Boom! It's done, no taking it back now, I've said it, he knows. It's like when you jump in the pool, once you jump, there's no unjumping. Is that a word? Anyway, no matter what you're going to land in the water no matter how frigging cold and uncaring it is.

"What?" he asks.

Relief, and regret. I refuse to tell him again. It was hard enough the first time. Really though, couldn't he have listened? Then again, I'm glad he didn't, and for all I know he did and is acting like he didn't.

Okay, let's fill you in. Mason Calvert. I have had a crush on him since, like, 8th grade. He has deep brown hair, and really dark eyes. Most people think they're black, but I know different. They are blue. Just a really, really, really, dark shade.

He transferred to my school halfway through 7th grade and we were in 11th now. He's hot, I can't lie. Therefore every girl "loved" him. Everyone wanted to be his best friend, ext. I . . . was not everyone. Sure I technically wasn't the only one who didn't go crazy for him, but I'm the only normalish one that didn't. My best friend, Persephone, even fell for him. So of coarse, he goes for me. The only (normal) girl in the whole school that didn't fall in love with him. Why? Cause he's a stubborn little son-of-a-bitch.

Now he's one of my best friends, because of it. The worst part is, karma decided to pay me a visit. I was horrible to him, when he came. Did he care? No, or at least he didn't show it. So now, karma says I need to learn a lesson. You know how it is teaching me? By having my parents divorce. Yeah that's right, a divorce.

Mason and Persephone are always there for me though. I love them to death. My mom, she is a slut. My dad is the guy that fell for her fake love. It just figures, right. You take the one sweet and caring guy from there generation, and give him a whore. Tell me how that's just. Can't, can you?

So anyway, back to the present. I . . . like Mason . . . a lot. I also love him, like how you love your friends you know, not a brother love though, just a . . . caring love. I'm not quite in love though. I also just told Mason . . . and he didn't here me.

"Never mind, Mase," I told him. Maybe it's better this way, I told myself. Maybe-

"Alright," he said. He was never one to pressure people.

I sighed, then started walking faster than him, so I could get ahead in the crowded, high school halls. As I should of known he'd do he caught up with me.

"You okay?" he asked, worriedly. "Did something new happen with your parents?"

I shook my head, pursing my lips. "No, I just-"

"Hey, hey, hey!" called Persephone, walking out of her classroom.

We both smiled at her, as she pushed between us to lock arms, with us. I glared at her and she smirked, she, of coarse, knew everything. I couldn't help smiling back, but then one of the cheerleader's came up and whispered something to Mason. He frowned looking at Persephone and I.

"Just a sec," he said, walking over to a less crowded area with the girl, who I could now see was Taylor, the head cheerleader.

I glared at Taylor, who glanced back at us and smirked, then said something to Mason, which made him look back, too. I looked away quickly, "Come on," I said, "let's go."

We then went to class. The three of us had the last three blocks of the day, and the first one together. Only Mason didn't show in the last three. Or homeroom for that matter. We had homeroom together, but Persephone didn't. Her last name was, Lambert. My name was Melanie Cruz, no not after the famous person, my parents . . . dad . . . just liked the name. Oh and I had honey blonde hair, it was silky, smooth and went half way down my back. Also, I had bright green eyes.

When I got home, I went to my next door neighbors house. I just walked in, "Hey, Jade," I said, to the woman in the kitchen.

"Hey, sweetheart," she answered, "how are you? Having parent troubles?" She asks walking over to me, and putting her coffee down, to give me a hug.

I laughed, hugging her back, "No, my dad's the only one home right now." I told her, Lord knows where my mother was. Then again, that's what I had Jade for.

She held me at arms length, "Where's Mase?" she asked me, "I figured he was at your house."

I shrugged, "I don't know," I said.

Just then the door slammed, "Why the hell were you with that slut!?" it was Mason's dad.

"She told me she wanted to show me something!" It was Mason, "How was I s'posed to know it was her-" he stopped, looking from me to his mom, then back to his dad, "Look, can we talk about this later?"

