for a survivor.

under an evening skyline
and glowing trees
she grabbed my hand.

the moment was that
of a beautiful madness.
and her eyes relayed a sadness
that couldn't be done justice
by any mortal voice.

i stopped.
she didn't.

in one eternal minute,
i was told the sadness of a lifetime.
i was told grief,
and pain.
i was told of
day after day
of too many tears to count,
overflowed from those azure eyes,
born of fear, and worry.
i was told of unbearable anxiety
and of hundred upon hundreds of hours,
built upon
spent waiting for a chance
for every tomorrow:

"Your husband has cancer."

and with that sad smile,
and those blue eyes,
she told me her story,
and his,
as she walked beside him,
as she grabbed my hand,
as she traveled a path
to tomorrow.