i can't tell the difference between new school and old school
all i know is that these hipsters think they're so cool
we're just they same, each and very one of us
you know that's why all those "cool kids "
think they have to make fun of us

i don't wanna change the whole world
i just wanna change my whole life
the need to make a difference
can't stop this inference

that i'm tired of pretending i am someone i am not
on the path to becoming someone i don't wanna be
to please all the people who sit and stare around me
i don't need to follow your path,
i need to find mine.

i feel like there is a battle between who am i and who i should be
who i should be, and where i wanna be
"poppin' champagne and bein' G"
i can't see that working for me but,
my friends and i, we're celebrities,
now hey there dolly, we're the bee's knees.

don't ya see? we don't need to fake it to make it
all we need is to want it and get it
i won't pretend that this isn't a struggle but
i don't need to fight it with a shield and some armor no.
my words are my weapons and i send them to battle
even if i lose, i don't even care,
i know the aftershock will make 'em rattle

this thing that we do,
it's about unity, me and you,
i don't wanna act any more,
i just wanna be me
the only thing now
is to set myself free.