I went to sleep that night thinking over the day, all that had happened, and all I wished had happened. The previous morning I had gotten up before Jenna and readied myself for work. I would just do as I normally did. Get up, make coffee, go to work. But as I sat in the car on my way to work, I couldn't help myself. I called and made an appointment for later.

I arrived at work, dropped my things off at my desk and went to my morning meeting. Cheryl was waiting for me with another cup of coffee. I had been drinking more lately, possibly due to all the new stress of work. I had recently been promoted, and was spending a lot more time at work lately. Cheryl was my secretary, and while she handed me the cup of coffee, her smug smile seemed to be mocking me.

I entered the room, sitting close to the head of the table. Holding back my tie I reached forward for a doughnut, to be lightly tapped by the person sitting next to me. I then realized that Mr. Jackson had walked into the room, and he was very strict that we shouldn't begin until everyone was "present and accounted for". This included eating the doughnuts. I quietly thanked my neighbor for catching my mistake before I did. She rewarded me with a coy and playful smile. The meeting didn't start until 15 minutes later, when everyone had arrived.

The meeting was dreadfully boring. Rambling on and on about the economy and how sales were going down. I mean, even my son could tell you that. Well that is if I had a son.

Jenna and I had been trying for a while then to have a child. Jenna said child, I said son. I suppose a daughter wouldn't have been the end of the world, but I don't think I could have loved her as much as I would a son. I desperately wanted a son, and Jenna didn't seem to be providing me that. I often thought on how I should proceed, there were always new technologies, and with my new promotion we were sure to have enough money. But Jenna didn't want that she says "there's nothing wrong with the way we have been doing it for generations and there never will be." Maybe she thinks that I will think she's ugly, and that's true. But it won't matter as long as she gives me a son. I have been suspicious of late that she may be secretly taking birth control. But again it doesn't matter. If she continues to fail in producing me a son, I will find other ways. Other methods.

After the meeting, I headed back to my desk. Cheryl was sitting there with messages waiting. She politely asked me to go into my office so that she and I could talk. Slightly confused I led her in. I sat down behind the desk, and Cheryl stood there clenching the little pink slips in her hand, her red painted nails glinting.

"Joseph. Joseph! I would appreciate it if you stop staring at my cleavage and listen to what I have to say!" At this my head snapped up to look her full on in the face. At this her voice caught for a moment as she looked back and she continued. "Joseph, you received a phone call this morning about an appointment that you made for this afternoon. You received this phone call at work. Now I don't care what you do outside of work, but I don't want to be hearing these atrocities here. Now your wife called, and so did Horatio from downstairs. And if it's okay I would like to take the rest of the day off. I am not feeling that well."

"Yes, yes, of course. Go on. But leave the files from Cromwell here please; I need to review them first before they get sent back." I hastily replied, trying to get her off subject before she could start over again. Cheryl, the ever good secretary, quickly came back with the files I had requested, said her good bye and left for the day.

After that the day was quite boring. At two o'clock I decided to take the rest of the day off, and called my appointment and moved it earlier. Unfortunately she could not accommodate this request and had to cancel. This forced me to go home.

I called while driving home to let Jenna know that I would be coming. Her voice was slightly surprised when I let her know. I jangled my keys as I walked up the steps to the door trying to find the right one. But, Jenna was there waiting there with the door open, ready to take my coat. As I walked in she bombarded me with questions, "How was your day? Did you get a lot done? Did Henry from accounting bother you again? Why are you finished so early? Did Cheryl and her boyfriend break up again? How was your day?"

I ignored these questions as I walked into the kitchen and made a pot of coffee. It seemed that I would need more than one cup this afternoon. Finally I responded, "Cheryl left early, and I didn't have anymore work so I left early."

"Oh well that's nice. So I was thinking since you got out early that we could go out to eat tonight. We have barely even left the house together since your new promotion, and so you have this extra time and maybe a movie? I don't know you seem awfully tired and that may be too much for you, maybe you just want to relax? Well it's up to you, but there is that new French restaurant. Vicky was saying that it was fabulous and – " this is where I cut her out. I waited until there was a pause in her rant and said "Jenna, I'm tired, I'm going to take a nap, when I wake up we can go out to dinner. Wear something sexy."