Dave, his dad, stepped into the kitchen, "Yeah," he answered, coming to give me a hug.

I smiled, "Found him," I said to Jade.

She raised an eyebrow, "Indeed," she said, looking at Mason.

He looked down at the floor, I mimicked Jade's expression, crossing my arms, over my chest. Then I walked to the living room, and turned on the T.V. to Spongebob. He was the only cartoon I watched still. I could hear them all talking in the kitchen. So, he had skipped school to hang out with the biggest whore in school. Had he not learned from my parents at all?

Mason came and sat down next to me, picking up my feet from where they were laying, and putting them on his lap, forcing me to fall onto my back against the couch. I sat up glaring at Mason. He avoided my stare, looking at the T.V.

"So . . ." I said, prompting him.

He looked at me, face blank, "So what?" he asked.

"Don't even," I told him, coldly. Moving my feet to sit criss-cross.

He looked at me for a minute, then got up and took my hand, leading me into his room. I dropped his hand, walking over to his bed and plopping on it. He sat in his computer chair, swaying it from side to side.

I stared at him until he looked over, "Please-"

"No," he said, coldly, looking away.

I stayed silent, shocked by how mean he sounded. That's when I felt the stinging in the back of my eyes. I tried to blink the tears away, without him noticing. I had always been super sensitive, and he always seemed to notice.

He sighed, getting up and sitting next to me on the bed where I was laying. "I'm sorry," he said, softly. I rolled onto my stomach, so he couldn't see that I was actually crying. He stroked my hair, and I froze. It felt like my heart stopped. "Are you okay?" he asked, still stroking my hair. I grabbed his pillow, from higher up on the bed, did I mention it was king size? I bunched it up and used it as a prop, wiping my eyes, as I did.

I sat up, putting the pillow on my lap and facing him. "Yeah," I said, "I'm fine." I smiled, at him.

"Can you tell me again what you told me earlier?" he asked.

Damn, I thought he had let that go. "What thing I told you earlier?" I asked, innocently.

"At school, right before, Persephone, came up to us." he said.

Yup, he definitely hadn't let it go, but he usually did so why was he badgering so much on this? I wondered, I mean the only reason I can think is if he actually heard me. "What are you talking about Mason?" I asked, kind of feeling bad about playing dumb.

"When you said, 'Mase, I have something I want to tell you, and then I didn't hear you." he explained.

I looked away from him, then got up, walking over to his sliding glass doors, that opened to the backyard. I opened one, so I could feel the breeze. I heard him get up. Then, he touched my arm, and I jumped, turning to face him. "Please, tell me what you said." he begged.

I laughed, "No, if you're not gonna tell me, I won't tell you." I said.

He opened his mouth, then closed it, sighing. He turned away, walking to the bed, then back to me, with a strange look in his eye. He grabbed my arms, pulling me against him. I gasped in surprise, my eyes widening. "I don't know if I heard you right or not." he started, took a deep breath and continued, "All I know is that, from what I think I heard, it's what I've wanted to hear since I met you, because frankly, Mel, I've liked you since 7th grade. I just have issues with you not liking me back. All these years, I wanted to tell you, but I was afraid. Melanie . . . I liked you in 7th, and I loved you in 8th. I still love you. What I heard earlier, shocked me. I wanted you to tell me what you said. I just was afraid you had said the opposite of what I heard. Now please, please, tell me what you said."

I was shocked, and happy beyond belief, but unlike him I did not have problems saying no. also, very much like him, I was stubborn, very stubborn. "You tell me 1st," I said, "You were saying how were you supposed to know it was her . . . then you saw me and Jade. Now what was it? I refuse to tell you what I said if you don't tell me what you were going to say."

He still had my arms and was holding me to him, "Fine," he said, "do you promise to tell me if I tell you?" I nodded. "Okay . . . it was her . . . body."

I raised an eyebrow, "Her . . . EW!" I shouted. "That's disgusting! What the hell!? Have you not learned a thing from my mother!?" I was close to tears again, so now I know for sure, he had seen another girl naked. A slut at that. Oh and by the way, by another girl, I mean that I was the other, or at least one of them, I don't know if I was the only- if we, me and . . . Taylor, were the only ones, but mine had at least been an accident. Sort of.

