"We are gathered here today….." The priest started to say.

Ethan was trying to be strong for me, I know that, because he tried not to cry. I cried the whole time and cried harder when I saw our dad's casket and it began to get lower. Dad was right, this is the funeral I would do for him. I looked around and saw everyone; from dads partners, friends, neighbors even some dogs dad feed, because we couldn't have one because of Veronica. Just the thought of her name was able to make me cringe my nose in disgust, this was all her fault. But this was a very sad day, everyone wearing all black, with a sad or crying face and grandma and grandpa saying 'why…!' I turned to Liz and hugged her because I couldn't take it anymore, I just want to wake up from this nightmare.

"Jane, Ethan, do you want to say a few words?" Aunt Linda asked us.

I nodded and began to walk in front of the podium with Ethan beside me. "Thank you all so much for coming here. This means a lot to Ethan and I, from close friends, neighbors and even animals. I know my dad was a wonderful person, for being there when we needed him to just being her in our presence. Even though he has left us, he really didn't leave us at all, as he once wrote, whenever we miss him, just look at the sky and stars, knowing that he is still watching our lives. He was a wonderful dad that I could ever had, and he will always be there in my heart."

I walked behind Ethan wondering if he was going to say anything, he did. "Well, I also want to say thank you for coming here. Jane said all there is, I was thinking about what she was saying, it's like she took those words from my mind, because they're perfect. Well that's all that's need to be said and I just want to put out there to my dad is, I will always take care of Jane, don't worry dad, I promise."

I went over to our grandparents and hugged them both tightly, I didn't want to cry, and if I did wanted to, the tears wouldn't flow, it's like I didn't have any more tears.

It was the day Ethan and I were saying goodbye to San Francisco. We were at the San Francisco airport, we were about to departure.

"Liz, I'm going to miss you soo much! I don't know what I'll do without you!" I said to my best friend since kindergarten, we hit off good, we became friends in an instant and we were stuck like glue from then on.

"I'm going to miss you too! We have to text, email and call every time. But don't worry, I hear there's hot guys there. You'll have something to keep you company."

I laughed, only Liz can make a joke on a sad day, "But it's the beginning of second semester, I was going to try out for volleyball with you." I complained.

"Promise me Jane. You will try out for volleyball in Miami. You have to promise me that, and that we'll always be besties."

"I promise, and that's because I love you so much. But I probably won't even make the team. Miami, well other girls that lives there, were probably playing it since when they were in diapers."

"I know you can do it. You have to believe in yourself, were good as them, were like pros, we've been playing since we were in 4th grade, that's way mature than Huggies!" Liz said with a chuckle.

"Flight to Miami, leaves in 7 minutes, please be seated for departure."

A tear slid to my cheeks, we hugged everyone there and said our goodbyes. The whole plane ride I was just listening to my ipod touch and reading a book, it was a long 5 and a half hours of my life, we'll not really but kinda.

We arrived at the Miami airport several hours later, well actually 5 1/2hrs, to be exact, but hey! I wasn't keeping track. This man was holding a sign looking for Ethan and Jane Greene, so we went towards him, the stranger gave us a hug.

"Hi, I'm Henry. Your mom couldn't make it, so I'll be taking you. Here let me get those bags for you." Ethan and I looked at each other with a concerned expression, he knew our name, and he seemed friendly and well we were concerned because he was old, we didn't want him to hold any of our bags, we respect our elders, so we grabbed our own bags.

"It's okay, Mr. Henry. They're pretty heavy, we got it, you can just show us to the car." Ethan said.

We were in a Blue Toyota Rav4, I think this is the new one that just game out, so the new 2010 Toyota Rav4.

"Is there a hospital anywhere?" Ethan asked directly to Henry.

"Yes there is. Why do you ask, sir?"

"Because in a few days Jane has to get her stitches out. And please just call me Ethan."

"Um, can we go to the hospital now? My stitches feels loose now." I moved my left injured leg a little, "ow! Yeah it's falling apart." I finished saying, I also saw some blood leak through my pants, and no, it wasn't the month, it was the leg.

After an hour or so later we finally reached the house and it was HUGE! There was a woman, man and kid's that were ready to greet us.

"Welcome to Miami!" They all chorused.

Kimmi POV (aka. They're mom)

After all these years, they finally come. Oh my, Jane has my bone structure, she's so beautiful and Ethan, he has some of my looks and they're father, just like Jane.

"Sorry for the delay Mrs. Greene. But we had to go to the hospital for Jane's stitches." Henry told me. Then I glanced at the blood stain on Jane's left leg.

Jane POV

I whispered to Ethan saying "that's them." He gave me the 'duh' look and whispered back "Yeah, I know." I took a step, well limp forward, Ethan stopped me and handed me a pair of crutches the doctor gave me.

"Ugh…! Ethan! You know I don't like them." I whined.

"Sorry sis, docs order, not mine." Ethan smirked.

Ooohh how I wish I can smack that smirk! I thought to myself. I took a quick glance at mom and I saw her smile, I guess it brought back old memories or something. "Mom…..Tell Ethan to stop urging me!" I limped, ran up to mom and gave her a hug.

Henry grabbed my bags, I can sense it, cause I'm a ninja! Okay, maybe not, but I still think so. "Mr. Henry drop them." I turned and Henry was caught red handed. His expression was like he was caught sneaking a cookie before dinner, it was funny. I limped over to take my bags back and Ethan gave mom a hug too.

Ethan some how persuade me to use the crutches because he used the 'oh your gonna have to get more stitches' card and no way in hell was I going to suffer from more pointy needles, I mean no thank you.

We met Dan, our step dad, Nick and Kelly, our half's, Henry; chauffeur (yeah, not kidding), his wife Mrs. William; the cook and other people and maids (again, not kidding!) I really didn't listened to what they were saying because all I cared for right now were some pain killers. I glanced at Ethan and he was doing the same as me. See were good actors, in class we would always think of something else instead of paying attention like we were suppose to, and when the teacher ask us the answer to the question we would answer it, and get it right! I know weird, right? Were not paying attention, but we know what the teachers are saying the same time.

"Whoa, this is huge! Oh a swimming pool! I can't wait to swim, aww I can't swim for a few more days" I said as I walked outside. "This is different." I finally whispered to myself.

"Big sis! I wanna show you my room!" Kelly grabbed my hand.

"Yeah, big brother! I wanna show you mine!"

"Okay Kelly. Come on Ethan." I said.

Ethan gave me the 'hey-bring-both-of them-I need-a min-" look. "On second thought, Nick, why won't you come with us? That way you can show me your room too." I fixed a smile on my face. And we walked back inside.


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