A/N: I wrote this today because a certain event had brought me to the point of a hollowed feeling. This poem conveys the internal battle of that numbing hole devouring your existence until one can feel the sweet bliss of nothing. That void is a voracious tyrant that aches to consume everything. I hope you enjoy it and that it can help express the pain or emptiness you may feel. Reviews are certainly welcome.

Void is My Tyrant

I stand, a conquered domain.
A Void widening and voracious. A tyrant.
Devouring each speck of emotion, each lingering memory.
Slowly. Simply, a hollowed shell.

A resounding blow. It howls, a memorable echo.
A howl? The trees are still.
What moans so desperately?
Yet another. The Void cries. Unappeasable.

He conquers, ignoring the reactions of the beaten.
Anger, he charges enraged. He missed.
Happiness, such a child. Skips and twirls, naïve and ignorant.
Despair, she weeps and chokes, yearning for salvation.

I hear silence broken only by that howl. Louder.
A stentorian boom, "More!" It commands.
Memory, aged and resigned. He curls up, defeated.
A collection. Slurped and swallowed into His cage.

Who am I? I know only an abyss, that aching howl.
Where is my shell? Cracked? Withered away?
Disappeared. Broken. All that remains is a piercing cry.

Finally, a revelation. I am devoured. Completely. Utterly.
Amidst the newfound silence, a string of fading murmurs.

Triumph! Satisfaction is found.