This is three little sleep dream things I've had recently. A way to take away some of my negative emotions. Hope you enjoy this little journey into my mind. If you like... well click that blue highlighted word with my penname. Thank you... that is all.

Sorrow. An almost painful sadness at times. When someone is in pain or will no longer feel it, we are sad. Unlike the sharp bite or a papercut this lingers. It may come in waves or be a blanket of misery over your life.
Sorrow is for the unchangeable reality of our lives and when it fades the memory is there, but the feeling is as ungraspable as moonbeams.
It's sink or swim in emotions and she was slowly drowning. All too willing to give up. To give up and let the current take her to wherever it may flow. To the end or to a new beginning.

It wasn't a knife twisting in her gut. It was a dull spoon scraping and prodding her insides. It was agony and so opposite the euphoric feeling she'd been experiencing just a minute ago that it made her gasp for breath. Her mind ran through everything that had happened, trying to make sense of it all.
It was astonishing how life could seem so perfect and then in the next minute all come crashing down around you.
All at once everything seemed to be falling apart until there was nothing left and she was completely and utterly broken with no hope of putting the pieces together again. Things like this weren't supposed to happen to her.
Images haunted her whenever she closed her eyes. They chases her into unconsciousness to invade her normally dreamless sleep
Awake or asleep images followed her in a continuous cycle driving her deeper and deeper into despair.

Red dripped down her arms and onto the bathroom floor. Pooling into unnamable shapes of red water diluted by tears. The pain and the beauty was a welcome reminder of her mortality. Beauty fades like hands exposed to too much water. It shrivels up but doesn't die. It becomes only a memory.
Memories haunted her, they followed her day and night; awake or asleep. The pain was anchoring. It provided stability, pleasure, and relief. It wasn't for attention, it wasn't for a label. They said this was wrong. They'd kept her from this until they left, and they too were only a fading and distant memory. A reminder of her tears and screams changed nothing but her appearance. They could not change her past or erase her pain. She was drowning and couldn't escape.

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