My eyes opened to darkness, I could only feel the thick walls that surrounded me. Pushing the top open, the once dead silence comes to life. The sounds of screeching bats, chirping crickets, and howling wolves saying hello to the moon. The noise brought about the sudden urge to make my own greeting. I climbed out of my enclosed bed and stepped onto the dusty wood floors. As I walked to the door my skin prickled and my bones start to tremble. I could feel the sun setting outside. Opening the door, I immediately squinted my eyes, the bright light repelled me. Forcing myself to look at the burning beauty until it slowly disappeared. The scarring reds and bruising violets changed into a morbid shade of coal. My head jerked and turned when I smelled something disgustingly intoxicating in the wind. I followed the scent out into the forest and stopped when I heard twigs snap. From behind a tree stumbled a teen that reeked of alcohol and sweat.

"Naminè- wait your not Naminè. You seen her" He stuttered stupidly.

His green eyes looked me over behind his brown hair. Small cuts and scratches covered his face, blood falling down like heavy tears staining his cheeks.

"What are you doing?" He asked confused.

I didn't even notice myself get closer to him, wiping away the red droplets. It tasted like booze and… life. I love the taste of it, love the taking of it.

"Get off of me!" He squirmed beneath my grip.

"Shut up" I demanded and he silenced. "Now sleep!"

I waved my hands over his eyes until he laid unconscious. Salivating was too mild of a word to describe what I was doing. My hunters teeth, which grew sharper as my hunger rose, pierced into his limp neck. Hot liquid flowed into my mouth. I let it roll around my tongue savoring the flavor of his dying essence. I ripped the wound until it was wider and blood came quicker.

"What the hell!?"

I reluctantly opened my eyes to see confused hazel eyes looking back at mine. It was a young girl her body shaking in fear, her lip quivering with silent questions. I felt her aura of innocence but my rational mind was far gone and I couldn't seem to care. Tearing deeper, I continued to drain him. When suddenly I heard groaning and screaming. Irritated, my hand grabbed his face and the back of his head. With a quick twist I snapped his neck and tossed him aside.

I heard her heart beat grow louder and my focus turned on her.

I still thirsted.

"Come." I commanded, watching her unwillingly walk towards me.

I felt a strange heat against my skin when she stood in front of me. The heat quickly turned into a burning sensation when my fingers stroked the nape of her neck. I looked her over trying to find the reason behind this sudden aversion. Ignoring the pain I grabbed the silver chain on her to find a small cross hanging from it. I let it slide out my hand not wanting to feel the burning anymore. I hated when humans wore those things, it only made things more difficult for me. Although a challenge seemed welcoming over my normal routine.

"What did you do to Daron?" she asked, her voice barely more than a whisper.

"I killed him." I said simply. I heard her gasp in shock.

"Really? You were right there when I snapped his neck."

Her face reddened. "Well sorry, I need glasses."

I sighed an unnecessary breath and thought about the best solution. I couldn't drink from her but I couldn't let her go, she saw me feeding. I looked around my yard and saw a rusty axe laying in front of the wooden fence. I couldn't drink from her but I could still kill her. Besides… I haven't used that axe in a while, should be interesting. She walked closer to me over the initial shock and smiled. Grabbing my hand, she examined my fingers. She frowned slightly and twisted my finger until it cracked.

"Shit! Ouch! Why the hell did you do that?" I snatched my hand away.

"You just killed my friend. You deserve more but I know I can't win a fight against you."

I was going to hit her back but I secretly enjoyed the sudden pain. Which gave me the perfect idea. "Let's go." I said.

She pointed to herself. "Me?"

"Do you always ask such obvious questions? It's either stay here with a bloody corpse lost in the woods or come with me." I turned and walked away. Only a few seconds after I could hear her run behind trying to catch up with my pace.

"Who are you?"


I looked her facial expression as she seemed to ponder over it.

"I'm Naminè."

I nodded and continued walking to the car in silence. Just listening to the beat of her heart.


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