Years ago,

Once, one time, I loved a girl.

And thrice, three times, we came together

And broke apart.

She could not choose between me

And the other,

And I

Did not want to force her to stay.

My parents,

They want me, truly, to love a boy.

They look so earnest when telling me

I can change.

They promise not to disown me, whatever my choice,

But they won't like it.

I don't think they'll ever

Accept it.

It sounds so bad,

Like I'm quoting something,

But I fear there is a wall around my heart.

Friendship love is easy,

But when I try to connect with someone


I can feel myself withdrawing before I get very far.

I force myself to friendship instead,

Not wanting to

Feel the pain anymore.

I fear the hurt from being rejected again,

And the hurt from possibly being disapproved of,

More than I want that kind of


And I think

This will always be so.

AN: I kind of wrote emo-goth poetry in free-verse format! I feel pretty bad-ass, sitting here in my pink polo shirt and blue jeans. Fear me and my bad poetry. Rawr.

Seriously, though, I'm sorry if you hate this kind of thing. I just had to get it out, even if that sounds kind of wussy. Also, yes, I do in fact know that there are other people out there hurting much more for much better reasons who don't possibly subject others to their crappy poetry by posting on the World Wide Web. Don't flame for that.

And now to go back to not being on this site for a few more years!