The book of lies.

Author's Notes: Hay hay hey...I'm back. So far I have been so busy with finals, that I haven't had a chance to write any poems lately. Right now this poem is about a writer who becomes disheartened, and quits writing because her heart is no longer in it. I kinda wrote this cause I was having a case of the writers block syndrome...Anyway my mom said that this poem reminded her of a love poem, but I don't think so. Again to me it's a poem about writers block. Anyway review and let me know how you preceived this poem. Laters.

Tis is the end she said

Full of anger and rage

She has opened the book

And torn out another page

A fist full of pages

Balled into tiny little balls

Her book isn't complete

But she's through with it all

Stories that tells many tales

All lies and misconceptions

Her characters were never perfect

What a devious deception

Her false land of fairy tales

It was all just make believe

And now that the story is over

All she can do now is grieve

But she's not the grieving sort

And so she just walks away

She doesn't want to finish her book

Cause she's said all she has to say

Tis is the end she said

Now there is no turning back

The book that she wrote told all lies

Her fairytale had no facts.