A.N. After seeing someone else attempt it, it made me want to do it myself. Here, I'll be writing fifty poems, uploading each as chapters. I hope you enjoy.


As time prepares to finish it's race,

My free time drawing to a close,

A glaring problem I must soon face,

Attacks me from behind as time flows.

A prison cell, awaiting my arrival,

Watching me waste precious time,

Not using my free time to its full,

About to swallow me as I unwind.

The shackles soon to be placed,

As I exhaust my last few seconds,

Freedom laid to waste,

As my cage slowly beckons.

Soon I will be locked away,

To a place I don't want to be,

A place where there's no play,

Nine hours of work I have left for me.

A.N. Thanks for reading. I'll be writing more poems shortly, though I may not finish any time soon.