Chapter III

"DO YOU HAVE MY BOXERS?" -Seth Brundin

I need a new alarm clock.

It's Monday morning and I have officially broken my alarm clock. Well, I've been meaning to get a new one soon, but I'm just not in alarm-clock-shopping-mood at the moment. Ugh, stupid school. Making me get up at like 6 in the morning. I mean, who thinks of these demonic ideas?

But the thing is, since I broke my alarm clock, I overslept. What woke me up was Bea's annoying honking. I quickly tried to get ready as fast as possible, grabbing all the things I needed. I then slipped on my Keds, grabbed Matt's sweater, and left.

I hopped into Bea's Mini Cooper, nodding to Evan. "Oh my god guys, I'm so sorry, I overslept."

Evan rolled his eyes. "Oh really? I didn't notice."

I smacked his arm, "Shuttup."

Bea smiled, but raised her eyebrows at Matt's sweater. "What, don't you want to keep it and hold it when your scared?" She teased.

I narrowed my eyes. "No. I'm giving it back. I've been meaning to. And it was very scary on Saturday! You guys all left me!"

Evan laughed. "God, your such a baby."

I sighed, "No. I'm not okay? I just want to sleep."

Bea shrugged, "Ok, me and Evan will just create lots of noise so you can sleep peacefully." Insert angelic smile.

I groan, "You guys have problems."

Evan hugged me, and squeezed his eyes shut. "Oh honey bear, thats true, but they're not as big as yours."

I smiled against his shoulder, "You're right, I can't deal with Matt."

He patted my head. "Poor love sick girl."

I heard Bea chuckle in the the drivers.

"Maybe you need a boy friend," she suggested offhandedly, "You know, to take your mind off of Matt."

I laughed, "Oh yeah sure, that'd work out great. If you haven't noticed, Seth got all the looks in the family."

Evan smiled dreamily. "Yeah, he sure did."

Bea shot him a look. "You see? That's why people get depressed. You, Sam, have no confidence."

I shake my head, "I don't want to be arrogant."

"You won't be, just... confident."

I made a face. "Whatever."

Bea sighed, and I knew the conversation was over.

I hated Mr. Morgan.

I hated history.

I mean it's all in the past. I'd rather think about the future. Nice happy family, me and Matt, two kids, maybe a dog...


"Excuse me! Miss Brundin!"

I carefully looked up, and into the eyes of Mr. Morgan. "Um... hey Mr. Morgan!"

He frowned. "Pay attention Samantha! Detention, after school!"

I cringed. "Um... today? Today after school? On a Monday? Yeah, I think I'm busy... how about tomorr-" I stopped when I saw the look on his face. "Actually, today's perfect!" I gave him a loopy smile. "Um... yeah, so see you after school?"

Mr. Morgan cracked an evil smile. "Your hilarious Samantha. After school. Today. I'll look forward to it."

A chorus of "OOOOH'S!" came from the class, a few slaps and I'm sure I heard someone snicker. I wish he hadn't said that. Shouldn't he know that at our age, we can make anything sound dirty? I close my eyes and groan.

"Yeah. Look forward to it." I mutter.

He then dramatically starts talking, and then gets frustrated when the bell rings. "AFTER SCHOOL BRUNDIN!"

I nod enthusiastically and give him a thumbs up, while running out of the room, and straight into some guy.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry. Damn, I'm so clumsy." I looked up into the eyes of Matt.

He smirked. "Well, we keep running into each other. Hey, isn't that my sweater?"

I mentally slap myself. "Oh! Yeah... this is yours..." I took off the sweater, "I was cold, and I had your sweater, because I was going to give it to you... and-"

"Oh, it's fine. Keep it." He smiled at me. My heart flipped.


"Early present."

I smile. "Um, ok. Thanks. Ya know... I guess."

He winked, "Yeah, I have to talk to Mr. Morgan for a sec, catch you later."

I laughed airily. "You do that."

He walked into the class room and waved goodbye.

I half-heartedly did the same.

Catch you later?! What does that mean? Oh no, I'm over analyzing him, he probably just means he'll see me with Seth or something.

I pinch myself. "Stop it, stop it," I muttered.

I am a natural born over reactor. Well, that's what Seth says. It was finally Saturday and the today was our party. Whoopee? I think not. All the popular kids come to Seth for party details. And all the others, who were, so called, "under the coolness of Seth", came to me. Trust me, I don't want to invite the whole Math team. Like, no offense.

