People see what they want to see.

They see all cheerleaders as sluts,

because one that is pretty, mean,

smart and popular makes them think they're good.

and they don't want that.

They see all jocks as idiots,

because they weren't gifted

with brains and brawn and won't consider

somebody else was.

They see all nerds as well, nerds,

because the teachers love them,

they get the best grades,

and they don't have to pull an all-nighter,

just to pass the biology exam.

This is what the people see,

But what they see is false.

The reality is:

Some cheerleaders aren't the best looking,

some cheerleaders are nice and well,

they aren't always the most intelligent.

Some are, but some struggle too.

Some jocks could outsmart a 'nerd',

and they weren't gifted with brawn,

they had to work for it.

The nerds aren't always the best,

they are strong in some areas,

but struggle in others.

Some nerds always are pulling an all-nighter,

they are constantly working

for their coveted GPA.

Stereotypes are painful,

and frankly they're usually wrong.

The most popular girl can like

even the geekiest boy and

the nerdy girl can fall

for a total jock.

These people look past their titles,

they see who the others truly are.

If stereotypes are all we went by

only a few people would find love;

they would be too busy looking for

the one with the same title as them.

They'd miss opportunities,

they'd miss friends,

they'd miss lovers.

All because of a label,

Stuck on by someone else,

and yet they are living by it.

Ignore your label,

decide who you feel,

you truly are inside.

Use that to decide

who to love and

who to hate.

Your own choice will help

get rid of this idiotic system.

So you and everyone else,

can be free from it.

Labels will only drag you down,

and hinder all you dream.