
Slowly twinkle out secrets
Only known by the universe itself.

I could float like this forever,
Locked up in a molecule of time.
But soon enough you'll have to go,

Leaving only
Your scent on my pillow,
The raw scratches of stubble against my cheeks,
And the imprint of your hand on my back;
Ghostly hands grasping my waist
Just bittersweet reminders
That you've rocketed away
With the ending of another day.

a/n: he makes weekdays so hard.