"You're so pathetic. I hate you. We're done. Finished."

Tears streaming down her face as she yelled the words. Helpless looking man. Mouth opening, as if to say something. Thinking better of it. Mouth shutting.

Storming into their room. No, his room. Flinging belongings into a suitcase. Leaving behind the watch he gave her.

This is almost like a scene straight out of a movie.

Elegant spiraling staircase leading downstairs. Almost tripping over them. Making way down with as much dignity as possible. Catching his gaze. Commencing the waterworks. Again. Trying not to care he was watching.

Heroine exits dramatically. Check.

Snow outside. Thanking God that the main road was near by. Not minding the excessive traffic for once. Realizing she could get a cab faster that way.

Hailing a taxi. Amused looking cabbie. Asking her if it was all good. Helping with the bags.

The only thing left is for him to give her advice on love.

Directions to her sister's house. Her happily married sister, with three kids. Feelings of resentment rising to the surface.

Jealous of her sister? Oh, this is going to be good.

Surprised greetings and comforting hugs. Ice cream. More crying. More ice cream. Some bitching. A sappy movie.

and let me guess. Still more crying?

Skipping work the next day. Lying around the house in sweats. Queries of 'why is Aunt here?' answered with a glare. Staring at the telephone. Wishing he'd call.

This is the part where he'll run through the gates with a rose in his mouth (although he's allergic to roses) and say that he loves her, and that it was all a misunderstanding. Right? Right?

Waiting. For days. For months. Afraid to move on. Afraid to believe that it was really over. Becoming a shell of her former personality.

WHAT? Why isn't he begging her to take him back?

Going out for coffee, six months later. Seeing him. With her. Noticing the ring on her finger. And the bump in her stomach.

And realizing a little too late that even when life was a movie, you didn't always get to be the heroine.

Author's Note: This just came to me, and I HAD to write it down, and publish it here. What do you think? Tell me!