Journal Entry 2: Obituary of an Object

It was a sad day on March 30, 2010 as it was, quoting Don McLean, 'the day the music died.' Pianoforte, or Piano, as he was known by friends and loved ones, was born in the year 1700 and lived to the grand age of three hundred and 10 years. Piano lived in many homes all over the world, and he lived in the hearts of many around the globe until the time of his untimely death due to a fall from a rope harness.

In 1700, Piano was brought into this world by his loving parents, Harpsichord and Organ, and he grew up in Padua, Italy. Though he was an only child, Piano's childhood was spent with some of his dearest friends, including Bass, Violin, Flute, and Timpani. He studied music alongside his friends all his life, though there are no accurate records of when or where Piano studied. There have been reports that he studied with such prestigious musicians as Bach, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, and more recently, Scott Joplin and Gershwin. Throughout his studies, Piano never tired of learning new ways to remake and recombine music into new and interesting genres. With so many talented musicians playing his music and a vast number of styles of music at his fingertips, there was never a want for work in his lifetime. Though there were many styles of music that Piano held dear, he always went back to his roots and loved playing classical pieces from his childhood whenever the time called for music.

Piano is survived by his loved parents and his one and his only daughter named Keyboard.

The funeral service will take place at the common time of 4:40 pm at his original hometown of Padua, Italy. Many distinguished families will attend this event including the Sopranos and the Brass family.