Final Goodbye

"You two got everything ready? Know what we're doing yeah?"

Both Kelsie and Nattie nodded at me, as they grinned holding everything up. I looked at both my best friends and smiled; it been way too long since the three of us had been together like this, without wanting to rip each other apart. It felt good and peaceful. It felt safe.

"Brilliant!" I exclaimed happily. "Let the fun games begin..."

An hour later, the three of us had arrived at our destination and began setting everything up in its place. Kelsie created a fire with some wood whilst Nattie poured out petrol around the edges of the trees and then handed me some candles, which I lit up with a match and placed it around us in a circle.

Once everything had been done, both Nattie and I took out our phones, dialled a number and put on our sweetest fake voices. 20 minutes later, the three of us could hear footsteps approach and a murmur of two voices getting more clearer the closer they came to us.

Dylan was the first to stop in his tracks and looked at the 3 of us in shock, disbelief and somewhat horror.

"Wha-wha-what is the meaning of this?" he stammered, taking in his surroundings, as he looked around.

"I'm sorry." I simply stated, avoiding his gaze and the pain in his eyes. I'd come too far now and couldn't think about backing down at the final hurdle.

"Natalie, have you lost the bloody plot?" Jake exclaimed.

"Erm, na not really babe," she replied, laughing and shrugged.

Jake then looked at me, glaring, giving me a look of pure hatred and disgust to which I responded with by blowing him a kiss. It was at that moment, I'd found the answer to my question. Whilst Dylan looked somewhat scared and timid, Jake just stood there, giving off a whole load of attitude from his body language. I marched up to him and aggressively grabbed him by the collar.

"It was you, wasn't it?" I snarled, as I took a tighter grip on him. "You lied. I meant nothing to you did I? It was all just a messed up mind game for you wasn't it? God how could I have been so stupid? I honestly thought you loved me."

"Well done princess, well done," Jake replied, shooting daggers at me but didn't bother trying to break free from me.

I counted ten, trying to take deep breathes and compose myself, but nothing was working. Instead, I could feel myself fuming and filling up with a burning rage, as my eyes locked in deeper with Jakes. He smirked at me, slowly shaking his head. How could he do to this to me? I'd loved him more than anything, yet he had just messed me around big time. Any love I had felt for him, was slowly starting to evaporate.

"You deserve to die," I sneered, as I slapped him across his face and violently threw him onto the floor, near the burning flames. He may have tried to kill me, but he had failed miserably. But now, he was going to get everything he deserved; no longer was he going to get away with this. Karma had now caught up with him.

I then went over to Dylan and wrapped my arms tightly around him. This wasn't his fault at all but I couldn't let my emotions get the better of me. This is what I wanted and I had to carry it out; nothing could stop me now.

"I love you Dylan," I whispered, almost in tears, as I pressed my lips on to his for a lingering moment.

"I love you too Taya," he whispered back, almost choking on his words, as he intertwined his hands with mine. "Taya, don't do this. You're being ridiculous. Please..."

His eyes were begging me for mercy, pleading with me not to carry on but I merely shook my head, letting go of his hand and walked away back to where Nattie and Kelsie were standing. They both hugged me, assuring me what I was doing was right and everything would be okay again.

For the last year or so, my life had been turned upside down, had my heart broken and almost had my life ended all because of one person. Jake. God, how I hated him more than ever at that moment and just wanted to rip his heart out of his chest and cut through each one his veins, so he would slowly bleed to death. As for Dylan on the other hand, he had honestly done nothing wrong and if anything had tried to protect me from Jake, but I had to get rid of him too. It didn't make sense to me, but all I knew was that it was something I needed to do.

I hadn't meant to fall in love with Dylan, honestly I hadn't. But every minute I spent with him, put me on such a high and I felt like I was on some sort of thrilling adventure. But his link to Jake, was what caused me to experience pain as well and I couldn't bear to have my heart broken for the second time. I had to end things before I completely wrecked myself. Dylan had just been at the wrong place at the wrong time. It wasn't his fault...

I closed my eyes and took another few breathes before I instructed Nattie and Kelsie on what to do. They listened carefully and nodded, as they went to the boys and tightly tied rope around them.

"Natalie, what is the meaning of this?" Jake demanded, as he struggled to break free of her grip.

"Oh shut up Jake!" I snapped, throwing my hands in the air in exasperation. Honestly, Jake was really starting to get on my nerves. "If you really must know Jakey, remember when you said how Nattie found you...?"

Jake slowly nodded, giving me an incredulous look and motioned for me to carry on.

