My eyes briefly flickered open to see distorted images that had lost their human qualities; now they just appeared to be a form of vicious beast that had been waiting for my downfall all along; and I had fallen victim to their brutal trap. My brow was damp with beads of sweat, now dripping down my face one by one, racing with the droplets of blood for first prize- however the prize was my life. I now was counting down the seconds like a ticking time bomb, waiting for me to become a memory- a memory which only a handful would remember.

Panic began to overwhelm me; I had always been slightly nervous at the prospect of death, and now it had suddenly been sprung upon me- and I was not prepared. I was nervous to close my eyes, I didn't want to lose the battle- I thought that somehow by keeping them open meant that death was powerless to me, and by refusing to surrender could mean that I would be named champion. Although as a bead of sweat crawled its way into my eye, I was forced to blink- while this natural process was carried out, I prayed as hard as I could; I prayed and pleaded that the heavens- or hell- would show some mercy upon my soul.