But anyways, Saturday put me in a good mood. It makes me feel as if I could jump on my roof and fly. Though, if I actually did that, I'd fall. Ha-ha, funny me. But for some reason, this Saturday put me in a bad mood. And that's because of Seth. Stupid, stupid Seth.


I narrowed my eyes. Why in the world would I have his boxers, I have no idea. "What do you think Sherlock?"

He barged into my room, looking like shit. "Sam, I need my lucky underwear. It's the party today." He then began searched my room.

I huffed. "Seth, why in the world would I have your underwear? And you have lucky underwear?" I swear, if all the girls at school knew my brother like I did, they would drop him in a second.

"Yeah and I can't find them anywhere."

"If your looking for it, it's not going to be in my room!"

"How should I know?"

"Oh my god! Seth, GET OUT! I'm not even FREAKING DRESSED!" I pushed him.

He glared at me. "Oh haha Miss Samantha. I just found it. Under your couch. Next time you want to borrow my underwear, you ask me." I blushed, Damn! I knew I should have told Evan to put them back!

I stuck out my tongue. "Ugh, just get out please."

He laughed at me, "Let me change!" He then marched into my bathroom and locked it. Oh where's Evan when I need him to pick locks?

I screamed in frustration, grabbed my clothes and ran into the hall bathroom. I put on my favorite t-shirt and black jeans. I then applied some mascara and lip gloss and ran out. Hmm, all under 10 minutes. New record. You see, I'm not one of those girls who take 5 hours in the bathroom. Well fine, I try not to be.

I entered my room when I felt boxers hit my face. "OH. MY. GOD. SETH, YOU BETTER RUN NOW."

I heard him giggle and run out of my room. I ripped the stupid underwear off my head, slipped on my Keds, grabbed my sweater and ran down the stairs. I also grabbed a bagel in the kitchen.

I got into the car and ate like a troll. "Hey, don't eat in my car," I heard Seth's voice go.

I narrow my eyes, "I'm mad at you. Just drive. Please."

"Why did you put make up on? We're only buying some food with Matt for the party."


We picked Matt up on the way, and of course, he looked pretty flawless. He nodded at me, and made himself comfortable in the passenger seat next to Seth. They talked idly about something I didn't know about until we got to the market.

I picked out 10 bags of chips. T-E-N. And then I got two extra for myself.

When I made my way back to Seth and his cart, I saw he bought beer. I shook my head.

"Seth, if your going to buy beer, you can't do it here. Your underage!"

He rolled his eyes, "It's fine, Casey's cousin is a checkout girl. And hot. We invite her, she'll let us buy the beer. Comprehendo?"

I clench a fist. "Fine, get arrested, but I am NOT going to bail you out."

He shrugged, "Fine. I have Matt. He's a better sister any day."

I heard Matt's dry chuckle behind me.

"I'm not sure if that's a compliment," he said, shrugging his arm around my shoulder. "For one thing, I would die then be related to you Seth. And another thing, I think Sam would make a better brother than Will any day. Will brings home a new chick every night. You see, Sam, he's sorta the opposite of 'good role model big brother'."

I blush. "I would guess."

He then took his arm off me, and it left a cold spot on my shoulder. "Damn, that's a lot of chips."

I blush harder, "Well... I get hungry too..."

He grinned and squeezed my cheeks, "Don't we know it."

Seth rolled his eyes. "Stop Matt, your making Sam's cheeks red with all that squeezing."

Matt shrugged, let go of my face, and slugged Seth. "Let's get outta here. I'm meeting Anna in a hour."

I froze. "Anna?"

Matt smiled lightly at me. "Oops, you were supposed to meet her tonight. She's my new girl friend. You'd like her."

I force a smile, "Yeah, I'm sure we'd get along GREAT."

When I got home, it was nearly 4. I quickly called Evan and Bea over to help me get ready. We moved all my furniture to the side in my living room, scattered the various chips into bowls, put sodas out on the tables, with numerous red cups. And of course Seth got away with the beer, so we had alcohol all over my kitchen counter.

"Can I take a shower?" Bea said, having some Dorito's.

"Of course," I said, waving my hand. She smiled and ran up the stairs.

"Soo... what're you going to do about Matt's little girlfriend?" Evan said, examining his nails, which he painted bright blue.

I made a face. "Oh, I don't know. For all I know, he could be doing it to make me jealous, or he really likes her. Or she could be some skank with no life."

