Torches flared as people rushed up the steps to the top of the castle, screaming and creating a noise that could be heard all around; a noise that bounced off the walls of the castle stair cases.

Two girls stood just atop a window, looking down at the long drop that awaited their death. The girl with dirty blonde hair looked over, her hair fluttering in the breeze. She smiled sadly at the raven haired girl leaning up to lightly kiss her. She kissed back lightly.

There were loud knocks on the door. "Come now," the raven said, taking her lover's hand and kissing it lightly with her lips, closing her eyes as she did so. "Even in death…"

The blonde flushed slightly, smiling, then looked down at the drop. The door to their room flung open. "Stop them!" someone shouted in rage.

"They're not worthy of death!" Another shouted, torches flickering bright.

Without a second thought, no hesitation whatsoever, the raven jumped. As the blonde girl took her first step into the abyss, someone grabbed her hair and pulled her back in. She gasped, her eyes going wide and quickly filling with tears. She pulled away, leaning over the ledge. "No!" she screamed, reaching her hand out for her fallen lover, who stared back at her, eyes wide as tears fell through the air.

Somebody hit the blonde upside the head. She groaned, falling back, her eyes blurring. They hit her again, and she blacked out, her vision going dark.

When the blonde girl came to, she was strapped up on a cross, her arms and feet. She struggled slightly, looking around. There were people surrounding her, almost all of them with flaming sticks in their hands, all shouting as some children threw rocks at her. She winced as one cracked against the side of her head, looking away and coughing. "Burn her!" someone shouted.

"Burn the sinner!"

Tears filled her dead eyes, and she tilted her head down. Young adult ladies, maybe her age, perhaps a little younger, walked by, throwing straw at the base of her feet, at the base of the cross. The girl shivered, a rock hitting against her head.

She thought, a long while, while people shouted and continued to throw rocks at her, screaming about her being a sinner because she had a female lover. She closed her eyes, then looked up at them with a sorrowful, deceased smile that had seemed to wither away from her eyes bit by bit. She opened her mouth, as if to say something, but instead, chomped her teeth together, roughly, harshly, biting down on her tongue.

Flames where thrown at her, landing on the straw. Nobody noticed the piece of tongue that rolled passed her lips, or the blood she coughed, or the fact that blood was dripping from her mouth. She shook, turning sickly pale, though she still smiled an empty smile that stayed, even as her heart ceased to beat, even as she felt the stinging, burning sensation from the flames before she stopped breathing, even as her head dropped and more blood poured.

The fire consumed her completely, and people shouted louder, as if in honor of the burns that marked her, slowly eating away at her flesh, making it wither and rot. The wind blew strongly, letting away the smoke that concealed her burning body. There were a few laughs, but they weren't heard over the crowds roars.

The blonde haired girl drifted, feeling herself burn, even in death, though her eyes remained sealed. When she opened them, she was greeted with a lovely shade of raven hair. She smiled, then opened her mouth to say something. She batted her lashes when no sound came out, then looked into the face of her lover.

The raven smiled at her, a smiled that grew. She smiled back in a questioned sort of behavior. The raven grinned slightly, showing her teeth. The blonde's eyes went blank for a moment, and she let out a silent scream as her lover pulled her down, tossing her into a dark hole.

She reached for something to grab, tears gathering in her eyes. The raven followed after her, wrapping her arms around the blonde's torso tightly, almost in a rib breaking grip. "Even in death, love," she whimpered as they fell into and passed a pit of ashes, and were engulfed by flames.

The blonde could only smile.