Walked In The Sun
by: Carly Tenibad

She stared down at him. She guessed he was about 20, his clothes told her he was a university student. And now it was dead. His body laid on the ground of the woodland path in front of her. His death had come at her hands. Or more fittingly it had come at her mouth. She had killed. She had literally sucked the life out of him and left him with nothing. She had enjoyed it that was the worst part, she hadn't been able to stop herself because she hadn't wanted to stop herself. Adrenalin had rushed through her, giving her a delightful high as she killed him.

It was different now though, now he was dead. Now, even as she walked away she couldn't get the image of him out of her head. His brown hair wasn't dark but compared to his pale skin it appeared dark. Two holes remained on his neck where her teeth - fangs - had made contact. His hazel eyes seemed hollow and empty. She realised that she hadn't even closed them, part of her wanted to go back and do that for him, but she couldn't bare to go back. She couldn't bare to see him again, even though the image wouldn't leave her mind.

Regret filled her. She wanted nothing more than for it to not have happened. Still there was a lot of things she wished hadn't happened and none of them could be undone. Along side the overwhelming regret was anger. Anger towards the person who had turned her into this monster, but mostly anger at herself for letting the last of her humanity slip away. For so long she had resisting the call of the blood. Whenever the beautiful scent filled her nostrils she ignored it. Whenever she found herself hungry for warm rich blood, she tried to satisfy the hunger by eating normal, human food. She had felt like her humanity was slipping away . Not being able to go out in the day because the natural light would kill her was not a human way of life. Being able to turn into a bat and control the actions of wolves were not human activities. But she had believed that as long as she did not take the life of another, she would still have a hold of her humanity. That was gone and now she had nothing left.

She didn't want to be a monster. She didn't want anyone to die because of her. She didn't want to drink blood. All she had ever wanted was to be normal and fit in, that was all she strived her and then she had been in the wrong place at the wrong time and she'd become this. She had taken a life. She'd killed something. She was a murderer.

She didn't want to live with that. She didn't want to live knowing that would more than likely happen ago. She didn't want to live, it was as simple as that. And the way she was it was easy to stop living. She looked up to the sky, it was still dark but not midnight blue, it was slowly getting lighter. Give it half an hour or so and the sun would be rising. Just half an hour.

She walked aimlessly through the woodland. The trees towered to the sky, their leaves almost - but not quite - blocking the sky from view. The darkness made it seem ominous. It looked like the setting of a horror movie but what had happened here was a horrific reality. She noticed a dramatic difference in the colour of the sky. A red tint had started to mix in with the blue and an orange streak soon followed that.

She thought it was beautiful, the way the sun streaked down through the leaves. That was her last thought before searing, unbearable pain filled her and she couldn't think straight. She was quite literally burning all over. She screamed with all her might wanting the pain and heat to stop. It only took a couple of moments. A couple of moments of sunlight and where she had been standing was replaced by a small pile of ashes.