You told me you loved me
You told me you cared
I guess I just counted on
You always being there.

I held your hand on the beach
I held your hand around town
I totally fell for you
Man, I was a clown.

But now I'm in ruins
My hopes are all dead
But I'll always remember
My lady in red.

You turned to me and smiled
As my future wife
It was then that you broke me
"Get out of my life".

And my heart dropped a mile
Down through the floor
The last thing I remember?
You slamming my door.

I couldn't quite breathe
And I couldn't quite see
But what did you care?
You didn't look back at me.

You've broken my heart
With five words and a scowl
I've scooped up the pieces
Their laid out on a towel.

But one day I'll glue them
And one day you'll see
That I've got skin made of leather
Nothing hurts me.

I'll walk past you that day
Might remember your name
Might just stare through you
Make you feel the pain.

But one thing's for sure
I'll never go back
To you and your mind games
I'm staying on track.