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I woke up, just like I would any other day.

I didn't feel any different. I didn't feel any older.

Today I'll be sixteen.

Everyone makes such a fuss about kids turning sixteen, but I don't see the joy in it.

You're just another year older, another year closer to dying.

I get making a fuss when you turn eighteen, because then you're an official adult.

But sixteen, you're just able to drive.

Twenty-one, that's a good age. Then you get to drink and party without your parents having fits at you.

Not like I'd want to drink, alcohol's nasty stuff.

But that's just my opinion now.

Chloe Alexandria Katalin Marie Pierce.

Heck of a long name isn't it?

Guess my parent's just couldn't decide what to name me.

I don't like the name 'Chloe'.

So when people ask my name I reply 'It's Alexandria, but call me Alex.'

Did I mention that I hate life? Well I do.

Ever since I was little everyone thought I was weird.

I never just had a normal life, every day I'd wake up and dread going to school.

Everyone at school hated me, and I hated them right back.

Lots of the time when I'm walking through the school halls I hear people whispering about me,

they say I'm a freak because I hear voices, they call me all sorts of horrible names.

But I learned not to care.


I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen, only to be greeted by my little sister – Anna Marie Juliet. Guess my parents had a thing for long names.

"Alex! Happy Birthday!" she grinned, hugging me around the waist tightly.

"Thanks kiddo." I smile, looking down at her.

My dad momentarily walks away from cooking breakfast and hugs me tight, kissing my forehead as he looks into my eyes.

"Happy Birthday sweetheart." he smiles. "Your mother would be so proud of how beautiful you are now."

He hugs me once more, then runs back to his eggs which are now burning.

My mother died when Anna was born, so my father's been raising Anna and I alone since then.

We ate breakfast in silence, then afterwards when I was just about to walk out the door to head to school dad grabbed my wrist and stopped me.

"Don't forget tonight your sister and I are taking you to a fancy dinner." he smiled, pulling me in for a hug then kissing my forehead once more.


School was same as always.

Boring, horrible, torture.

I walked into my sixth period Geometry class and took my seat.

Our teacher Mrs. Crystalson was unusually late.

After a couple minutes she walked in the door followed by a tall sandy-blond brown haired, blue eyed guy.

Usually I didn't care about guys, but him, he was different.

I never believed in love at first sight, but now I do.

"Class, this is our new student his name is Darren Masterson. Make him feel welcome here." Mrs. Crystalson announced, patting him on the back.

For a split second before he started walking to his seat he locked eyes with me and smiled.

During class I found myself looking over at him every once in a while.

I was so curious about him.

Why he was so different then the other guys in the school, why he looked at me exactly and smiled.


After class I was one of the last out of the room, I stood outside the door and hesitated for a minute, then started walking to my locker.

Only seconds afer I started walking I felt a strong warm hand grasp my wrist.

I turned around only to find Darren.

We just stared at each other for a few minutes then he took a deep breath and cleared his throat.

"Uh, Hi.." he said, unsure of what to do.

"Hi." I smiled, stepping forward so I was standing directly in front of him.

"I think we have next period together, would you mind showing me the way to the class?"

"Sure." I smiled once more, I just couldn't help smiling he was just that way.

Our biology class was at the other end of school so we had a ways to go.

After a couple minutes of walking in silence he finally broke it.

"I never got your name.." he said, looking over at me while we walked.

"Oh, it's Alexandria, but you can call me Alex.." I replied.

"That's a gorgeous name, Alexandria." he smiles.

I blush, and tilt my head down so he can't see.


Five more minutes of silence, I guess neither of us could decide what to say.

Then he breaks the silence once again.

"So, you think I could take you out to dinner later on? I have this feeling about you, and I really wanna get to know you." he smiles again, locking eyes with me as he talks.

"Well, uh my dad and little sister are taking me out to dinner tonight.. It's my birthday.." I trail off, looking at him.

"Oh, well Happy Birthday. How about we could just go get some coffee after school?"

I smile.

"Sounds good to me."

After a couple more minutes of walking we finally got to class.

My desk was the only one left, and since I never had a partner because I was the freak, I had an empty seat, so that's where Darren sat.

In class we were doing the whole dissecting the frog thing, which I found horribly nasty and repulsive, so I had Darren do the dissecting.

After our teacher Mr. Cheriff reminded us about our biology tests next week the bell rang and school was finally out.

Darren and I walked out to the parking lot together.

I walked over to my black firebird that my dad had given me a couple weeks ago.

"So, did you drive here or do you want to ride with me?" I asked Darren as I unlocked my car and opened the door, letting the heat out.

"Yeah, my older sister dropped me off, and she decided since we don't live too far from here she'd let me walk home.

I laugh.

"Such a sweet sister. So is that a yes or no?"

"Yes." he grinned, hopping in the riders seat.

I started my car then drove off.


I drove to the Starbucks coffee shop that was a couple miles from my house, so it only took a couple minutes to get there.

The second I shut off the car Darren was already out of the car and opening my door.

"Fast much?" I laugh as I step out of the car.

"I'm a vampire." he chuckles, "psh, I wish." he adds laughing more.

I wrap my arm around his as we both walk into Starbucks.

After we ordered our coffee we walked back outside and across the road where the park was.

I found the best spot in the whole park– the huge one-hundred year old oak tree and sat down next to the trunk in the shade.

This was the only other park in New York besides Central Park.

This one was less popular, that's why I liked it.


"So, let me get this straight, ever since you were little you heard voices that no one else could hear?"

I nod, "Yeah, so everyone at school hates me, but I don't understand why, I never did anything wrong. I'm just a little different."

"They shouldn't hate you, I think you're amazing." he smiles, then chuckles as I blush again.

"Thank you, again. You're pretty amazing yourself." I smile.

"Thanks. So, what do the voices say?"

"Well, it's hard to say. Lots of the voices I hear are inaudible mumbles, but the ones that are clearer say something about Helping them and unfinished business.."

"Hm. Well lots of ghosts have unfinished business.."

"Yeah, and I wish I could help but I wouldn't know how." I said, looking up at the blue sky.

I was now laying in front of Darren, with my head resting on his chest.

We just sat in silence for a while, just watching the clouds go by.

Then a huge cloud came and covered the sun, making it darker.

Suddenly I saw this figure, but it was slightly see through– a ghost.

"Darren—" I started,

"Yes, I see it too." he said, interrupting me.

We sat there and stared at the figure.

It was a middle-aged woman that looked to be around her late thirties early forties.

She walked up to us and knelt down.

"Can you see me?" her voice was soft and sweet, like a mothers.

We both nodded.

"Good, then I'm in the right place."

"May I ask who you are? And why I can see you?" I said, looking at the woman.

"I'm Clara, I passed away a couple weeks ago. Why you can see me is because you are a seeker."

"What's a seeker?"

"A seeker is a special person whom can see ghosts like me, and hear our voices in their heads. Seekers are created to help ghosts with unfinished business."

"But Clara, I wasn't born like this. When I was five I started hearing voices in my head—"

"You don't have to be born with it, it just chooses you." she says, standing up.

"But, why can I see you? I can't hear any voices, and I've never seen a ghost before in my life." Darren adds.

"Some can not hear voices, but at times can see ghosts that are in dire need."

"So, we're both seekers?" I ask.

"Indeed, that is what it seems."

"Great." Darren and I say together, looking up at Clara.

"So, can you two help me?"

We looked at each other, and silently asked each other if we should.

Then I turned to her and smiled.

"Of course."