I Want To Be That Girl

I want to be that girl with the flashy sneakers.

The one with the bulging quads under breezy running shorts.

Her hair pulled into a perfectly messy ponytail

falling down and covering the name displayed

across the back of her t-shirt.

I want to be that girl wearing the disgustingly preppy clothes;

Topsiders, Nantucket red J-Crew shorts, a white Polo polo

and a white bow on top of my head.

I want to be the strong powerful girl that doesn't give a damn

about anyone or anything.

I want to be the broken fragile girl

who depends on others to get through a day.

I want to be that racy, slutty, vulgar girl

who flirts with every boy, who shows too much skin,

stands too close, and stares too long.

I want to be the pure, innocent, catholic school, raised by nuns

preacher's daughter who wears rectangular, suffocating,

itching, scratching wool cardigans

knit by the grandmothers of the clergy.

I want to be that girl who always has a smile and a laugh

to give to the world; and that girl

with the big sad eyes

who everyone wonders about.