Here I was surrounded by other students in the school hallway with Mike Arnold holding me by the throat up against my locker. Ya, not a pleasant spot to be in for me anyways ,even if I was planning on ending it all . I wanted to be at least in charge of how I went. Oh, ya something you may or may not be interested in is that my name is Jimmy F. Shits . Ya you read my name right , Jimmy Shits , which is one of the reasons why I'm in this predicament now.

FLASH BACK: / Before I was born

Cornelius Shits and Martha Fucks just got married ,basically because she was pregnant with me. Hey believe it or not Shits and Fucks are legitimate last names of real people . Its just to bad that the last names are sort of swear words. Well to make a long story short(sort of anyways) I was born and named

Jimmy Fucks Shits. I know, by now your probably howling with laughter, but how would you like to be

made fun of because of it. When I started school in kindergarten I was to young to realize that my name wasn't a really cool name . However by the time I was in 3rd grade and the kids started learning what swear words were you can imagine the humiliation that I was starting to go through because of it. From 3rd grade to present time things got progressively worse . Needless to say I wasn't very much liked and picked on constantly by both girls( What girl could I get interested in me with my name huh, not many for sure) and guys. Mostly guys however, because I wasn't what you call a really big kid for my age. I stood 4 ft 10 inches , skinny (by that I weighed less than 90 lbs) really dirty blond hair that was hopeless to manage with muddy looking brown eyes. Ya I wasn't much to look at neither , but I had a good head on my shoulders and was a honor student.


All this brings us back to my present situation with Mike Arnold trying to choke the life out of me it seemed. He had cornered me several days before and bullied me into doing his homework assignment

in Science. The paper was due today and unfortunately for me I had forgotten it.

"You little shit Shits , I told you that this assignment was a large part of my semester grade and you tell me you forgot it at home", Mike Arnold face was in the meanest snarl that I think I've ever seen on anyone's face before and it wouldn't have been the first time that something similar had happened to me.

Mike was 6 ft ,big and beefy a tight end on the schools football team . He had me lifted up as said before with my back against my locker and my feet about 2 feet off the ground . With his hands around my throat and I having difficulty breathing and tried to say that to him .

"Mike (came out garbled ,try speaking when being choked) , I... I... can't breathe", I gasped out.

"Like I give a shit you little pip squeak what am I supposed to do for my assignment you turd?"

I looked around at all the other students standing around and decided that I wasn't going to get any help from any of them . This wasn't how I had planned on ending it all but as said I wanted to be in control of how it happened. So I reached into my pants pocket and pulled out my 4 shot Derringer.

FLASH BACK :/ To earlier that morning

I had been thinking of committing suicide some time now , I couldn't see what difference it made anyways. I wasn't loved even by my parents much less liked by anyone at school , but yet , what I wanted was that when I did it, that maybe it might get some kind of reaction out of somebody or anybody at all.

I had been saving my money from the odd jobs I'd been doing around the neighborhood were I lived .

On line someone was advertising this 4 shot Derringer for the set price of $400.00 which used standard

22 shorts for shells. It was advertised as being specially made for the owner . Three of the shells were spring loaded in the handle and had a side ejection chute on side to eject the spent shell after being fired. I had $600.00 in my savings account so I bought a $460.00 money order to cover cost and carrying charges and order it . Which I had received just the day before which to my surprise also came with a small box of 22 short shells. You know its amazing what you can order on line without proving how old you are . So I had loaded it with all four shells that morning and was going to try to carry out my suicide at school that day if I could find some melodramatic way of doing it ,or at least that was my plan .


I quickly put it up to Mike's temple , I heard some gasped from the students standing around us as they saw what I was holding to Mike's head. "What do you think your going to do with that little pea shooter dip shit?" Mike squeezing harder on my neck . "This!" I said as I suddenly aimed the Derringer up in the air and fired and quickly again brought it back to his temple again. Everyone in the hallway jumped

after I fired it off . "This is a 6 shot Derringer", I lied of course Mike didn't know that.

"Ya, you little dip shit that's a Derringer you just wasted your bullet." Mike quipped. "Really", I said .

I again pointed the gun in the air and fired off a 2nd shot. Again everyone jumped but by this time some of the teachers were in the hallways as well. However the 2nd shot of my Derringer definitely got Mikes attention. Because his grasped around my throat had loosened some.

"Put me down gently," I told Mike. I now saw the fear in his face as he lowered me. I told everyone in the hallway to move back and to the opposite side of me as I waved my Derringer menacingly at them . They quickly did as I ask. The Head Coach Mr. Carter of the football team came to the front of the Students demanding , "What the hell was going on and who was responsible for all the commotion."

"I am ,and shut the fuck up unless you wanted the next shot directed at you. Now get back with the others", I ordered. Coach Carter responded by moving back but not before he said , "Son you need to put that gun down now before you hurt someone."

"Coach Carter , its assholes like you that turn out cloned assholes like Mike here , that thinks because he's on the football team and a bad ass that he can treat people anyway he wants to a get away with it. Well , I've had enough of it."

I turned my attention back to Mike whose face had seemed to gain some of his previous posture by not looking as scared now. I guess he assumed that Coach Carter would settle everything and I'd get in trouble and he could go back to hassling me . I pointed my Derringer again at Mike and watch the color drain from his face again with some of the fear coming back into it.