"Yeah well I sent her to find you. Why? Coz I knew she'd be able to charm you and then you'd fall into her trap and want her."

"Hang on, I thought you hadn't seen nor spoken to her in like what 6/7 years though. How did you even manage that?" Jake wanted to know.

"That is true. To some extent. But Nattie and I have always been in contact so I had mentioned her to you a few times and when she said she'd seen you about, I thought why not get her to mess you around. After all you did the same with me didn't you?"

"Wow Taya. Just wow. You are incredible. A piece of work you really are. I can't believe I kissed you and told you that I loved you. I honestly must have been drunk that whole time."

Despite the fact that I knew this, it still hurt now that he'd said it out aloud. I promised that I wasn't going to cry, instead pulled the gun out of my bag and pointed it towards the boys.

"So what? That's it? You're just gonna kill me like that?" Jake laughed and looked over at Dylan. "Mate, I don't know what you see in her all this time. She's so messed up in the head. Hey Tay, before you continue, there's something you should know. The night of your 16th birthday..."

"Jake, don't!" Dylan gasped, interrupting Jake. "Don't."

"Why not Dylan? She needs to know the truth. Maybe then she'll reconsider her actions."

"Jake, please don't do this to her. She doesn't need it."

"She's got you so sucked in hasn't she? After 3 years, I'd have thought you'd learn to get over your love for her. But of course, you always stuck by the whole 'I will always love her no matter what'. Well look where that's got you. She's about to kill you!"

I'd been about to pull the trigger and shoot at Jake but what he'd said had shocked me. What was he talking about now?

"Dylan, what's he talking about? What happened at my 16th...?" My voice slowly trailed off, as I locked eyes with Dylan.

"It doesn't matter Taya," he responded, glaring at Jake. "Just forget he said anything..."

"Oh of course it matters!" Jake exclaimed, laughing in disbelief. "You wanna know WHY you're still alive? You should have died that night Taya but you didn't. God, how I wish you had. Why you didn't die? Because MY father decided to save you and get you out of there before any harm could be done. He'd always seen you like a daughter you know..."

"I-I-I d-d-dont understand..."I slowly stammered, trying to process this information into my head.

"Of course, you don't remember do you? Our mothers had been best friends for AGES Taya but once your father got fired from work, their friendship had somewhat ended."

"Your dad...?"

"Yes sweetheart, it was my dad that your good for nothing father got into a fight with and almost killed. But by some good grace, dad had convinced mum that we should let bygones by bygones and not ruin your 16th so yeah we turned up there..."

Slowly everything was staring to come back to me. Those two boys who I hadn't been able to picture at the time, were Jake and Dylan. Of course...and no wonder Dylan's mum had seemed horrified to see me at their house that night and why there had been no pictures of their father.

"Everything had been going so smoothly Taya, until of course your dad turned up," Jake continued. "Dad saved you Taya, he made sure you weren't hurt when the bullet was shot. He jumped in front of you and got hit instead. He died Taya. HE DIED BECAUSE OF YOU."

I tried to recall that night again and vaguely recalled a gunshot getting fired at me but someone had stepped in front. For some reason, I'd repressed this bit out; I mean I knew I'd been saved but I just couldn't remember anything else, minus the white cloths being put over mum and Jessie, the police and someone pulling me out from my hiding place. I closed my eyes and then I pictured that there'd been another body covered in a white cloth next to mum and Jessie.

"Oh my god!" I gasped, as I clasped a hand against my mouth. "Oh my god, oh my god. Oh. My. God... Dylan..y-y-you were there with me at the hospital weren't you? You were there when I woke up...Oh my god...Its all coming back to me now..Oh god..."

By the look on Dylan's face and the silent response he gave me, I knew that I was right. No this couldn't not be happening now. No... This was all too much to take in.

Kelsie and Nattie came over to me, trying to get me to calm down as I wasn't making any sense to them. They reminded me that this was the right thing to do and everything would be okay just as we'd planned. But would it?

"Make sense now does it Taya?" Jake snarled harshly at me. "You're just a pathetic little girl.."

Suddenly, I realised why I'd met Jake and Dylan at the graveyard. Their father's grave was somewhere close by to mum and Jessie's. I never really noticed any of the other graves but that particular grave did have the same death day which I'd always put down to a sheer coincidence.

"Like Father, like daughter..."

I looked at the boys, my eyes full of rage, as I threw a match into middle which immediately blew up into a bigger flame. I ignored the screams that were coming and blocked out any emotion I felt. I lifted up the gun and pulled the trigger.

What had I just done...?