I then trudged to the next room, took off my shoes, and set myself down onto the recliner. When I awoke, it was dark outside, and in the room. I struggled to see what time it was, 4:34p.m. Darn it, I hadn't slept through dinner time. I walked into the kitchen to find Jenna knitting and watching TV. She looked up, saw me there and once again, started talking. Almost immediately I zoned her out. Without listening to what she was saying I told her, "Go get dressed. I'll get the car ready."

As soon as I had finished saying that there was the patter of her feet running up the stairs. Groaning I got up again, grabbed my jacket and headed out for the car. It was half and hour later when Jenna came out to the car. She was wearing lipstick, makeup, and she had done something with her hair. Like clockwork she began to speak, "Where are we going?" Without really thinking I replied the name of the restaurant she had talked about earlier. This caused another wave of incessant speaking.

We drove to the restaurant, and we walked in, and were seated almost immediately. The waiter was nice enough, though I could barely understand a word he was saying. Interestingly enough Jenna was perfectly able to understand what he was saying, and "translated" for me. Dinner was nice enough, I ordered a steak rare. Though it came out slightly over cooked. I always tried to order something crunchy that way it would drown out the sound of Jenna. If there was nothing appetizing it was a steak, and I would try to concentrate on just chewing. When we were finished eating, I paid the check and we left.

We arrived at the house and I tried to get Jenna to sleep with me that night, but she refused. She was complaining about how we had done it every other night that week and she was tired. I told her if she didn't I would sleep in the other room. She still refused, and I walked to the guest room.

Like every other day, I woke up before Jenna, went down stairs, made coffee, and went to work. I arrived at work, to find Cheryl sitting at her desk with huddle of other secretaries around her, appearing to be giving congratulations. I started to walk over; as I got closer the other secretaries seemed to peel away like petals until the bud was all that was left. Finally I reached her desk and asked her what was going on. She said, "Joseph, I'm pregnant."

At this I walked into my office silently, and shut the door behind me. I sat down in my chair and began to think. Cheryl is pregnant? This isn't right. I should be having a son. Why? She's just some stupid twit that doesn't even have a real job. She just shuffles papers around and picks up phones. Why is she granted this boon and not I? This is wrong. Maybe it's mine.

I walked over to the door, opened it, and called over to Cheryl, "Is it mine?" At this Cheryl quickly shuffles to me, an annoyed look on her face. "Joseph! What would make you think that my baby is yours? I have never slept with you nor will I ever! Lots of other people may, but I will not stoop so low. Nor would I ever let you IMPREGNATE me! For god's sakes, Joseph!"

"Well you know, I was just wondering. Thank you for letting me know." With this I stepped back and closed the door in her face. I sat down pulled the phone close to me, dialed, and set up another appointment. After this I gathered my things, and made my way to Cheryl's desk. I let her know that I was leaving early, and that she could go to if she wished. She thanked me for the offer, and gave me a strange request. "Joseph, for all of God's blessings, don't go to room 12, please."

I hesitantly walked away, and when I looked back she was on the phone watching me leave. I pushed this occurrence out of my mind as I walked from the building and to my car. I drove to the small motel just a few minutes from the office. I checked in at the desk, and without speaking the clerk handed me the small key to room 12. I lumbered up the grimy stairs to room 12, where she would be waiting. Lying on the bed, waiting just for me. At this thought I quickened my pace up the stairs. I slowly opened the door. And she was there, waiting. Just as she always did when I called. So what if I paid her, I do the same with Jenna, just a different currency. I paid her with money, and Jenna with a house, marriage, dinner. And if I wanted to I could pay her not to talk.

I had left my work things in the car, so the only thing with me was my jacket. I walked over to the closet, where I hung up my jacket, and pulled out the condom from its pocket. I excused myself, and went into the bathroom. I took out a safety pin and carefully poked a small hole in the condom. Through the packaging and all. Oh she may hate me, but I want a son.

The good thing about prostitutes, you don't have to wait long to get it on. After we finished, we lay there silently for a few minutes, pondering life. This was where everything could have gone right, but didn't.

There was knock at the door, and I got up pulling on my boxers to go answer it. I opened the door to find Jenna standing there. She tried to look over my shoulder, and I opened the door wider so that she could see. We stood there silently for a few minutes. Until she just had to speak.

"It's alright Joseph. I forgive you."