"Isn't this his like first girlfriend?"

I nod.

"Does that tell you ANYTHING?"

I shrug. "Should it?"

Evan groaned. "Your hopeless. Well, obviously the girl is either special enough, or hot enough for that matter, to be Matt's girlfriend. And it IS his first. Think about it. He's dated plenty of girls, but neither made it to be his girlfriend. What make 'Anna' so special?"

I sigh. "Who knows. Maybe she's funny, nice, caring, beautiful..."

Evan grins. "So are you Sammy baby!"

I grin back and give him a hug. "Awww, I wub you Eva-"

"AHHHHHHH!" I hear a scream. Coming from my bedroom. And it sounds like Bea.

"OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD." I smile as I hear Bea mutter/scream to herself.

She ran down the stairs.


I grimace. "What? Oh god, let me check it out."

I go two step at a time up the stairs and find... Will lying on my bed, reading my People magazine.

Of course. Of course it HAD to be him. "What. Are. You. Doing. Here."

He smiled at me. "Oh hey. Wow, first I get some hot red head who was only wearing a bathrobe, and now I see you. Lucky me."

I rolled my eyes. "Well, you ARE in my room."

Will then walks over and sees Seth's underwear on the floor. Damn, I should have cleaned sooner. "Huh, so your not a virgin. I didn't know you were into that kinda stuff."

I snatch it. "It's not what you think. Those are Seth's."

His eyes widened. "Now thats another story. Didn't know you were into THAT kinda thing."

I scream. "God, you sick perverted person!"

He grins. "Your so cute."

I push him so he falls on my couch,

"Okay, first of all, what are you doing here? Second of all, what are you doing here?!"

Will closed his eyes, grinned and grabbed my waist. He pulls me down so I'm almost straddling him. Where's Evan when I need him? Where's Bea?

"Um... I'm sorta uncomfortable..."

Will smiles against my face. "No your not. Your... very comfortable right now. Actually, you want me to come closer to you."

I say nothing as he breathes against my face.

The very slowly, his lips, so close, are coming closer, and closer, and closer... and our lips, they brush slightly, not a kiss, but not not a kiss...

My door breaks open.

"Sam? Where are you? Bea said there was a mass murderer in your roo-" Seth froze when he saw me and Will.

"What the fuck."

I quickly jumped off, "Seth, it's not what you think."

He frowned, rolling up his sleeves, "Yeah, yeah, sure it isn't Sam. Will, what the fuck?"

Will rolled his eyes. "Brundin, calm down."

"I'm not going to fucking calm down! Your fucking almost sexually assaulting my sister!" Seth stepped closer to Will and got his fist ready for a punch. Geez. And he thinks I'm the over reactor.

"NO! Seth, stop! I told you, it's not what you think!" I grab his arm in protest.

Seth turned towards me. "Yeah. Sure. Of course." He looked at Will. "Stay away from my sister would ya?"

Will grinned casually. "Not promising anything." He stood up, and over towered Seth by a couple of inches. "Maybe, you need to step back and mind your own business. Does Sam get mad at you for screwing that Stacy chick every other day?"

I shudder, bad mental image.

Seth opened his mouth in surprise. "Wh-what?"

"Look, we weren't doing anything. Calm the hell down. Drink a beer. Go. Away."

Seth made a face. "Don't tell me what to do Calhanan."

Will smirked. "Too late?"

I stomp my feet, trying to make them notice me.

They both turned towards me.

"Hey, are those mine?" Seth grabbed his boxers out of my hand.

I glared at him. "Get out of my room. Now. Before I tell mom that your gunna be drinking tonight."

My idiotic brother tried to protest, before I pushed him out.

"Well, I guess you really want me alone," Will says.

"Ha ha. Think again."

He stared thoughtfully at me. "You really really want me?"

I laughed. "No, I want to interrogate you. About Matt."

He scoffed in disbelief. "Matt? Oh god, every fucking thing is always about Matt."

I noticed his mood change once I said Matt's name. Hmm.

"Yeah, have you met 'Anna'?"

"His secret girlfriend?"

I nodded.


I frowned. "You are not helping."

Will smiled at me, took my hand, and laced his fingers with mine. "Is your pathetic attempt at arguing your way of forgetting out moment on your couch?"

I blinked. And blinked again.


He then swiftly grabbed my face and put his lips on mine.


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