I took great care in straightening my hair today. I knew that it would be the last time for the next four days that it would look this good. As I concentrated on straightening one unruly piece of pink highlighted hair, my boyfriend of three years pounded on the bathroom door, causing me to burn my cheek with the flat iron.

"Cayd, you almost ready?" he shouted through the door.

"Yes Joshua, I am." I unplugged my flat iron and opened the door, rubbing my stinging face. "You've loaded the truck right?"

"Yes sah!" he saluted me goofily. "All except your girly bag."

I rolled my eyes. "Just because I'm not going to be eaten alive by bugs and be kept awake by frogs does not mean I'm girly."

"Hon, you're bringing a nature sounds CD into nature."

"So?" I hoisted my satchel on my shoulder and walked out to Joshes' monster-sized pick-up.

"Cayd, you're girly gay. You dyed your hair gray so it would not only match, but accent your highlights."

"If I'm girly gay, what are you?" I started pulling myself into the cab until he helped me to my seat.

"I'm manly gay." He flexed his non-rippling muscles.

"Honey, as long as you believe that, who am I to admit to you that you're as manly as a unicorn."

"That coming from someone who can wield a straightener better then most high school girls.

"The proper word is flat iron."

"I rest my point." He rolled his eyes and easily climbed into the drivers' seat. As soon as he turned the truck on, Christina Aguilera blasted through the speakers and he reached for the knob to turn the stereo down.

"Don't!" I screeched. "I love this song!" I danced as well as I could sitting down. He sighed heavily and pulled onto the road.

"You put up the tent and I'll go get some firewood." Josh told me once we'd finally reached our campsite. I grabbed the worn bag containing our tent from the bed and proceeded to toss it on the packed dirt, then began to clear a space to pitch the ugly yellow thing.

"And there." I thumped the last stake into the ground. Since Josh wasn't back yet, I finished unpacking our gear. When Josh finally graced me with his presence, I had a fire pit constructed and had a baby fire going with twigs and leaves I'd gathered nearby. I was a Boy Scout okay! Josh dumped his pile of wood next to where I was kneeling and went for our cooler to get lunch ready to cook.

"Pork chops sound good for you?" I nodded, concentrated on building my weak flame to decent sized fire. Once my fire was big enough for me to be happy with, I left Josh to his cooking and headed down to the water to lay out my prepared trout lines. (He cooks, I fish, yet I'm the girly one).

The food was done when I scaled back up the hill and Josh was already tearing apart his plate of meat. "Thanks Joshua." I teased, using his hated full name. "Ya could've waited."

"C'mon, I was hungry." He whined. "Just eat and be happy there's food left."

"I will. Then I'm going swimming." I stabbed a fork through my meat and plopped down next to him in the dirt. "You wanna join me?"

"We can't skinny dip till after dark."

"There's still plenty we can do before then." I winked seductively. As soon as we finished lunch, we raced down to the water in our trunks and dove in. I treaded water for a few minutes before swimming over to my lover. I pressed my lips against his and gained entry to his mouth before snaking my hand past the drawstring of his trunks.

"Oh Mai Gawd! Cayd! Josh! We're camping neighbors?!" I clamped my eyes shut, hoping that it wasn't really Elmira.

"Hi Elmira." Josh shouted, moving a small distance away from me.

"This is great! We can do all sorts of this together." I winced at her shrill voice. I couldn't believe my neighbor was still my neighbor when I was on vacation. She'd ruin everything!

"I'll go grab George and put on my suit and come join you." She said when I tuned back in, then scampered off to her camp.

"Quick! Let's hide under water and wait for her to go away." Josh planned and tried to drag me beneath the green water with him.

"But my hair will turn green." I complained, but took the plunge anyway. By the time Elmira returned with her pet duck on a leash, the two of us as come up for more air and were submerged under water.

"Cayd? Josh? Where'd you go?" she hollered. "C'mon George, they probably went back to their camp." We heard her stomp through the grass and weeds before breaking through the waters' surface, gasping for air.

"Now what?"

"Let's go have a nice romp in the woods while we wait for her to leave." He flashed me a stupid grin.

"Okay." I agreed and tried not to splash as I waded back to dry ground. We shook some of the water off like dogs before starting our search for a place to romp around.

"How about here? There leaves are pretty and soft." I rubbed the delicate tri-coloured leaves happily. Josh nodded, plopping down on the plants. I sat next to him, giggling at the rustling we created. Barely a moment passed before he engaged kissing, straddling my hips and removing my trunks in one continuous, languid motion.

I became silly putty under his touch, and didn't even realize he'd entered me until he hit my pleasure spot. Once we'd both climaxed, we used the leaves to clean ourselves off before getting dressed and heading back to camp.

"Cayd…I think I just realized what we were laying on." I noticed we'd both begun to scratch.


"Poison ivy." He whimpered.

"Son of a yellow donkey, this is going to be a fun doctors' visit." I groaned. "Let's go, I'm driving." I led him to the truck. "For the record, I blame Elmira."