It had been my mom's fault. She wanted me to be like her, and so she was helping me get ready for a school dance in 8th grade, and she told Mason he could come in, and I just happened to be naked at that moment. He had closed his eyes as soon as he saw me, but that didn't change the fact that he had seen me.

"I know, now will you tell me?" he said, sounding slightly annoyed.

I looked into his eyes and smiled, "I said I like you . . . a lot."

He smiled, "That's what I hoped." The, he kissed me. He held my head, putting his other hand around my waist. He slipped his tongue into the kiss, lifting me up and carrying me to the bed. He sat me on his lap. He pulled away from my lips, but only to kiss my neck. He laughed into my ear, "I had to wait 3 and ½ years, but it was worth it." he whispered.

I laughed to, "Awww, poor you, I had to only wait 3 years." I whispered, back. He pulled back raising his eyebrow, "What can I say?" I shrugged, laughing, "I truly didn't like you in 7th."

He got a glint in his eye and threw me, somehow managing to do it softly, onto his bed, his body following shortly after, landing on me. I laughed as he kissed my neck some more. He moved back up to my mouth, his hand making it way up my shirt, resting just bellow my breast. I moaned, putting my hands in his hair. Just then someone knocked on the door.

"Hello?" it was Persephone. I tried to sit up, but Mason blocked me, he kissed me again then, got up and walked to the door. I pulled my shirt down and fixed my hair, rubbing my mouth, it felt swollen, shit. She walked in and looked at me questioningly, I blushed, smiling, embarrassed. Her eyes widened and she jumped onto the bed. She raised an eye brow, asking silently. I nodded. She gave me the biggest smile ever. Then looked at Mase, "So . . . what have y'all been up to?"

I slapped her arm, "Perse," I said, warning her to shut up.

She laughed, "Alrighty, well ima go see Pete, seeing as y'all are . . . busy." she got up and left. Pete was her boyfriend going on 5 years.

I laughed, "Well, where-" Boom, a door slammed, only it came from outside . . . at my house. I ran outside, my mom was home, she was in the back yard. She saw me and started walking to me. Shit, she can't ruin this day, please, I really, really just want to have this day be all good. Karma hated me.

"What the fuck are you doing over there!" she yelled, getting closer. "I'm gonna kill you!Get your sorry ass over here right now!" Mason stepped out the door, grabbing my arm.

"Come on," he said, pulling me towards his room. My mom started running towards me. I gasped and ran inside Mase's room. He slammed the glass door shut, locking it. He drew the curtains.

I was shaking, and crying, Mase grabbed me, hugging me. There was banging on the door, and everything went black.

I woke up, and it was light out. The curtains were drawn back, letting sunshine in. then I realized- I was still at Mason's. I got up walking to the door. It swung open before I could twist the handle. I fell back onto my butt. I groaned, and saw Mason's alarmed expression.

"Mel," he said, quickly closing the door and squatting next to me. "Sorry, are you okay? I didn't know you were up." he said, worried.

"Fine," I said, "I'm fine."

He lifted me up and carried me to the bed. "Stay." He ordered. Then he left, again. Of coarse, I had to disobey his order, it was my duty. So I got up, and seeing as I had to piss like no tomorrow, I went to the bathroom. I was about to open the door and go back to his room when I heard, "Damn it Melanie!" He slammed the door, I opened the bathroom door, as he was passing by. "There you are!" he exclaimed. He walked to me and picked me up, carrying me to his room.

"Mason!" I yelled, "Put me down!"

He shook his head, opening his door and sitting on his bed, me in his lap. "Nope," he said. "You need to rest, you fainted last night."

I shook my I head, "I don't care put me down!"

He just laughed and bent down kissing me. I smiled, kissing him back. "Guess what," he whispered.

I laughed, "What?"

"I love you," he said, he didn't whisper it.

I looked at him, getting lost in his deep blue eyes, "I love you, too." I said.