Whisper of a Rose – The Postmortem

Let me tell you a story
Of a developer who is only out for money
He released a game that s extremely buggy
But no one knew till the end of their gaming

Then off they went after the developer
And demanded he fix the blighters
For who in the world indeed could play
A game that was so obviously not fit for display

He promised this and promised that
And made a start at fixing his game
Yet he neglected to tell other vendors
Who continued to sell this game

Finally, the entire site of Rose Portal Games
Went under and vanished, never to be seen again
And only then did a user come forward
And post his experience to the horror of all

But then, ah, a hope is in sight
For he was to come again in the Christmas light
Some were filled with hope of completing the game
But most are now cynical, knowing hope was in vain

And then, finally, all is for nothing
As the developer vanished into thin air, and everything with him
All the customers, and indie developers alike
Swore they would never again be tricked by his likes

Here is a true story of the business world, my friends
For though the developer be 16 years of age
Has acted irresponsibly, despite the encouragement of others
And escaped into the internet, eluding every persons

Even if he resurfaces, under a new pseudonym
Shall he be given a second chance? ask I
Nay, I answer again, for he had been given too many
And threw all these chances to the wind

So, friends, as I come to the end of my tale
Do not be so trustful, and always act with care
Protect your consumer rights, and ask for refunds
Before it s too late, and they abscond with the funds

And now I shall propose a boycott
On his products, present and future
For there is nothing more despicable
Than an irresponsible rascal

He may even be called scammer
But I leave that to your imaginations
For none of us, and certainly not I
Will dare trust him again, not even if it s a choice between death

Author's Note:

I ve never been good with rhyming, but *shrug* I tried XD