A.N.: Inspired by a late package, I bring you a new poem.

Another day goes by,

Waiting in anticipation,

As the mailbox fills with useless letters,

Free from parcels long awaited.

Twenty long days,

The mailbox has been checked,

Yet still no arrival,
As the mailbox annoys me once more.

Thoughts run through my head,

As the package gets lost in my mind,

Perhaps in the mail as well,

As I continue to wait.

Each day the mail checked with haste,

Irritation building up ever so slightly,

Like a rash on your foot,

Worsening with each passing step.

Never has empty space been so bothersome,

As if taunting me,

Showing me what it's lacking,

Worsening fears of a package lost in transit.

I examine the surroundings carefully,

As if it were hidden in the scenery,

A playful prank by our neighborhood deliverer,

Knowing the plight of my dilemma.

Yet no box hides in the immediate scenery,

Still I check again,

Perhaps my eyes are the pranksters now,

Hoping to fool me once again.

Each day hope diminishes,

Like a person stuck on an island,

Grateful to survive the day,

Yet cynical about seeing civilization again.

Yet, here I go again,

Out to the mailbox once again,

Hoping to find a surprise,

That will likely arrive when I give up hope.

A.N: Waiting for mail is tough isn't it?