My Master

Nervous, shaky, and dry-mouthed is how Sydney felt as she waited at the bottom of the staircase of the large, spacious house. It had been collecting dust that was accumulating to make it look like a gothic empire. The floorboards creaked and she thought she could hear the thumping of Poe's "Tell-Tale Heart" from beneath her feet. She licked her parched lips while gripping the rail, urging her heart to be still. She had been cowering at the bottom of the staircase since her Master had called her a little over an hour ago. She was his personal maid, probably the fourth or fifth one he'd had in the last year. She glanced back over her shoulder and looked down the winding hallway, drawing her lips into a thin line. She could turn and leave and never look back. "But I'll find you."

The bittersweet and ever-so true words of the master she hated rang and she shuddered and turned her head back to position A. All he had to do was snap his fingers and the entirety of this home would find and devour her. Her knees wobbled as she started to make her way up the stairs. About half way, she dropped to her knees in fear of the booming voice from upstairs. "Sydney!" came a croaking voice. "SYDNEY! I want you NOW!"

The woman jumped and shuddered, biting her lip. "Coming," she whispered loud enough for only her to hear. She ended up moving faster towards the sound of the shouting voice, while the rest of her senses told her to turn the other way and run. She lowered her gaze as she approached a cracked open door, placing her hand on the door frame. "I-I'm here, Master."

"Where were you!?" A young boy came rushing over, frowning with creases in his forehead. He grabbed her arms and yanked her inside before slamming the door shut. Sydney kept her head down. "I was worried you know!" he said, shaking her.

"Yes, I'm sorry," she said, looking down at him. He was a small boy, and one would wonder why they should fear him; he didn't even make it up to Sydney's breast line.

Swallowing, Sydney looked barely over her Master's head and locked gazes with another. It was a girl with curly black hair. She was lying naked in bed among many different stuffed animals, worn and new, with her hair covering her breast and the sheets pulled up over her nether regions. The woman was lying strangely still, unblinking with half-lidded eyes. Everything about her was pale; her skin, her lips. The woman looked so dead… Probably because she was. She was just like the toys on Master's bed, stuffed and dead, and taken expert care of.

The young man pulled away and looked up at Sydney. "She was worrying too," he said, lightly gripping Sydney's hand. "Telling me that she was hoping you would come soon so that you could be just like her."

Sydney shook her head, lightly gripping the boy's hand while forcing her smile. "No, no, Young Master," she said. "I don't want to be like her."

"Why wouldn't you?" he said. "We could be together forever!"

She slowly started to put his hand down. "I-I can't stay long," she said, still smiling. "I have other things in the household to attend to."

"No you don't," he said, looking at her with hardened eyes. "So just stay here. Stay and never leave."

He reached out for Sydney's hand and she abruptly flinched away, bracing herself against the wall and eyeing the door. "Master, I think you should attend to that one," Sydney said, nodding her head towards the dead girl. "She looks so cold and lonely."

The Master glanced at her and placed his hand on his hip. He looked back to Sydney. "Shut up. She says she's not," he snapped. She hadn't said a thing. "Now come here," he said firmly, reaching his hand out for her.

Sydney flattened herself against the wall and smacked his hand again, slipping away and heading towards the door. When she grabbed the door handle, the Master's hand grabbed her arm with a bruising force. "No!" Sydney shouted, opening the door as she was yanked back from it.

"You want to leave too!" he shouted.

Sydney whimpered, frightened, and tried to hit him with her free hand. He ended up grabbing her wrist and yanking it to bring her closer. He opened his mouth wide and bit down on her upper arm like a shark. She screamed and placed her hand against his forehead, ripping his hair back slightly but he didn't seem to feel it. He sunk his teeth in tighter and she writhed, groaning and crying. She gasped and stopped, falling closer to him when she felt a bit of her skin tear.

The Master pulled away and Sydney fell to her knees, gripping her saliva and blood-coated arm. The boy licked his lips and looked at her, smiling a little, then frowned when he saw her gripping her arm. "There, you are calm now. I'm sorry I made you bleed, but I needed you to listen to me," he said. "I'm going to make it so you never have to bleed, ever again."

"No," Sydney said. "I want to leave, please let me leave."

He frowned, looking down at her with deep, hateful eyes. But they were more than just hateful, they were lonely. "Shut up," he said through gritted teeth, then noticeably calmed. "I really like you, you know? I love you, even."

Sydney opened her mouth to say something, but his hand shot out and smashed her head into the wall behind her. Her vision blurred for a moment, and she whined. He repeated the action, and she saw black.

"I think she is waking up."

"Carry on with the operation," Master said.

Sydney opened her eyes and then squinted when she was blinded by the large lamplight hanging over her head. She groaned, trying to say something, but found she couldn't; there was a cloth in her mouth. Her head tilted from side to side, and she found that her entire body was naked and strapped down to a table. There was beeping from operating machines sounding in the background.

She lifted her spinning head off the operating table and caught a glimpse of the Master standing next to a man in white. Master waved at her, smiling his innocent boy smile. "Sydney, bite down on the cloth if it hurts," he said.

What was he talking about?

The man in white pulled his sanitation mask over his mouth and nose. He pointed over to a seat across the room and told Master to go stand to the side. "I want to stay with her though," Master said, but the doctor insisted. Though Master didn't seem to be happy about it, he crossed his arms and trudged over to the seat like a good boy.

Meanwhile, Sydney was shaking her head. When the doctor started lowering the scalpel towards her belly she bucked; her scream was muffled by the gag. The doctor sighed. "You have to hold still or I'll make the incision wrong."

Sydney tossed and turned within the restraints, pulling at the iron that bound her while trying to keep the knife away by worming her torso around. She clenched her fingers and toes, releasing more energy as she flailed on the table.

"I hate it when they wake up," the doctor said and slammed the scalpel down.

Sydney stopped flailing and her eyes went wide in shock when she felt the piercing pain of the scalpel stabbing into the skin just above her pelvic bone. She took in a deep breath through her nose and let out a blood curdling scream, tossing her head back as her entire body heaved with sobs. Not bothering to remove the scalpel to make a new incision, the doctor just started cutting upwards. Sydney could feel the blood pooling on her stomach and nearly vomited in her mouth.

The scalpel left her skin for a moment, and she drew in a long breath that made her nostrils flare and screamed, loud and long while banging the back of her head against the table. And then the pain of a new incision came. She choked, shouted and gagged, crying throughout the long sensation of the blade cutting open her abdomen, and then it was gone.

Heaving short, quick breaths through her nose, she glanced at the doctor. He had put the scalpel down, and he was now diving down with his gloved hands. His hand slipped inside her through the cuts and he grabbed, quick and hard like a hungry cannibal at her organs.

Sydney arched when the man yanked his hands out. She became quieter with agonized little hiccups, arching with her eyes wide and looking at the ceiling. While everything was being drug out of her body, she went limp and her head fell to the side. She stared unblinking at the Master, who was grinning as he watched with the deadest eyes.

A/N: I was looking up how to write horror and I found this person that has the greatest sense of humor and a pretty neat writing style. Terribleminds is his pen name, and that's also the name of his website, soooo, , you guys should check it out. : )