There are two forces in this world that everyone sees.

These are the light and the dark.

The light is associated with the sun,

With happiness, with all things good.

The dark is associated with the moon,

With sadness, with all the world's evil.

Those who only see these live in a world of false dreams.

There is another power that can out shadow both;

It is the shades of gray.

In these shades of gray lies the trueness of the world.

The shades of gray contain the dawn,

The dusk, the little white lies.

It is within the shades of gray that we love

And hate; for rarely do we love in absolutes,

And neither can we say that we hate in absolutes.

It is in shades of gray we can view the sun

And the moon, together in the same sky.

It is shades of gray that turn

The most innocent of feelings

To deep wells of passion.

It is the shades of gray,

Not the light and not the dark

That bring to us the world we know.

For can we truly believe that everyone

Is truly good or evil?

The shades of gray can hold

A hint of kindness in the dark lord soul,

A flicker of jealously in the kind kings heart.

The shades of gray

Are what let you dream of good

Over shadowing evil.

After all, without the shades of gray

The two could never exist

Within the same space.