MeSsEd Up MiNd GaMeZ...

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"I think I'm falling for you," I whispered ever so quietly, that he could barely make out my words.

"I know," he replied softly, stroking my face, moving a stand of hair away.

"But your brother..."


He placed a finger on my lips and then kissed me passionately. I kissed back. But not without feeling extremely guilty.

What had I got myself into...?

It wasn't supposed to happen like this...

Everything in my life had been going pretty great; I had wonderful friends, was doing quite well in school and just living my life like another normal teenager. Up until 3 years ago. God, I can remember that day so clearly as if it was just yesterday. The memories still haunt me, day and night.

It was on the night of my 16th birthday it happened. The day that my life changed forever. The day that both my mother and sister were murdered. By my own father. Just thinking about it now brings a tear to my eyes. How could someone be so callous and cold hearted to kill their own flesh and blood?

My mum and my sister, Jessie, had organised a surprise birthday party for me. I was totally surprised but very much appreciative of it. All my friends and family where there. The only person that wasn't there was my dad, but I didn't really think much of it, as he was barely around anyway.

The evening was going great with everyone enjoying themselves and what not.

I was just about to blow out my birthday candles, when the first shot was fired. Everyone stood still for a second until someone started screaming. That's when we all turned to see who was screaming and why.

I almost fainted when I witnessed the sight in front of me. I couldn't believe it. Dad was standing there, with a gun in his hand, looking as furious as ever. Just by the state of him, I could tell he was drunk. Very drunk.

"EVERY BODY, OUT!' he'd bellowed, pointing his gun all round. "Except you three.."

This time, he'd had the gun, facing me, Jessie and mum. The three of us were frozen to our spots, feeling very numb.

Everybody else had frozen to, not sure what to do either. Dad let off another gunshot, which snapped everyone out of their freeze-frame, causing total panic. They all looked from dad to us but still ran out the hall due to dad's deathly glare. There were loud screams coming from all over the hall, with the little kids crying and things crashing all over the place. The place was in a chaotic mess as everybody was leaving. I could see they were all looking over helplessly as there was nothing they could do for us. It was all heartbreaking.

After dad had ensured everyone was out the way, he came closer to us. The hall was so dead silent, you could've heard a pin drop.

I looked over at Jessie, who looked absolutely shaken and scared; the fear in her eyes had been unmistakeable. In contrast, mum had tried to put on a brave face despite the fact that she was shaking. She looked my way and gave me a soft smile. Her eyes had told me to not to worry, that everything would be fine. But for once, I had known that I couldn't believe my mother's words. My dad had been in such a bad state that we all knew something bad was to happen.

"You three, sicken me!' dad had literally spat the words out, his voice full of disgust. 'Now, it is my time to get rid of you. One. By. One."

He was now inches away from mum, the gun close to her skull. He'd had an evil grin across his face, almost as if he was enjoying the moment.

"Tony, please," mum had pleaded. "Let the girls' g..."

Before she could finish her sentence, he had shot her, his hands covered in her blood. Both me and Jessie had looked at mum, then at each other in shock and grief-stricken. Both of us were stunned. We had just witnessed our mother's murder.

Dad, then moved over to Jessie, who instantly began screaming. She tried to run, but he had a tight grip on her. I had been about to scream too, but before a breath could even leave my mouth, somebody's hand covered my mouth and they dragged me away from dad and into a corner where we were hidden.

"Jessie...," I'd gasped. "Get her..."

"Shhh..." the person had replied.

I was shaking by this point and the next few seconds had gone by in slow motion. Just as dad as shot Jessie for dead , the doors sprung open creating a lot of noise. I saw people in black and white uniform go over to dad and then cuff him whilst taking the gun from the floor when he had dropped it.

I saw more people go over to mum and Jessie, covering them up in white cloth. It'd had taken me a few minutes to register that these people were actually the police and paramedics.

A moment later, I was pulled out from my hiding place by the person who had saved me. The police then became aware of me and came over to me. I vaguely remember them asking me questions, but I'd been in no state to answer. The person with me seemed to fill them in with everything.

I remember taking one last look around the hall; there was blood everywhere and the image of dad shooting mum and Jessie kept playing in my head. I'd started to feel faint and dizzy. The next thing I knew, the room had gone dark.

I'd woken up a few hours later, in some sort of hospital bed. I'd struggled to get up but then I'd felt a pair of soft hands help me up.

"Ah, your awake now Taya. Let me just get the nurse..."