"We're going to play a little game of humiliation , but for a change its not going to be me that gets humiliated." At first I wasn't sure what I was going to do to humiliate him in front of all those that worshiped him and all those that followed him. But then I had an idea , in the past Mike had some of his buddies strip me of my clothes during a summer camp grounds outing and I had to find my way

back to camp naked. Unfortunately for me it was a mixed company summer camp and several of the

girls that attended my school saw me and laughed at me as I tried to make it to my tent .

Maybe I was getting a little cocky now because I was starting to enjoy this little bit of power for once that I held sway over my fellow students. Only a few seconds had past since I made the statement about playing the game of humiliation with Mike.

"Mike what your going to do is strip your clothes off right here in front of all these nice people here." I chuckled as I said it. Mike looked around like he was looking for some kind of help or something , but I'm guessing That none of the others wanted to do anything because they might get shot by me.

"Mike," I said , "I don't think your going to get any help from anyone here. How does it feel Mike to look for help and no one comes rushing in to save the day for you , huh Mike . While you were damn near choking me to death with my feet off the ground and your hands around my throat I looked around also for help which none came. How does it feel Mike to feel helpless ?" I paused dramatically for several seconds and then very harshly said , "I said strip Mike."

Again Mike looks around but no one seems to be coming to his aid so he slowly started to remove his clothing. He finally got down to nothing but his briefs and stopped.

"What are you stopping for Mike , when I said strip I meant everything comes off."

Coach Carter finally again protested to me , "Okay, young man you made your point here lets put the gun down now and stop this nonsense. There's no need in doing all this ."

I pointed my Derringer at Coach Carter and said , " Did I ask you to say anything and didn't I tell you to shut your pie hole up."

I again turned to Mike , "I said off with it."

Mike was looking extremely nervous and red faced in a scared sort of way. But he hooked his thumbs in his briefs and pushed them down . There was a lot of nervous laughter and giggling coming from the

girls particularly and some even from the guys. Lets just say Mike's package wasn't exactly that big.

Coach Carter again tried to interject and force an issue by saying , "I said that's enough young man."

To emphasize my position I again raised my Derringer and fired off a shot in the air. So now I've fired off three of my four shells hoping like hell that they all believed my bluff about it being a six shot. But never the less Coach Carter quit . I heard in the back ground what I believe to be police sirens I was assuming that someone had heard the shots and had called them .

I however wanted to continue playing the humiliation of Mike game so , " Now that we've reached this point I'm sure that we all want to see some action here so what I want you to do is jack off in front of this lovely little gathering." I immediately shifted the guns position in Coach Carter's direction just in case he had any idea of objecting. Mike's face was really scarlet red now from embarrassment but yet he reached for his package and began stroking it .

"How does it feel now Mike , do you enjoy the embarrassment a lot? I guess when you do shit like this to me I get a real kick out of it huh, Mike? I guess that all the bullying and threats that they to are some how enjoyable, huh Mike. That I somehow like to be mistreated intolerably by you and those like you huh, Mike. I'm asking you a question Mike and I'm expecting an answer of some sort."

I waved my gun motioning for the crowd of students and teachers to step back further and especially from Mike. Up until this time my back had been up against the lockers because I didn't want anyone to

try to stop me from behind . Mike was only three feet from me as I told him to get on his knees. He did but with hesitation .

"Now Mike I want you to close your eyes and beg me to forgive you and that you'll never bother me again." Mike again looked around to see if anyone was going to help him but it didn't look like it was forth coming. One could only wonder why I guess .

"I'm waiting for the answer to my first question Mike did you think I enjoyed your abuses towards me?"

Mike answered with a very weak , "No".

" Mike I don't think I nor any of the others heard your answer."

"I want all of you to turn facing the opposite direction and if anyone of you turn around to look you'll get the next bullet." I stated as matter of fact. They all turned but with reservations as if they should or not. I stepped away from the lockers and stepped in front of Mike while he was on his knees and pointed the gun straight at his head and said , "I want to hear that answer loud and clear again."

Mike began to tremble and started to cry as he said , "No". I stepped in back of him and took out of my pocket a small metal rod that I carried in my pocket and placed it up against the back of his head. As far as he knew I had the Derringer there.

"Okay ,Mike now we move on , I want you to beg me to forgive you." Mike was still crying because he believed I still had the gun to the back of his head , "plea...

please for...forgive meee..." he cried out.

"Ya know what Mike I think I'll show you the same consideration you've shown me which is none."

At that instance I fired the Derringer in the air again , but Mike passed out in shock and those that were turned around jumped and collectively gasped as they heard Mike's body fall forward in the hall. Several in the group cried out , "Oh my God ,Oh my God , he didn't"!

"The first one that turns around gets the next bullet !" I hollered loudly. I slowly made my way to the back exit because I knew that the police was out front waiting to see what was going to happen next.

I slipped into the boiler room that the janitor generally kept unlocked knowing that there was a back exit that actually was under ground and emerged outside the school grounds.

AN:/ I originally wrote this to be a one shot but sort of changed my mind near the end I have several different possible endings in mind but was wondering what you thought of it so far. It's sort of hurt, melodrama , and hopefully somewhat educational as to why we should treat people right and what could happen if we don't.