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Summary: The twins, Jane and Ethan Greene are forced to live with their mom after their fathers death. They have to change schools, so good bye San Fransico, hello Miami! The twins aren't looking for romance or anything, but is it going to change?


" Daddy, higher. Higher!" Jane squealed on the swings to her dad to push her higher. " Ethan, I can see you!" I giggled with laughter.

Dad stopped and called Ethan over. " Alright, I need to ask you guys something." Dad paused. " It's about Veronica. What do you guys think of her?"

Ethan and I didn't sat anything, we were thinking about Veronica. She was okay, but she always wore ton of perfume, but she was nice. I broke the silence " she's okay. But she wears too much perfume." Dad laughed and then Ethan said " why'ya ask for?" Ethan was really suspicious.

" Well, I wanted to get your opinion, because what if I say that she might be your mom?" Dad said with a smile.

" But what about mommy? Don't you love mommy?" I asked confusingly. After all Ethan and I are only 6.

" Of course I love mommy. It's just we're not getting along well." Dad sighed.

" So your getting a divorce." Ethan said sadly.

" Well…..Yes. But don't worry, everything is going to be alright. And you guys can visit mommy."

Ethan and I agreed and dad was soo happy. He married Veronica Diaz and we still visit mom, but Veronica didn't like it and she kept arguing with dad about it, so then Ethan and I stopped visiting. Mom moved away, away from San Francisco and didn't tell me nor Ethan.