They say, it's always the people closest to you who end up hurting you the most; whether it be unintentionally or intentionally. This couldn't be any truer. It's always the people you'd never expect to do anything or cause you any harm that always seem to be the ones that surprise you the most with everything.

I guess growing up you realise people are never what they seem to be. They always put up this front but it's never the real them. It's nothing more than just some kinda act. You sit there and wonder why people are afraid to be themselves. What is it that they are so afraid it? Afraid of being a failure, rejected and not accepted. But how can anyone be accepted if they portray an image of someone they are not and in turn, end up hurting their nearest and dearest. Then again, if that is the case, who's to say that you're not also portraying an image or someone you're not? See, life is just a tad bit confusing is it not? What's real, what's not?

Over the last few years, I'd lost a massive part of me. Something that I wouldn't be able to get back. Everything that had happened with mum, Jessie, dad, Jake and Dylan had emotionally drained me out. I just couldn't take it anymore. I didn't want to be in this trap any longer; I had to be set free at some point. And maybe the time was now.

Like father, like daughter, like father, like daughter...How often I'd hear those words ring in my ear, day in and day out. I just wanted to shake these words away but no matter what, they'd always be there, carved into the back of my head.

I was nothing like him and he knew that. I was smarter, wiser and slyer in the way I carried myself with things. I wasn't you obvious suspect with things. I always made sure to be discreet with anything I did. That's why I hadn't been caught yet and I knew that I never would. I was far too clever for anyone to even realise.

Who knows, maybe I meant for things to play out this way. It was what I wanted from the start wasn't it? To be able to hurt everyone and anyone. To be able to feel invincible and on top of the world. To have people be in fear of me. To be able to mess with people's minds. It was some sort of thrilling game for me and with each blow, I got stronger and knew I was on my way to winning now. One final hit and the missing piece to my jigsaw would be completed.

This is what happens when you give up caring. You do as you wish, no matter what it takes. But here's the thing, when had I given up caring? I guess it had been a while with everything slowly building up to the point where I knew, one wrong step and I'd explode. Thank god it hadn't come to that.

The freshly cut scars on my arms stared at me, almost mesmerising me as the red slowly but surely trickled down my arm and fell onto the hard cold stoned face, causing a loud splash. The bright blue eyes bored into mine, not blinking at all and the once cherry rip lips were now a metallic grey. The red liquid had added some form of life and colour to this grim and grey body.

"You have had this coming for a long time now you know. I'm just sorry it took so long to carry it out. You should never have underestimated me like this. I was always one step ahead of you. But now you will get you what you deserve. The final part of my jigsaw completed. Once this is done, I will be forever set free.."

My words were barely above a whisper, trailing off into the cool autumn breeze. The face looked back at me, not uttering a word at all, lacking any form of emotion.

"God, I loathe you more than ever at this moment you know. You have nothing to say for yourself do you? But then again, why would you even have anything to say? No matter what you say, it really won't make a difference will it? Of course not. You know what I love the most? Nobody realised what I did. Everyone just assumed you'd been taken away. Gone forever for good. I guess to some extent you were. Well more so hidden though weren't you? Locked up to slowly deteriorate, decay and rot away in a cell without food or water for days, weeks, months. It came to a point where you were longer no more. But this is what was meant to happen. You should have thought about the consequences of your actions before carrying them out. You would have avoided this happening. Or maybe not actually...I mean nobody has really known of your whereabouts since that day have they? I'm the only one that's known. I kept you nicely locked away from humanity in that little small hole at the end of the grave yard. How was anybody going to know of this ey? They were all too busy trying to lead their own lives, never realising those times I'd quietly slip away and come see you. My excuse always being to come see mum and Jessie which had been somewhat the truth, but most of the time to see how you were doing. Or more so, not doing. Everything that happened to me was ALL YOUR FAULT."

My last 3 words were spat out with great force, as I aggressively kicked on this lifeless limp body a few times before it fell into the flowing stream and floated away into the far distance until it could no longer be seen.

"I'm sorry dad. You had this coming though. After everything you put me through..."

Everything had now come to a bitter end, something I'd anticipated from the beginning, knowing how things would end. My work had been completed. I was now free to do what I wanted. No longer did anyone have a hold on me. It was just me, myself and I. What I'd intended from the start. No forever, no always...

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